Are mums being bullied over breastfeeding?

A shock new study out today reveals that while breast may be best, the pressure to breastfeed is now so great that mums who bottle-feed their babies are almost a third more likely to suffer abuse in public than those who nurse naturally.

Today we'll be speaking to Emma Taylor who thinks some mums say they can't breastfeed... but actually choose not to and Laura Oakley who thinks that mums who bottle feed shouldn't be made to feel guilty.

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On Thursday's show, we're joined by EastEnders' Shabnam and Kush and Leo is here to fix all your hair loss problems. Plus we're talking about breastfeeding - is breast best or bottle? And get ready for the heatwave! Jenni Falconer takes a look at the best garden furniture to celebrate BBQ season. All that and more, from 10:30.

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SURVEY: Are you worried by hair loss?

On Thursday's show we're talking about women's hair loss and thinning hair, so we want you to vote in the survey below before 9am on 28 May 2015:

During the show, Leo Bancroft will show viewers with thinning hair how to disguise their hair loss, and we are looking for women who are suffering from either hair loss or thinning hair. Email by 6pm on Wednesday 25 May. We won't be able to fix the problem, but we can offer a helping hand to viewers to help them through this difficult time.

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Do you know what multiple sclerosis is?

It's a condition that affects over 100,000 people in the UK. It's more prevalent in women than men and it causes serious complications in the brain and spine. We're talking about MS, or multiple sclerosis.

From causes to symptoms, types to treatments, Dr Ranj joins us with a fully comprehensive account of MS for anyone seeking advice or support.

Multiple sclerosis helplines

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