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Strictly champions: Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton!

We’ve enjoyed months of sequins, spray-tans and sambas - and on Saturday night, Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton were crowned 'Strictly Come Dancing' champions.

But how does it feel to lift that Glitterball Trophy? Fresh from the final, we’re joined by the unstoppable duo, as they share their Strictly highlights...

Twelve-year-old boy bullied for being ginger

Taunted, tormented and left in tears - all because of his hair colour, bullying has been a cruel reality of 12-year-old Alfie's life. In November, he found himself bombarded with cruel messages from online trolls, who branded his ginger hair ‘worse than cancer’.

But since then, Alfie has stood up to the bullies - writing an inspirational poem, which has now been shared far and wide. We’re joined by Alfie, alongside his mum Nyree.

Give a Dog a Home: Dylan

We continue our rehoming mission by working to help a puppy who was abandoned.

Over the last three months, we’ve found twenty deserving dogs loving homes. And today, we meet 6-month-old, Dylan the Poodle Cross who was rescued from the streets of South Wales.

Hope Rescue.

CHLOE.’s vegan roast and no dairy egg-nog

Plant-based restaurant CHLOE. have spun a vegan twist on two Christmas classics just in time for the festive season.

Royal Roast

50g Chia Seeds

200ml Water

1kg Sea Salt

25g Plain Flour

400g Whole Celeriac

100g Cooked Beetroot


  1. Mix half of the chia seeds with water until they puff up, drain and place to one side. In a separate bowl mix salt, flour and remaining chia seeds to create crust.

  2. Line baking tray with parchment paper to prevent the celeriac from sticking and burning. Place some salt mixture on the parchment, place celeriac on salt base and then cover celeriac with remaining mixture. Cook on 160C for 90 minutes.

  3. Once cooked peel off skin from the celeriac and slice into 1/2cm discs

  4. Grate cooked beetroot and rub in on the discs to add pink colour

  5. Roll the disk edges in puffed chia seeds so that they stick. Add vegetables of choice. Serve.

No Egg-Nog


4 cups almond milk

0.5 grams ground turmeric

0.5 grams teaspoon salt

4.76 grams pumpkin pie spice

To serve one glass


  1. Fill with ice

  2. Fill with eggnog

  3. Add 28.4 ml Rum

  4. Stir well

  5. Sprinkle cinnamon on top

  6. Serve with cocktail straw

Escape to the Chateau stars Dick and Angel

For the last four years, Dick and Angel Strawbridge have swapped life in the UK for life in the French countryside - refurbishing a five storey, forty-five roomed chateau to its former glory.

Ahead of a new series and Christmas special, they’re swapping their chateau for our studio today to reveal the real story behind their labour of love.