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On Tuesday's show with Eamonn and Ruth, actress Anita Dobson tells us how she's after a cameo role in a Hollywood movie and why her latest role has brought out her Wicked side.

And former X Factor contestant Monica Michael, joins us exclusively to tell us about her dramatic five-stone weight loss.

Join us from 10:30 for all this and more.

My millionaire dads and me! Britain's first gay dads, 16 years on

Millionaires Tony and Barrie Drewitt-Barlow made history in 1999, when they became the first gay couple to father children by a surrogate mother.

Sixteen years and five kids later, their eldest twins Saffron and Aspen have just celebrated a milestone birthday. To mark the event, Tony and Barrie hosted a huge Sweet 16 party and even gave Aspen a £110k Porsche.

The couple join us alongside Saffron and Aspen live from New York to tell us why they think it’s important to spoil their children, whether they might have baby number six, and how their own reality TV show could be on the horizon.

Could the Mediterranean diet save your life?

The Mediterranean diet has long been seen as healthy, but now scientists have discovered it actually makes hearts healthier, making patients more likely to survive heart attacks or cardiovascular disease.

A study found those who had a diet rich in vegetables, nuts, fish and oils were a third less likely to die early, compared with those who ate larger quantities of red meat, such as beef, and butter.

So what’s the truth behind the statistics? Is this just another food fad? Dr Chris is here with the facts behind the headlines.

Could marriage be on the cards for Marnie?

It was an explosive series of Celebrity Big Brother, and one housemate who was at the centre of controversy and making headlines outside the house was Marnie Simpson. She joins us exclusively today to set the record straight - and to reveal what the future holds for her and Lewis.

Terrifying tower block blaze caused by faulty dryer

The findings of an investigation into a West London tower block fire that took 120 firefighters to tackle have all but certainly concluded it was started by a tumble dryer. Not only did the family living in the flat have their lives destroyed, but four others in the 18-story high rise have also been rehoused following the events on Friday. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

The tumble dryer is believed to be one of millions that have been recalled by manufacturer Whirlpool. It's sadly a story we've reported on far too many times before. For nearly a year now, Alice Beer has been campaigning for consumers and she joins us again now - alongside Charlie Pugsley from the London Fire Brigade who says he would tell consumers simply to do away with Whirlpool’s current advice and turn off their defective tumble dryers off until they’re repaired.


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