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My haunted doll attacked me - now I just want her gone

A terrified family have been forced to lock a 'possessed' doll in their shed after claiming it haunted their home and even scratched their bodies during the night.

Debbie Merrick purchased the doll as part of a set-of-three from a charity shop just a month ago. Since discovering the doll has apparently moved and removed its necklace independently while in the box, Debbie has sold the doll on eBay, refusing to touch it ever again.

Debbie, her husband Cameron and the demonic doll join us live.

Steal Ruth's Monday style

Ruth and Eamonn's stylist shares details of our presenters' studio style with us.

Ruth wears dress from ASOS with shoes from Glamourous at ASOS

Eamonn wears shirt from Eton with Souster & Hicks suit

Remembering my best friend Pudsey

He gave me opportunities that I never thought I would ever have

– Ashleigh Butler

Pudsey was the loveable pooch who became the first dog to win Britain's Got Talent five years ago, but sadly passed away last week just three days after he was diagnosed with leukaemia.

His owner Ashleigh joins Ruth and Eamonn alongside her other dog Sully, to talk about making the hard decision to let Pudsey go, and how no dog will ever be able to replace him.

Dr Ranj on Great Ormond Street Hospital abuse

With news that Great Ormond Street Hospital have called in police after doctors received death threats over the Charlie Gard case, and parents of other sick children are also being harassed while visiting the London hospital, have supporters of the 11 month old gone a step too far?

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Dr Ranj is here to reveal the true scale and impact of this abuse, why social media users need to look at the bigger picture and why he believes it’s time for Charlie’s parents to speak out against the abuse.

In it FUR the money! How to turn your pet into a social media star

Move aside Kim Kardashian! There's a new breed of social media star in town - and they've got four legs! With millions of followers and five-digit endorsement deals, dogs, cats and other animals are bringing in the kind of figures that warrant an agent. So how do they do it? And could your pet be next?

Dolly Pawton the Chihuahua

In the studio we're joined by Marcel the Corgi, who has rubbed shoulders with royalty and travelled the world, and Dolly Pawton, the Vogue model Chihuahua. And live from Indiana is Little Bub, a feline with more Insta followers than Rylan!