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A stranger's viral post almost destroyed our relationship

We’ve seen it time and time again - a cheater caught out bragging about a one-night-stand - but in the age of social media cheaters better watch out, those private conversations can become public very easily!

But what if there isn’t any truth behind it all - and can you imagine finding out your loved one has been come a vilified social media sensation? That’s just what happened to Lucia Ghahramani and Jack Troutt - after a stranger posted that Jack was bragging on a boys holiday about cheating they had to deal with the fallout.

They’re both here today - still together - and want to tell the world how one post almost ruined their relationship for good.

What to do with your old clothes

This week John Lewis announced that they would buy back old clothes from customers, even if they are damaged. The scheme aims to reduce the impact of the 300,000 tonnes of clothes sent to UK landfill each year - and it's a great incentive for customers to have a good old clear out.

Boyzone on 25 years in the business: 'We’re very humbled by it all'

This 25th anniversary album is a fantastic album, we’re very proud of it so let's go out on a high note

– Keith Duffy

They’re one of the country’s most successful boy bands, with six No 1 singles, five No 1 albums, and an incredible 25 million records under their belts. But prepare for sad news as Boyzone are bowing out of the biz with a farewell album and one final tour to celebrate their quarter of a century in pop.

Ronan Keating, Keith Duffy, Shane Lynch and Mikey Graham join us exclusively to reminisce on 25 years in music, how important it was to feature vocals from late band member Stephen Gately on the new album, and why they plan to go out on a high.