Giving birth was better than an orgasm

A mother of one has revealed how being in labour gave her the most pleasurable orgasm of her life. Sangeeta Freeman says the moments before she gave birth to her son 16 years ago were so pleasurable they were the highlight of her life.

Following a 27-hour labour in which she had sex with her partner halfway through, Sangeeta experienced the sensations ordinarily associated with orgasmic sex shortly before her baby was born.

Now a trained midwife who works with private clients to offer them a bespoke birthing experience, Sangeeta joins us on the sofa to spread the word about making birth as enjoyable as possible.

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Trinny's luxury leisurewear

If you're in need of a wardrobe that works throughout the day, then Trinny's guide will take you from workout to lunch and back to the school gates.

With some of the hardest-working pieces in your wardrobe this season, this is the ultimate guide to sorting your off duty outfits.

I was groomed by my teacher

Aged 12, Hayley McGregor developed a crush on her drama teacher, Mr Willson. Two years later, she had been groomed to believe that they were in love and that he would leave his wife for her once she turned 16.

But the father of two was abusing his power over the schoolgirl and now, 20 years later, Hayley has finally spoken out about the ordeal which left her with severe depression and him serving 20 months in jail.

Hayley hopes she can help others by speaking out about her ordeal - refusing to remain a silent victim.

Child abuse and survivor support helplines

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On Thursday's show, it was a Sunday night staple for 18 years. We're joined by the cast of Heartbeat who are hitting the road for a UK tour.

From workout to school run: don't miss Trinny's guide to luxury leisurewear.

And can giving birth ever be described as orgasmic? We meet the mum who says yes - and wishes it had gone on for longer!

Tune in for all that and more from 10:30.

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Recreate Holly's plait

Following on from how popular Holly's braid was last week, we kindly asked (or just pleaded in all honesty) Holly's amazing make-up and hair artist Patsy O'Neill to reveal just how she styled such a beautiful look.

We're not going to lie, it is tricky. But practice makes perfect as Patsy reveals, and if you can keep your cool with this season's hot look we're sure you can recreate it just in time for the summer months!

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