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Beware the Big Brother house!

I didn't know anything about the show... I had never seen it. I was in ignorant bliss and I think that played to my advantage as I did it the way I wanted to do it.

– 2005 Celebrity Big Brother winner Bez

Celebrity Big Brother is about to begin its 18th series, but should the celebrities be running scared or can you really survive with a game plan?

We're joined by The Happy Mondays star and former CBB champion Bez. He had no expectations before going in the house, and will be revealing all about how it's affected his life, and whether he'd ever dream of going back in.

The Three Day Nanny answers your calls

The Three Day Nanny returns to Channel 4 tonight and parenting expert Kathryn Mewes faces her toughest challenge to date! Tonight we see Kathryn tasked with helping a family in crisis, with a mum who has lost faith in her own parenting ability.

The real-life Mary Poppins joined us today to answer your calls, and offer her advice on restoring some calm and order in our own homes.

How to cheat your way to perfect cheeks

Forget contouring, forget strobing, draping is the new and improved way to fake a model like bone structure - and the good news is you probably have everything you need for this look already in your makeup bag!

Bryony shows us her quick guide on how to master this new technique in just a few easy steps.

Antidepressants made me acutely psychotic

I lost the powers of speech... I was in a real state, almost in a trance. Two days later I was acutely psychotic. Suddenly I thought nothing mattered.

– Katinka Blackford Newman

Katinka Blackford Newman's life was turned upside down after she was prescribed antidepressants to help cope with a marital break-up.

Within hours she went into a four-day toxic psychosis with violent hallucinations, imagining she had killed her children and ended up attacking herself with a knife.

Katinka is convinced the pills led to a year-long decline, but were they responsible?

Use our helplines to find more information and advice on depression

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