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On Thursday's show, it was a Sunday night staple for 18 years. We're joined by the cast of Heartbeat who are hitting the road for a UK tour.

From workout to school run: don't miss Trinny's guide to luxury leisurewear.

And can giving birth ever be described as orgasmic? We meet the mum who says yes - and wishes it had gone on for longer!

Tune in for all that and more from 10:30.

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Recreate Holly's plait

Following on from how popular Holly's braid was last week, we kindly asked (or just pleaded in all honesty) Holly's amazing make-up and hair artist Patsy O'Neill to reveal just how she styled such a beautiful look.

We're not going to lie, it is tricky. But practice makes perfect as Patsy reveals, and if you can keep your cool with this season's hot look we're sure you can recreate it just in time for the summer months!

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Real-life mermaid surprises mermaid-lover Lauren

Linden Wolbert has the job that every five-year-old girl wishes she could have - she's a professional mermaid, and back in 2013 she made mermaid-lover, Lauren Cosgrove's dreams come true when she surprised her on the shores of Loch Lomond.

Joining us now to share her story is Lauren and her mother Laura and live from America is the profishional herself, Mermaid Linden.

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