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POLL: Would you object to your partner liking pictures of their ex on social media?

On Thursday's show we're talking microcheating... and we want to know what you think about it!

Would you consider liking a photo of your ex-partner, sending heart or flower emoji to other people or saving mobile phone contact details of someone from the opposite sex under a false name as cheating?

Well according to psychologist Martin Graff, that's all it takes for partners to be considered as unfaithful...

Vote in our poll above to tell us if you would object to your partner liking picture of their ex on social media.

Vitamin C: The secret to a youthful glow this winter

From vitamin C skincare to the latest highlighters on the block, Bryony Blake reveals her beauty secrets to livening up your dull winter skin into a brighter youthful glow.

Who Wants to Live Forever in Greece?

Could mushrooms, pomegranates and red wine hold the answer to living a long and healthy life?

Could mushrooms unlock an anti-ageing secret?

After exploring Sardinia and Greece, Liz Earle unveils the secrets to living forever (well, almost)!

See how the Sardinians live long and healthy lives

How to make your own slime

It’s the global phenomenon that dominated people’s search engines in 2017, and how to make slime continues to be one of this year’s biggest crazes.

Juliet Sear guides Holly and Phil through making their own batch of slime, and reveals why families across the nation are loving this sticky substance!

The widowed dad inspiring the nation with his SAS adventure

At the time, I was completely helpless. I was on the phone to the police on the other line. Listening, talking. I didn’t know what had happened to the children until I heard the cry on the phone.

– Dan Cross

On Sunday night, viewers were left in floods of tears hearing the story of Dan Cross on SAS: Who Dares Wins. Dan revealed his shocking reason for entering the show, shortly before he was forced to withdraw with a knee injury. The stunned SAS trainers listened intently, as Dan revealed he had been on the phone to his wife, when a schizophrenic intruder broke in and stabbed her to death.

Dan has chosen to do this interview, because watching This Morning, (his wife’s favourite show), helped him through some of his darkest hours. He’s now using the experience to help others, through charity work and even training as a counsellor.

The wigs putting a smile back on the faces of children living with cancer

Following Holly’s recent post about best friend Emma, who is donating her hair to a charity that provides real hair wigs for children who are losing their own hair due to cancer treatment, we’re joined by two children who have benefited from such kindness.

Seven-year-old Jody is in remission after having a brain tumour and Eight-year-old Freya who has lymphoblastic lymphoma - both were donated wigs from the Little Princess Trust charity. Also joining us are sisters Tazmin and Imogen - Imogen wants to donate her hair to help children like Tazmin, who is in remission after being diagnosed with leukaemia - and will be cutting it live on the show.