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On Monday, Ruth and Eamonn will be chatting to the stars of The Split ahead of the series finale.

You can find him online, he does it for free - we meet the 34 year old who's been called one of Britain's most prolific sperm donors.

And we'll have all the behind the scenes gossip as Britain's Got Talent live semi-finals start.

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The inspiring mum making her bucket list dreams come true

42-year-old mum of two Vicki Stevens has terminal breast cancer. She’s been completing a bucket list and one thing Vicki wanted to do more than anything was go on the back of a motorbike with her best friends.

After a Facebook post by her brother around 500 bikes showed up to escort Vicki from her house in Waltham Abbey to Lakeside, accompanied by police bikes and cars - even the M25 was closed for the ride!

George Sampson: 'My hair transplant saved my career'

I've had a lot of men messaging me feeling depressed about it - it was nice that they could come to me

– George Sampson is happy to share his hair transplant experiences

He’s best known as the Britain’s Got Talent breakdancing superstar, but all that head spinning left George Sampson’s hair thinning. After undergoing two hair transplants last year, George is joining us to show us the impressive results, which have given him a new-found confidence and the ability to finally feel comfortable in his own skin.

Can you be friends with an ex?

Following newspaper reports that Prince Harry and his former girlfriend Chelsy Davy had a ‘tearful’ telephone conversation days before his wedding to Meghan Markle, we’re asking can you ever remain friends with your ex?

Joining Eamonn and Ruth are Anthea Turner who says yes, and has a very good relationship with both of her ex-husbands, while journalist Nilufer Atik says no, and that’s it never a good idea.

Online privacy shake-up: Is this the end of email spam?

It's been two years in the making and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into force today to tighten up how our online data is shared.

The change in the law will help explain why your inbox has been inundated with emails from your favourite brands begging you to stay in touch with them.

But what does GDPR really mean? Technology Journalist, Nate Lanxon breaks down the jargon for us.

Alison's Jamaican adventure

If it's looking a bit cloudy where you are today, then get yourself comfortable and enjoy the sun-kissed beaches and breathtaking scenery of Jamaica.

In the start of a new series, Alison Hammond takes us all on a journey to the place very close to her heart - a place she says she could quite easily retire.