Home is where happiness is

It's the last day of our Happiness Week, and all week we've been looking at how to be happy in all the different aspects of our lives. Today we'll be looking at how to be happy in our homes; after all, when they're a mess and full of clutter they can really bring us down.

The Speakmans are here to impart their advice on how to keep a positive attitude at home with our families. We'll see a Nik and Eva visiting mum of seven, Karen, with tips on cheering up her hectic household, and in the studio they show three techniques you can use if your own home life is making you unhappy.

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Robbie the out and proud footballer

I don't have any regrets in my life, I'm very happy with the decision I made

– Robbie Rogers

Californian footballer Robbie Rogers, 27, spent much of his early life fearing that sharing his big secret would cost him the love of his family and his career.

Robbie's internal dilemma? Be a professional soccer player, or be an out gay man - but not both. Robbie chose the latter and stopped playing the game he loved. Last year he chose to tell the truth - and came out. But instead of facing the rejection he'd feared, he was embraced by family, teammates, and fans.

Robbie joins us live from LA to talk about his book, Coming Out to Play, which charts his journey from terrified teenager to a trailblazing out and proud professional player for L.A. Galaxy and embracing his new identity as a role model for those still struggling with their secrets.

On his early struggles, he said: "I wish I had some one to talk to about my emotions. If you live 25 years with that secret, keeping all of that emotion in is really tough. That's what I would tell the younger generation."

On Steven Gerrard's high-profile move to LA Galaxy next season, he said: "I'm looking forward to his arrival, it will be exciting to play alongside him."

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Friday's thought for the day

In our final thought for the day, Nik and Eva Speakman explain why simply being aware and altering how you describe your mood can really help to adjust your outlook on life...

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Kieron Richardson on Ste's HIV ordeal

I've got lots of friends who have HIV so it's nice the show is bringing it up

– Kieron Richardson

Being involved in a teenage pregnancy, being the perpetrator and victim of domestic violence, coming out as gay, becoming a drug dealer and then suffering from drug addiction himself, Kieron's character Ste has had a rough time of it in Hollyoaks.

The end of 2014 saw a rare high point for the character as Ste married boyfriend John Paul, but things are to take a turn for the worse as Ste is the first gay character in a British soap to be diagnosed with HIV.

Kieron, whose chose to come out as gay on This Morning last year, says people shouldn't be worried about coming out.

"What goes on in the bedroom shouldn't affect what goes on in the workplace."

Kieron is now excitedly preparing for his upcoming wedding to partner Carl

He said: "When I go to a wedding my favourite part is seeing what the bride is wearing. Obviously that's not going to happen at our wedding so i've decided to have 11 bridesmaids, but they are going to be wearing different wedding dresses."

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Joanne's fight to catch paedophile Watkins

I don't know how I'm going to get my life back. No one will employ someone with charges over their head. I'm completely broke. They've destroyed me financially, physically and emotionally. My health has suffered, I was hospitalised the other week because of it.

– Joanne Mjadzelics

On Wednesday Joanne Mjadzelics - the former girlfriend of Lost Prophets' paedophile singer Ian Watkins - was cleared of child sex abuse image offences, telling the court that all along her only intention had been to entrap the singer in order to expose him and gather enough evidence to see him prosecuted.

She had been to the police numerous times to voice her concerns, but was continually ignored.

Today Joanne joined us to tell us how she feels failed by the police and says she's struggling to get her life back.

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