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What price a life? Meet the heartbroken parents behind Ollie's Army

As parents, we want our children to be both happy and healthy - stopping at nothing to ensure their lives are fulfilled. But for Lucy and Mike Carroll, both their son and daughter have been diagnosed with the incurable Batten disease - a rare genetic condition, meaning they are unlikely to live past the age of 12 without medication.

Seven-year-old Ollie has lost the ability to talk and walk and four-year-old Amelia (without the treatment) will lose her mobility, eyesight and the ability to swallow. Both children have been receiving a drug as part of a clinical trial which has stabilised their condition.

However, NICE have recommended the drug should not be given out on the NHS. The parents have started a campaign called Ollie’s Army which includes an online petition to reverse the medical body’s decision. The family join us live today.

A day in the life of Digby

He's one of the most famous dogs on TV, but away from his glamorous on-screen persona as This Morning's puppy with a purpose, Dogs For Good assistance dog in training Digby has a dual life.

So what happens when the cameras stop rolling and Digby leaves the studio? Let's find out!

Take our blooming beautiful orchid masterclass

It's time to stop thinking about the winter chill and start looking forward to spring! Gardening expert Michael Perry is joining us in the studio to show us how to care for orchids at home and to dispel some of those plant-keeping myths.

Are banana skins and cinnamon good for orchids? And can they really survive on one ice cube of water a week? Your orchids will no longer be ornamental sticks, they'll be bloomin' marvelous!

Phil Vickery's lean spicy chicken and tomato curry

On Friday night sometimes only a curry will do, so Phil Vickery's in the kitchen with a recipe that ticks all the boxes. It's fragrant, filling and packed full of flavour and takes just 15 minutes to cook - that's quicker than dialling in dinner!

Phil's lean spicy chicken and tomato curry is perfect for any Friday night feast (and pretty good on any other night of the week too).

DOI's Max and Ale: 'We want to sex up the ice!'

He’s the ravishing rugby player who’s swapped power on the pitch for the rhythm of the rink after skating into this series of Dancing on Ice. Fresh from sailing through to this weekend's show, contestant Max Evans joins us alongside partner Ale Izquierdo to reveal his double eviction fear, the truth behind their sizzling chemistry and why he wants to flash more skin!