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Coming up on Thursday's show

On Thursday's show, Queen of the Jungle Toff joins us live for her first interview since returning from Oz.

Wreaking havoc on Albert Square - EastEnders star Jake Wood reveals why Max is most definitely not embracing the festive spirit.

And it's the perfect Christmas starter - Rick Stein's here to add a bit of zing to your prawn cocktail.

Join us for all this and more from 10:30 on ITV!

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Phil's Christmas pudding with brandy custard sauce

Phil’s back in the kitchen with his cheat's guide to the perfect Christmas pudding - leaving you time to wrap the presents and deck your halls all before your guests arrive at the front door.

It's Never Too Late... to appear on a TV show

This week Caroline Norton tells us how she’s spent her adult life just known as ‘Alan’s wife’. Sadly her husband has passed away, and Caroline wants to chase her dream to appear on a TV show.

Who better to help her than our Rylan AND Sheridan Smith?

Failsafe hangover cures for the festive season

What, in a season of merriness, really kills a hangover? Doctor Chris is here with some fast and quick cures from the best foods to science-approved tricks.

Our miracle baby was born with her heart outside her body

For Naomi Findlay and Dean Wilkins the excitement of finding out they were having a baby soon turned into nine months of fear when they were told during Naomi's nine week scan that the baby's heart was growing outside of her body.

Despite being told that a termination was the best option, Naomi refused. Remarkably, baby Vanellope was born on the 22 November and she's become the first baby in Britain to survive with a heart outside of her body. We're joined now by mum Naomi Findlay.

Extreme Christmas spending: I'm buying over 300 presents for my kids

With Christmas just around the corner, how much are you going to spoil your children? If they're on the nice list this year, does that mean Santa Claus will deliver what they've asked for?

Mum of six Claire Young lives below the breadline, has one pair of shoes and sacrifices basics like electricity to spend £2000 buying Christmas presents for her kids - much of which comes out of her £850 a week benefits.

Working single mum of three Emma Tapping buys over 300 presents for her three kids each year.

What’s your limit when it come to Christmas gift giving?

Perfect plus-size party-wear

Hayley Hasselhoff is back and celebrating curvy women everywhere as she brings us her pick of the most gorgeous plus-size party-wear the high street has to offer.

So if you want to turn heads at this year’s Christmas do - Hayley has the perfect outfit to flatter every figure.