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Take That's New Day video - 'scary, frightening, but brilliant!'

Welcome to our shoot, this is our second single from the album Wonderland. It should be a fun day, stick around...

– Mark Owen

During their career Take That have clocked up 12 UK No 1 singles and seven No 1 albums. Now the boys are back as a three piece with a brand new single New Day from their latest album Wonderland.

In amongst the zombies, clowns, and a killer dentist, Take That's Gary, Howard and Mark take time out from making the video for New Day to take us on an exclusive look behind the scenes.

Can an affair save your marriage?

The hardest part is to get the images out of your head - it takes willpower

– Janet Cleaves

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne promised to 'forsake all others' when they wed in 1982, but last summer, the duo's relationship was rocked after Ozzy's illicit affair was exposed. After 35 years together, Sharon gave her husband a second chance, and the couple renewed their wedding vows at an intimate Las Vegas ceremony.

So did an affair make their marriage stronger? Today we welcome Janet and her husband Malcolm Cleaves, who can relate to Sharon and Ozzy's story. Despite Malcolm's six-year affair, their marriage survived and the couple say it is even better than it was before.

Tiger attack: Female zookeeper killed

A female zookeeper was attacked and killed in a tiger enclosure at Hamerton Zoo in Cambridgeshire yesterday. Eyewitnesses say they heard screams and saw keepers trying to distract tigers with pieces of meat. Details are still emerging, but police have confirmed a very serious incident which required an air ambulance. They’ve added that none of the zoo’s animals had escaped and the public were not in any danger.

Today we hear from wildlife expert Simon Cowell, who tells us more about tiger behaviour, including why they attack.

MORE: Tribute paid to keeper killed by tiger at Hamerton Zoo

DJ BBQ's halloumi burger and cheat's peri-peri sauce

We Brits don’t need much sunshine to fire up the barbecue, so if you haven't already it's definitely time to get your grill on! From keeping your utensils clean to ensuring you don't burn your back garden down, the country's biggest barbecue fan Christian Stevenson, aka DJ BBQ, is here with everything you need to know about grilling your food to perfection - whatever the weather!

The deodorant challenge craze that's putting children in danger

When she discovered a series of blistering burns on her 12-year-old daughter's arms, worried mum Sara Stanley issued a warning on social media about the dangerous craze spreading through schools.

The so-called deodorant challenge involves children spraying deodorant onto their skin until it burns - often leaving them with horrendous injuries.

Sara and her daughter Kaitlyn join us alongside Dr Ranj, who will explain the consequences of the dangerous craze.

Holly Hagen's tattoo regret: 'I was in utter shock'

I thought nah, he can’t stitch me up that much. That’s the worst thing you can do to anybody, isn't it...

– Holly didn't expect her ex to choose a picture of him for her tattoo...

Former Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan was left with a huge image of her now ex-boyfriend’s face on her neck after a reality TV show stunt. She instantly regretted the tattoo, and is now having it removed - following in the footsteps of celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie and Colin Farrell.

Having already started the laser treatment, Holly's undergoing her second session at This Morning, and she's here alongside the man performing the procedure, Dr Tijion Esho.