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POLL: Is bribing your child lazy parenting?

It’s that time of year again when anxious teenagers await the exam results that could determine their future. But for some students, a string of top grades equals more than just a spot at uni. Figures suggest that almost half of students sitting A-Levels will have received a cash incentive from their parents.

So this morning we’re asking is bribery - at any age - just a good way to get your children to toe the line and get the results you want? Or is it quite simply the ultimate in lazy parenting?

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On Monday's show with Eamonn and Ruth, Matt Willis talks Busted reunions and renewing his vows.

Alice is in Sunderland with the genius hacks that will make cleaning your kitchen a breeze.

And we meet the woman who, after dating a ghost for six months, is finally ready to start a family with him.

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Steal Mollie's Friday look

Mollie and Matt's stylists share details of our presenters' studio looks with us.

Mollie wears top from Mango with Zara skirt and Kurt Geiger shoes

Matt wears shirt and shoes from Reiss with Topman trousers

Could a diet of creepy crawlies help save the planet?

There are hundreds of diets out there to help you lose weight, or get beach body ready… but for Joy Nemerson, it’s ants-eggs rather than the Atkins, and a ‘five-a-day’ of creepy crawlies.

Despite being a self-professed ‘fussy eater’ from a young age, the creepy crawly culinary queen creates dozens of recipes using - that’s right - bugs! The insect-lover from Indianapolis joins us live from across the pond to discuss her - let’s say interesting - choice of pizza topping.

Joy Nemerson enjoys a crispy bug!

We’re also joined in the studio by critter connoisseur Seb Holmes who’s here to tell us about the benefits of bugs...oh, and he’s brought some tasty critters along as a light snack!

Are you bothered by unisex toilets?

Once reserved for just the disabled and our own homes, unisex loos can now be found across the country - in your local pub, your favourite restaurant and even in your workplace.

But yesterday, unisex toilets hit the headlines when it was reported that women at the Home Office were refusing to use them, flushing away almost £40,000 worth of taxpayers’ money in the process.

So we’re asking: are unisex toilets a step too far?

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