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Transforming moggies and mutts: our big pet makeover

Last week Holly mentioned she’d given her cat Bluebell a rather questionable haircut - so today we’ve invited pet grooming extraordinaire Stuart Simons to give her a lesson.

Plus from pawdicures to a short back and sides, we’ll be pampering some other four-legged hairy pets too including a nine-month-old sheepdog, a seven-month-old Pomeranian and 10-year-old English Springer.

Swapping Chelsea for cooking fried chicken - it's a Toff life!

I’m exhausted! My arms are tired, my brain is tired and I must say it’s hot and sweaty back here. I thought this would be fun but I’m running round like a headless chicken.

– Toff

It’s fair to say that our Toff is always 'up for a challenge'. So far she's swept the chimneys of Sussex and worked underground cleaning up the sewers in Manchester - both a million miles away from her glamorous life in Chelsea.

Today is more of a culinary experience as she dons a hair net, and gets personally acquainted with a deep-fat fryer. Can she handle the pressure of working in one of the country’s most popular fried chicken shops? You know what they say… it’s finger lickin’ good!

Baby gifts fit for a prince

From prams to teethers to dressing gowns, what can you possibly buy for a little prince?

As the royal family celebrate the birth of their new member, Alice Beer takes a look at some of the most sought-after baby gifts.

What happens when rich kids go skint?

She’s used to eating out at least twice a day, spending thousands on her appearance and has never washed a dish in her whole life - so what happens when 21-year-old self-proclaimed ‘Persian Kardashian’ Sepii from North London swaps her life of luxury for life on the breadline with a family of five in Manchester?

From shopping on a budget to cooking and cleaning, new Channel 5 show Rich Kids Go Skint gives us an insight into what life is like for the other side. Sepii joins us alongside the husband and wife duo who have taught her a few life lessons.

Ching's satay chicken stir-fry with spicy coconut peanut sauce

Satay chicken is an all time favourite and Ching's in the kitchen ready to show us how to make it at home. There's no need for sauce packets - you can find everything in the store cupboard, she's even got a recipe for a nut-free version so no one misses out!

Cooked in just 10 minutes and served with noodles, rice or chargrilled on the barbecue, it’s a recipe for every occasion.