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Strictly's Ashley and Pasha on their perfect 40

It’s been one of the most eventful series of Strictly yet, with snogs, backstage bullying claims and guest judges.

One of the favourites to walk away with the glitterball trophy, Ashley Roberts is here with her partner Pasha Kovalev to talk about their dancing journey so far, including being the first couple to get the perfect 40 on Saturday night at Blackpool!

Kurt Russell on six decades in showbiz!

Prepare for ‘Kurt Claus’ this Christmas as Hollywood legend Kurt Russell dons a white beard and a big old sleigh!

Ahead of the release of his new film, ‘The Christmas Chronicles’, Kurt joins us to discuss six decades in show-business, his marriage to Goldie Hawn and why him and Phillip share a very similar passion.

Everything you need to know about lashes

Mascara has always been a makeup bag staple but in recent years sales are slowing down with some newer brands not even selling it.

So if we aren’t buying mascara what is replacing it in our shopping basket? Well the answer is semi permanent treatments, with Pinterest revealing searches to achieve ‘next level lashes’ have increased by 152% this year alone. Bryony investigates all the new lash treatments available.

Should dwarf characters only be played by dwarf actors?

A production of Shrek the Musical caused controversy earlier this week after a 6ft tall actor was cast in the role of the “vertically challenged” Lord Farquaad.

One theatre-goer was so “appalled” by the casting he pledged to boycott the Theatre Royal in Plymouth as he felt smaller people were being “frozen out” of acting jobs.

The production has raised questions about whether it’s fair to cast taller people in dwarves roles, or if the backlash is an overreaction. Here to debate the issue is Deano Whatton, who believes tall people playing dwarves is discrimination. He’s joined by James Lusted who thinks it’s all a storm in a teacup.

The truth about autism

Since entering the jungle on I’m A Celebrity, Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty has bravely opened up about her autism, and there have been moments where she’s visibly been struggling to cope.

We’re joined by 11 year old Joseph Hughes, who was diagnosed with autism aged five. Joseph has written a letter to Anne thanking her for talking about the condition and for inspiring him to be strong at school.

We’re also joined by Laura James, an author who was diagnosed with autism as an adult, as well as Anne’s friend and fellow Chaser Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan.