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Be Kind: Bullies will never stop me dancing

With nearly 200,000 people pledging to Be Kind as part of our anti-bullying campaign, we've had a phenomenal response from parents, schools and victims of bullying who are carrying our message. Including a letter from 12-year old street dance champion Junior Frood, which really inspired us.

Junior was bullied throughout his childhood, dealing with verbal and physical abuse from those who think it's wrong for a boy to dance. He joins us today as he makes a stand against bullies.
(Watch until the end because we have some exciting news to share with Junior!)

Going Live presenters reunite as Sarah Greene raises awareness of ovarian cancer

She’s the former Blue Peter and Going Live presenter who worked alongside our very own Phillip Schofield. Now Sarah Greene is on a very personal mission, to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month for Target Ovarian Cancer, after she lost her mother, actress Marjie Lawrence to the disease.

Marjie was diagnosed just three weeks before her death when her symptoms were mistaken for irritable bowel syndrome.

Sarah joins us as she pays tribute to her mother and encourages others to keep an eye on the first signs, which could lead to an early diagnosis.