Holly's spooky alien encounter

To say Holly spooks easily would be an understatement

– Phillip Schofield

When asked to pick his favourite memory of Holly from the show for this week's #TBT feature, Phillip came up with a spook-tacular treat.

The TV presenter said he still smiles when looking back at Holly being spooked not once but twice by a prop alien.

He said: 'To say Holly spooks easily would be an understatement. During our time together she has been on the receiving end of a few frights but the best time was when a prop alien came to life to scare the daylights out of her, not on one by two separate glorious occasions.'

After the first incident she told Phillip: 'I nearly wet myself. You can't do that to a woman who has had two kids!'

Watch the hilarious video above.

Now see Holly pick a special Schofe moment - remember the slide?

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Phillip slides into action for TBT

Holly's Throwback Thursday pick this week looks back at the time she was left presenting the show on her own after Phillip nipped out to ride a HELTER SKELTER.

The TV presenter couldn't resist a go on the fairground ride when its opened for business during filming.

Holly says: 'I couldn't think of a better moment then when Phillip channelled his inner child to ride a helter skelter outside the studio, leaving me to present the show.'

Phillip chooses Holly's alien encounter for TBT - watch now

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'I look back on Busted time with fond memories'

I think it would have been disastrous to carry on... but we are back in touch, I'm happy seeing them have a good time

– Charlie on his decision to leave Busted

Best known as the heartthrob frontman of pop-punk, multi-Brit award-winning boyband Busted, Charlie Simpson broke hearts across the country when he announced his departure from the three piece at their peak of popularity back in January 2005.

Since then, Charlie's changed direction a couple of times, first fronting rock band Fightstar before going solo in 2010 and releasing an acoustic album, Young Pilgrim.

This summer sees the release of his second solo album Long Road home, and today the man with the best brows in the business tells us more about his new music, missing out on McBusted and his recent nuptials.

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