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Fake flowers vs the real deal - can you tell the difference?

They may have once been a dreary feature of 70s UK homes, gathering dust in the downstairs loo - but now, decades later, it seems faux flowers are in full bloom again.

Artificial blooms have made an appearance at flower shows for the first time - and royal florist, Philippa Craddock, has even launched her own range of faux flowers.

They're not how you remember - realistic texture, colour and intricate attention to detail is key, while tell-tale, tacky nylon is out for good. Gardener Michael Perry joins us with his pick of the best.

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Back on the road for another culinary adventure, John Torode whips up a seafood feast in East Anglia.

And as hoarding is classified as a mental health condition - we speak to one sufferer who is sleeping on her sofa - surrounded by piles of rubbish.

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Reunited after 60 years: 'We always knew we should be together'

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder and that couldn’t be more true for pensioners Ron Owen, 84, and Ruth Holt, 79, who are preparing to tie the knot after six decades apart.

These days, many old flames find themselves rekindling their romance over the internet but not Ron and Ruth, who let fate work its magic when they crossed paths upon moving into the same sheltered housing complex.

The two lovebirds join us today to discuss their upcoming nuptials, why they believe they were always destined to be together, and what it was like to spend 60 years apart.

Should you tell your daughter she's pretty?

Some parents may do it every day, but Ben Fogle’s wife Marina has insisted she’ll never tell her seven-year-old daughter she’s pretty... because she thinks parents should praise effort rather than the result. She says, “By praising them for something over which they have no influence reinforces the idea that how a woman or girl looks is her crowning achievement.”

Someone who agrees with Marina’s parenting style is journalist Anna Wharton, who believes this is the one way to stop girls becoming obsessed with their looks. However, parenting expert Liz Fraser argues you should praise your children’s looks.