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From filthy to fabulous: Glastonbury makeover

We heard from four fairly clean festival friends - Chyna, Jorgia, Ellie and Collette on Thursday’s show - but now, after four days in the mud (and paint party!), it’s time to turn them from filthy to fabulous as we prepare them for the week ahead.

Our Glasto makeover team are on hand to clean them up before they’re sent back to their parents - we’ll even do their laundry!

The Texan who woke up British

Imagine undergoing a routine surgery procedure and waking up with a completely different accent… that’s what happened to born and bred Texan Lisa Alamia who sounds English after being diagnosed with Foreign Accent Syndrome.

It’s an extremely rare neurological condition which affects around 100 people worldwide. Having never visited the UK or watched any British TV, she’s baffled by the condition and joins us from her hometown of Rosenberg, Texas. Dr Ranj is in the studio to explain her diagnosis.

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