Leaving Downton was 'a total leap of faith'

We know him as the charming English gent Matthew Crawley, but now he's swapping Downton for danger - turning ripped and rugged for new Hollywood thriller The Guest.

Dan Stevens plays American war veteran David who visits the family of a fallen comrade. But all is not as it seems - as it seems he's not your average houseguest.

Dan talks killer abs, New York living and why he has no regrets about leaving the Abbey.

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House sharing must-dos that could save your life

September is the busiest time of year for renting student accommodation as universities re-open for the new term. According to Spareroom.co.uk, those looking for house or flat shares in September show an increase each year (24% busier than October and 58% busier than November).

But what are the dos and don'ts when it comes to renting a shared property? Property Expert Louisa Fletcher shows us the simple checks that could save your life.

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Overweight and finding it hard to shift the pounds?

Gastric surgeon David Kerrigan is here with advice for our viewers if they're overweight and can't seem to shift the pounds. He's joined by psychologist Emma Kenny who can help with the emotional side of eating too much.

Weight issues helplines

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Reece Shearsmith is Chasing Shadows

Out of the 30,000 people that go missing each year 300 are never found. ITV's new drama Chasing Shadows explores the possibility that some of them could possibly be the victims of serial killers.

Reece Shearsmith plays police officer with autism Sean Stone, who is tasked with finding missing people. He's here today to talk about the new series, a possible League of Gentlemen reunion and why his children think all he does at work is eat!

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Are you dying for a tan?

Growing up, identical twins Sam and Lucy loved tanning. They'd go on sunbeds nearly every day for 16 minutes and adored being brown.

As they got older Sam stopped using the salons as much but Lucy was hooked and would visit the salon five or six times a week. When Samantha had a three moles removed Lucy carried on tanning and put plasters over her own moles. However in July after noticing a scary looking mole on her leg she had a severe wake up call when she was diagnosed with skin cancer. Lucy still returned for a sunbed after receiving her diagnosis but is trying to kick the habit.