'I like being an outsider'

You looked like the Prime Minister!

– Paloma on spying Eamonn first thing in the morning

She's the sultry-singing London girl with a stack of platinum records to her name: Paloma Faith is back with a brand new tune Trouble With My Baby.

Watch as she tells us about enjoying life as an outsider, being herself and making it big down under.

What's new in Soapland? Sharon Marshall's spilling the secrets

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She's got no troubles with her baby: a very loved-up Paloma with Ruth in the studio

'I can't forgive my dead wife'

When Lenny Walters informed his bank that his wife had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, he discovered a horrifying secret: she had taken out not one, but two, loans against their house racking up a colossal £48,000 worth of debt.

Joyce died just months after her dark secret was unearthed and Lenny - who now is unable to retire and is even facing homelessness - is here to tell This Morning that he will never forgive her.

For advice and support see our family relationships and debt helplines

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Hermione's in the club

Antenatal classes are a hotbed for gossip, griping and groaning - and for the first time ever they're the subject of a brand new BBC drama.

Cold Feet star Hermione Norris tells Eamonn and Ruth about her new In The Club character, what it feels like wear a prosthetic pregnant stomach and how no-one can pronounce her name!

Watch Paloma Faith tell us why she likes being an outsider

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She's not forgetting anyone... Hermione's not-so-secret list of cast members on her hand!

Dr Chris' guide: When to take your medication

It's been suggested that the time of day we take our pills could have a dramatic impact on their effectiveness. For example, did you know that taking antihistamines just before bed will be much more effective than taking them when you wake up, and that you should always take antibiotics on an empty stomach?

Dr Chris is here with his 24 hour medicinal clock to tell you at exactly which points of the day are best for taking your medications.

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Should the pensioners on the bus have moved?

Most people stand for the elderly on a bus, but when mum-of-one Alisha Frost asked some pensioners if they'd move while she put the brake on her quadriplegic son's buggy, she was met with with a firm 'no'. With nowhere safe to park him, and no assistance from the driver or passengers, Alisha anchored herself to the floor of the moving single-decker to make sure her toddler remained safe.

So should the pensioners in question have moved? Or were they within their rights to stay put? Watch Alisha tell her story above and let us know what you think by voting below.

Plus, This Morning's resident agony aunt Denise Robertson gave her opinion on the story and on manners in public.

We can help with your post-baby hair

Have you recently had a baby? Is your hair suffering as a result? Do you wish you could get back the body, bounce and shine you had before your bundle of joy came along? Fear not, Leo Bancroft is here to save the day!

Send us a brief email with a pic of what your hair looks like now and a contact telephone number to thismorning@itv.com by 1pm Wednesday 6th August to be in with a chance of appearing on This Morning for a post-baby hair makeover. You must be over 18. For terms go to itv.com/terms