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The creepy museum... live in our studio!

We’ve had a haunted doll in the studio and who can forget our overnight shoot with the paranormal teddy bear - who made one of our producers sick?

Today prepare for even more creepiness as paranormal collector Neil Packer packs up his antique collection from his Leicester museum and brings them into our studio.

From a World War II wheelchair to a Victorian doctor’s bag - Neil reveals the stories behind the possessed possessions.

Phillip and Holly learn the art of knitting

Last week, we received almost 6,000 Facebook comments and pictures of people’s knitting, an activity encouraged to help lower blood pressure and combat depression.

Russell Crowe, Julia Roberts, Ryan Gosling and Sarah Jessica Parker are fans - and it’s considered a form of mindfulness.

We’ve invited Dragon’s Den contestant turned wool entrepreneur Claire Gelder to demonstrate the basics to Phillip and Holly - plus we’ll meet some master knitters who have been creating some woollen wonders in our green room.

The carpool karaoke video that made James Corden cry

We wouldn't change a thing about our children, but we'd change the world for them. The barriers we come across are all because of perceptions of our children.

– Mum Rebecca Carless who started the campaign

James Corden has called it the most beautiful carpool karaoke he's ever seen and even admitted it made him cry - it’s the video of 50 mums lip-syncing and signing Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years alongside their children with Down’s Syndrome.

Since being uploaded on Friday, the video has been viewed over a million times and has been released to support World Down Syndrome Day tomorrow with the hashtag #WouldntChangeAThing.

Rebecca Carless who came up with the idea said she wanted as many people as possible to see it - and realise mums of children with Down’s Syndrome are just normal mums who love their kids and wouldn’t change them for the world.