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Coming up on Thursday's show

Coming up on Thursday's show with Ben and Holly, she's back after a four-year break. Melanie C tells us why she really turned down The Spice Girls reunion.

Travelling back in time, Downton's Joanne Froggatt on her Victorian transformation and learning to sing.

And he's causing a sensation on the subway - we meet the New York busker turned internet star.

Join us from 10:30 for all this and more.

Steak with red wine butter sauce

Over the last four weeks, Masterchef love birds John Torode and Lisa Faulkner have been on an incredible Aussie adventure - with John giving Lisa the guided tour around his home country, including his career defining locations and the places he spent time as a boy.

In today's final episode, John and Lisa are in wine country - and take a visit to one of the oldest bakeries in Oz - that’s in addition to cooking up the most mouthwatering steak and red wine sauce.

Who do Holly and Ben back for Bake Off win?

It's our last chance to watch the Great British Bake Off broadcasting on the Beeb this evening, as the final three bakers - Jane Beedle, Candice Brown and Andrew Smyth - go head to head in a bid to be crowned Bake Off Series 7 champ.

We've all got our favourite, but who do Ben and Holly think will lift the baking crown? Rylan will get it out of them - just watch the clip above.

So what does the richest man in the world want for Christmas, Bill Gates?

He's got a fortune of almost £70 billion. He reportedly makes £200 a second, would be the #63 richest country on earth and even if he spent a $1 million a day it would take him 218 years to spend all of his money. We are of course talking about the richest man in the world - Bill Gates.

In a rare television interview, on Wednesday's show, we were joined by the iconic Microsoft founder as he discussessed a project close to his heart, The Youth Grand Challenges.

In the video above Ben and Holly put some of the most-pondered questions to Bill, including just what do you buy the man who has everything for Christmas?