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UN refugee recounts war zone horror

It was really bad. Lots of bombing. Lots of terror fighting

– UN refugee Ban recounts war zone horror

The Syrian war has been playing out in the media for the past four years, with images of violence and destruction, but what is it like to have seen the violence first hand? Ban has experienced living in a war zone in both Iraq and Syria. Now safe from harm, Ban successfully applied to be a UN refugee and started a new life with her family, but the memories and fear are never far from her mind.

She joins us on the sofa with Julie Kashirahamwe, a National Resettlement Manager, responsible for helping refugees settle into the UK.

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Oscars row over all-white nominations

Hollywood is preparing for entertainment's biggest night of the year, but this year's Oscars has been hit by a growing controversy. For the second year running , no black actors have appeared in the main categories, and Hollywood heavyweights Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith have decided it's time to take a stand.

So, should we be up in arms that the Academy has ignored minority actors? Or should we accept the nominations have been made on performance alone?

We're joined by actress Michelle Gayle, and broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer to discuss.

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'Skint Dad' blogger solves your payday loan pain!

With the Christmas bills continuing to arrive and January's pay slip still over a week away, this weekend is the one when, frankly, we're all absolutely skint! But with recent figures suggesting that someone in the UK applies for a payday loan every 15 seconds - often to companies charging interest rates up to 16,000 percent - just how desperate are we getting to make ends meet?

This morning we're joined by Ricky Willis, founder of the popular blog ‘Skint Dad’, to discuss his experiences of payday loans spiralling out of control and offer his advice to help others from getting into debt.

Debt helplines

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