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Autumn's here, and it's raining coats!

As the weather begins to cool off and that blistering heatwave becomes a distant memory, our minds have been rapidly turning to raincoats and waterproof jackets.

We’re not the only ones as the high-street, online and even supermarkets have been pulling out all the stops. Lisa is here with her pick of the best waterproof coats you’ll need in your wardrobe this season!

Queen of country... Dolly Parton

Singing, dancing, farce - ‘what a way to make a livin’! Based on the hit 1980s film, 9 to 5: The Musical is making its debut in the West End next year. Although written almost 40 years ago, the storyline looks at something that might be familiar to us in 2018: gender discrimination in the workplace.

The queen of country music herself will be telling us exclusively all about what the show has to offer, live from Nashville.

Gordon and Tilly Ramsay teach teens to enjoy cooking

This week sees 13-year-olds Jayden and Poppy join Gordon and Tilly's masterclass to learn how to cook lettuce cups filled with prawns and turkey.

Jayden can’t bear to be apart from his XBox and Poppy has to cook for her fellow scouts. So what tips will they learn

Gordon and Tilly also discuss how hectic lifestyles and social media are causing a loss of interest in the joys of cooking, and that parents should take an active part in teaching their children how to prepare healthy food.

The Ramsays help young cooks get healthy

'A conman stole my parents' home'

After receiving a call from ‘Gerry at the bank’ to tell them there had been fraudulent transactions on their account, Donald and Margaret, who both have dementia, handed over their confidential details. Unknown to them, Gerry was actually Syed Bukhari, a conman who used the details to gain access to the couple’s life savings. He spent the money on luxury holidays, and used £10,000 for a hair transplant. He even sold the couple’s home.

After Syed was finally jailed for eight years last week, we’re joined by Mark Williams-Thomas, alongside Donald’s son Graeme to explain why his dad and stepmum are still fighting to reclaim their home.

CBB winner Ryan Thomas and his girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh

I know how much that show can have a massive impact on a person like Roxanne, and I don't really want to be a part of it, I don't want to fuel it

– Ryan Thomas

In their first joint interview as a couple, Ryan Thomas and Lucy Mecklenburgh reveal how they’re moving on from ‘punch-gate’.

I got in my car a few times to drive there because I wanted to drag him out

– Lucy Mecklenburgh

And after Ryan publicly ‘forgave’ Roxanne for her behaviour in the house, can Lucy do the same?

Gok and Rylan's Life of Luxury smells amazing!

It reminds me of my first snog actually, and it was with a girl!

– Gok's take on Rylan's signature scent

This week Gok and Rylan explore the luxurious world of fragrance and perfume. The pair start with a shift at the Perfume Store on Oxford Street before meeting self-styled professor of smell Roja Dove, who claims to identify over 100,000 smells with his nose.

Gok and Rylan learn why Roja can take up to two years to make some of his clients their own scent, which will set them back £30,000, and try their noses at identifying some of his finest fragrances.