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Justine Greening supports our Be Kind campaign

We're so pleased that Secretary of State for Education Justine Greening has pledged her support for our This Morning Be Kind anti-bullying campaign.

In her message, Justine says, “No child should have to face being bullied. It’s hurtful and can have devastating consequences, there’s no excuse for it. One of the best ways to tackle bullying is for us all to talk about it, that’s why This Morning’s Be Kind campaign is so important.”

PLEDGE NOW! We still need your pledges to support our Be Kind anti-bullying campaign

Don't look over there! Schofe spots birthday surprise 😉

Best Bits started off as normal today, with Holly and Phillip choosing the moment pupils at Nene Park Academy in Peterborough reading out their lovely Be Kind notes from fellow pupils.

But then a light-footed member of our art department snuck in with a rather large box. And Phillip saw. So Holly had no option but to reveal it was in fact his birthday surprise!

So what did Phillip get? It'll come as no surprise to anyone who's been watching the show this week - and what a terr-ific present it is, if we do say so ourselves!

Meet the man with three wives and twelve children

Abel Morrison lives with his twelve children and their three mums at the Rockland Ranch in Utah - a polygamous desert community of fundamentalist Mormons.

For the first time, they've allowed cameras into their community to give people an insight into the dynamics of their world as part of the new Channel 4 documentary series Three Wives, one Husband.

Today, Abel and his three doting wives, Suzie, Beth and Marina, joined us live from Salt Lake City.

School pupils read out Be Kind notes and it's lovely!

They have been very shocked that words can have this kind of effect and many of them have been really upset by it. But that’s what we wanted. We wanted them to see the effects words can have on people.

– Teacher Natasha Gleeson

We’ve had over 190,000 pledges to support our Be Kind anti-bullying campaign, and one school that wanted to get involved and stamp out bullying is Nene Park Academy in Peterborough.

After teacher Natasha Gleeson saw our campaign, she arranged for all 1200 students at the Academy to watch our video. The staff then went one step further, by implementing a Be Kind messaging system throughout the school

Today Alice Beer is live at the school to find out exactly what they're doing to beat the bullies.

PLEDGE NOW! We still need your pledges to support our Be Kind anti-bullying campaign

Jeremy Hunt admitted the NHS failed my son who died of sepsis

I’m honoured to call William my son. I'm incredibly proud of what's been achieved in his name.

– Melissa Mead

Jeremy Hunt has publicly apologised to the parents of sepsis casualty William Mead. Speaking at a memorial service last weekend, the Health Secretary admitted that both the government and the NHS let down the one year old who died from blood poisoning in December 2014, after failing to spot signs of the silent killer.

In the two years since his death, William’s mum Melissa has been working tirelessly to raise awareness of this deadly disease. She joins us now to reflect on her son’s legacy and the momentous apology over that fateful missed diagnosis.

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