Miracle mum whose menopause was reversed after horrific car accident

It's the ultimate silver lining

– Miracle mum Kate Mansbridge

A car crash victim has been dubbed a 'medical miracle' after traumatic injuries caused her body to 'reboot' reversing her early menopause and allowing her to have the baby she always dreamed of.

Kate Mansbridge was involved in a head on collision while on a cycling holiday in France 10 years ago. After years of surgery, rehab and therapy not only has she got her health back but she also has a 6 year old daughter Ruby.

She joins us on the sofa to tell us about her miraculous recovery.

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Lynda Bellingham's sons on the battle over their mother's will

We want security and we want to know that what our mum wanted will be done.

– Michael Peluso - Lynda Bellingham's son

Last month it emerged Lynda Bellingham's sons are embroiled in a legal battle with their stepfather Michael Pattemore over their late mother's disputed will.

Nineteen months after the death of the 'nation's favourite mum', sons Michael and Robbie Peluso say they continue to be deprived of their inheritance while their stepfather spends thousands of pounds on exotic holidays and an eight-bedroom mansion.

They join us on the sofa in their first TV interview since their mother died in October 2014.

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Denise Welch makes EastEnders debut

From carnage on the cobbles to bust-ups in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Denise has seen her fair share of drama during her 33 years in Showbiz.

Now she's back on our screens, joining the cast of Eastenders for a brief stint, playing the mother of Kyle Slater who is the first ever transgender actor in TV soap history.

She joins us to tell us what it was like filming in the iconic Albert Square.

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