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Coming up, we reveal the worrying issue affecting mums across the UK.

If your pet's keeping you up all night, we've got tips to help you sleep a little more soundly.

And ahead of this weekend's X Factor, Nicole Scherzinger tells us why she's been snubbed by One Direction.

Join us from 10:30 for all this and more.

Do your pets keep you awake?

We're a nation of pet lovers, but are we sometimes too loving and put our pets' needs before our own. With many of us losing sleep each night due to problematic pets, we want to find out how many of you let your pet sleep on your bed. Let us know by taking part in our poll above!

Dads with a Difference: Dad is now a woman

Peter Andre has been up and down the country meeting some of Britain’s Dads with a Difference, and in our final film, Peter meets Katie Cornhill, a woman who was born Peter and used to be in the Royal Marines.

Peter chats to Katie, and asks daughter Tayla about how she’s coped with her dad’s dramatic decision to change gender.

Dads with a Difference: Peter Andre meets Britain's smallest dad

Dads with a Difference: I'm a stay at home dad

Dads with a Difference: I feared I'd never be trusted to look after my own child

I ate my wife's placenta with beans on toast

When Ross Watson's wife Heather gave birth to their son Lachlan last week, Ross was not only delighted to become a father for the second time - he was excited by the culinary opportunities. Ross had his eyes focused squarely on his wife's placenta, and wasted no time in getting it home and cooked up to eat.

Ross received a huge online backlash over his actions, but as he believes this will be his final child, he explained it was now or never. So what did wife Heather think? Well despite her stomach turning slightly, she filmed it and then he fed the leftovers to the chickens!

They’re here to stand by their decision and face those who have sent them both fan and hate mail from all over the world.

WARNING: The video below shows Ross eating his wife's placenta