Adam and Myleene are BBQ Champs!

Cooking dirty means cook it directly on the coals

– Adam Richman

Fire up the coals, prepare a potato salad and skewer those kebabs - barbecuing is the name of the game in new sizzling culinary challenge. The heat is on as eight grilling enthusiasts compete to become the first ever BBQ champ.

Presenter Myleene Klass and Judge Adam Richman are at the helm and they're both here today to talk everything charcoal.

Mylenne said, "This show blew my mind. We saw people infusing smoke in strawberries. I even learnt how to cook dirty!" Adam clarifies what that means, saying, "It means cooking directly on the coals. You can literally do anything from bell pepper to garlic, onion, spring onion, right on the coal."

Adam Richman's Grandma's brisket

When I asked my grandma for her brisket recipe, what you see here is how it came to me written out. Since then, I have always lovingly referred to the dish as “Grandma’s Home-Style Brisket” even though in various subsequent versions of the dish I’ve made, I’ve added everything from oyster sauce and white balsamic vinegar to beer and other elements.

However, this original version from my grandma will always produce a smoky, rich, tender brisket with loads of flavour. She’s a great lady, and this is a great dish. I love her; you’ll love her brisket. Serve this with roasted potatoes.

Healthy summer BBQ swaps

It's the first weekend of August and summer is officially in full swing but before you stock up on the usual treats at the supermarket you may want to listen to this: Eating al fresco can be dangerous!

Nutritionist Elsa Jones

A recent study showed that the average person will consume a massive 3000 calories over the course of a relaxed BBQ - that's double the amount of recommended calories for a day! But no-one wants to be a bore and banish the burgers so today we're going to show you how you can still eat and drink to your hearts content but not put the weight on with some simple summer swaps!

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Dr Chris' mole clinic

It's only natural to worry about how much the sun has damaged our skin or whether a suspect mole needs checking and with good reason. Skin Cancer is now the fifth most common cancer in the UK with more than 100,000 new cases diagnosed each year. Today, Dr Chris Steele, who has previously suffered from Skin Cancer is opening up his special mole clinic.

The Grey Debate

She may be famous for her glossy chestnut locks, but the Duchess of Cambridge has hit the headlines on more than one occasion when she inadvertently showed off a streak of silver. Celebrity stylist Nicky Clarke (57) joins us today, following a barrage of abuse online after he hit out at her grey hairs, alongside silver haired model Merlin Glozier (56), who was outraged by his comments.

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Simon Pegg introduces Mission Impossible

Sarah Powell bring us the breaking show biz gossip.

We have an exclusive message from Simon Pegg who introduces an incredible clip from the new film Mission Impossible Rogue Nation which is out today . Simon told us, 'My wife will be watching this after lunch, because she likes to watch This Morning on catchup'. Also up for discussion were David Beckham's slippers and his and Brooklyn's late night treats. Plus why Zayn left One Direction, do we finally have the answer?

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Melissa Rivers on mum Joan

Normal, ups and downs, best of friends as well as wanting to throttle each other half the time

– Melissa Rivers on her relationship with mum, Joan

Joan Rivers made people laugh all over the world, with her razor sharp wit and biting put downs. Her family and the showbiz world was left devastated last September when Joan tragically died after complications during surgery.

One person who was especially affected by her death was her daughter and best friend, Melissa Rivers.

Melissa said on her mother's legacy, "She was such a force of nature, and such a life force and spirit. Just the energy and the laughter - I talked a lot about that right after she passed."