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Jungle Queen Toff on the launch of I'm A Celebrity!

Ten famous faces swapped their luxuries for life under the canvas last night, with Holly at the helm alongside long-term pal Dec.

Former Jungle Queen Toff is back with their thoughts on episode one, the bits you might have missed and the gossip from both camps so far.

Plus - ahead of the campmates first bush tucker trial, we’ll try some edible insects now available in your local supermarket.

Deidre's first job pulling pints!

We’ve travelled back in time with Alison as she reminisced about her days as a cinema usher, and Dr Ranj took us on a tour of his first job at a bed factory.

Today it’s the turn of our own resident agony aunt Deidre Sanders who’s been a shoulder to cry on for over 50 years - starting from across the bar in 1962. But five decades on, can she still pull the perfect pint?

Meet Harriet the singing donkey

Forget Little Donkey… this Christmas it’s all about the singing donkey.

Brid Naughton McGrath is the owner of Harriet the operatic donkey who she took in six years ago alongside her 15-year-old son Stephen.

Brid’s neighbour discovered the donkey's musical talents and penchant for ginger biscuits, and now we’ve sent our cameras to Galway, Ireland for our own live performance - and for the first time ever - a special duet with classical singer, Orla Tighe.

'My bionic penis has changed my life'

Andrew Wardle was born with a one-in-twenty-million birth defect where his bladder formed on the outside of his body, and left with him with just one testicle and no penis - causing Andrew immense physical and emotional pain to the point where he even attempted suicide.

He eventually discovered that surgeons could construct a £70,000 bionic penis using skin from his forearm. Four years of surgery later, Andrew has lost his virginity to his long term girlfriend Fedra Fabian and they both join us on the sofa today to explain how Andrew’s bionic penis has changed both their lives.

Are children transitioning unnecessarily?

Splashed across the front of yesterday’s Mail on Sunday was the controversial claim that many transgender children do not have gender dysphoria - the feeling of being in the wrong body - but rather choose to transition because it’s in vogue.

It’s a theory backed up by psychotherapist Bob Withers who says many children transition to cope with other, unrelated psychological problems. He joins us today to explain why many children are being wrongly identified as trans and are sometimes exploited in the process.

Discussing the subject alongside him is trans woman and activist Munroe Bergdorf who thinks such suggestions are dangerous and fuelled by fear of the unknown.

Use our helplines to find out more information and advice on gender dysphoria and Reassignment.