Are you suffering from empty nest syndrome?

On Thursday's show we're tackling the sensitive issue of empty nest syndrome.

Have your little ones gone to school and you're now home alone during the day? Have your grown up kids flown the nest and gone to uni recently? It can be an emotional time - but also empowering!

We'll be taking a phone-in and offering advice on how to reclaim your life when empty nest syndrome kicks in. If you'd like to speak to one of our experts we'd love to hear your dilemma. by 11:30am on Thursday 25 September. You should be 18 or over. T&Cs

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Got a question about eye health?

Do you struggle to see close objects, are your eyes sensitive to light, do straight lines appear wavy or do you have blurred vision?

Have you noticed something different to normal? Have you got a mark or a spot that you're concerned about or do your eyes itch, burn or sting?

If so please email a picture of your eye, a short description of the problem and your phone number to by midday on Wednesday 24 September.

Your must be 18 or over. Terms and conditions at

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60k for the biggest bottom in the world

Does my bum look big in this? That's the question most people dread - but not Tatiana Williams! Born a boy called Cory, the past 20 years have seen transsexual woman Tatiana spend over £60,000 on illegal implants to get a 60-inch bottom - one of the biggest in the world!

So why did she do it? Tatiana joins us live from Miami to explain.

Cosmetic surgery helplines

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Will Downton hang out the Bunting for Daisy?

We're on to series five of Downton Abbey and actress Daisy Lewis is starting her second series playing Sarah Bunting, the idealistic, left-wing, local teacher who wants to bring social justice to Downton.

Daisy's character is going to be the new love interest in Tom Branson's life, after his wife, Lady Sybil, died halfway through series three. It's not going to be easy for Sarah and Tom to get together though, as Tom's father-in-law the Earl of Grantham has taken a dislike to the teacher because of her socialist troublemaking.

So what's going to happen? Let's ask Daisy for all the gossip from above the stairs!

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