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On Wednesday's show: He's our 'type on paper' - Love Island's Marcel reveals the secrets to finding that special someone.

Hold on to that holiday glow: Celebrity make-up artist Wendy Rowe shares her tips for luscious looking skin.

And scared to leave her home and forced to call the police: Rebekah Vardy speaks out about the vile trolls who've targetted her.

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Laura Jackson picks the new season must-haves we can wear now

New season stock has hit the high street and super stylish Laura Jackson is here to show you the new must-have essentials you’ll want to wear now! From fancy frocks to statement skirts, we’ve got the best buys to update your wardrobe with!

Household hacks to make cleaning a dream

Bleach, detergents and specialist cleaners are not the only way to keep your home looking spick and span. Anthea Turner is back in the studio with some hacks that could change the way you run your home forever!

Anthea shows us how to polish furniture with coconut oil, how to create DIY ice packs and a handy hack for finding fiddly little things lost under the sofa - at least we think that is what she was doing!

More of Anthea Turner's handy household hacks

Steak with red wine butter sauce

Over the last four weeks, Masterchef love birds John Torode and Lisa Faulkner have been on an incredible Aussie adventure - with John giving Lisa the guided tour around his home country, including his career defining locations and the places he spent time as a boy.

In today's final episode, John and Lisa are in wine country - and take a visit to one of the oldest bakeries in Oz - that’s in addition to cooking up the most mouthwatering steak and red wine sauce.

Battered, bruised and starved: Lisa's 28-day forest ordeal

The first few days I stayed in the same spot. I kept yelling for help - 'please help me, I'm naked, I don't have a phone'

– Lisa Theris

Battered, bruised, confused and malnourished. That was Lisa Theris after 28 days in the Alabama woods. The 25-year-old radiology student went missing in July and was soon presumed dead by her friends and family until she was found on the motorway in mid-August.

I remember waking up naked in the woods and not knowing how I got there

– Lisa Theris

Lisa joins us today from Alabama, ready to discuss her harrowing experience, and how it felt to be found after 28 days.

MY OCD HELL: I washed my hair 72 times in one day

When Serin Rayer-Davies turned 21, her obsessive compulsive disorder was so out of control she struggled to leave the house and even contemplated ending her own life.

Having extreme OCD left Serin unable to cope with the thought of being contaminated by germs and in a bid to stay ‘clean’, she would wash her hair up to 72 times a day and rewash the same laundry load up to 15 times.

Having undergone therapy, Serin has now turned her life around and even met the man of her dreams. But now she’s letting her husband into her clean space, she’s facing the possibility of a devastating relapse.

Serin and her father Deny join us now to talk about her debilitating disorder.

Is Bradley Walsh set to chase the TARDIS as the new Doctor Who companion?

The Chase is on for Bradley Walsh, as according to reports, he's set to become the Time Lady's first companion when Doctor Who returns to our screens in 2019.

Jodie Whitaker became the first female Doctor, making her debut this Christmas, but could Bradley Walsh be following her into the TARDIS?

As source told The Mirror, 'Bradley is super excited to be joining the cast of Doctor Who in such a key role. 'It means that his schedule over the coming months will be jam-packed - but crucially, it won't affect his role as presenter of The Chase. He loves that show with a passion and so does the audience, so he's delighted to have found a way to make it all work'.

But what do you think? Would Bradley make the perfect companion? Let us know in our poll below!