Caroline Quentin's battle with coeliac disease

It's a condition that affects one in 100 people in the UK, but shockingly only 24% of people are diagnosed with coeliac disease. Caroline Quentin has battled the condition for 30 years and has been working hard to raise awareness of this potentially crippling disease since being officially diagnosed this time last year.

Phil Vickery caught up with the actress at her farm in Devon to find out how life has changed since her diagnosis.

Coeliac UK: Is it coeliac disease?

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Could you be caught out by new US passport rules?

As up to three-million Britons face having their trips and holidays to America cancelled by the new US anti-terror laws which were quietly introduced on 1 April, we meet the couple who had to cancel their dream wedding after being notified on that exact date - despite being booked to fly out just 36 hours later.

Could you be affected? Travel expert, Simon Calder, joins us live from Bilbao to help.

How to cope with exam stress

It's that time of year again that fills all students with dread - exam season starts this week with the SATS. From GCSEs to AS Levels, A Levels to university exams, no student will escape the pressure of revision over the next couple of months.

Today we're joined by former teacher and revision expert Richard Riddell to explain what stress does to students at this time and how effective revision is the key to overcoming it. And Nik and Eva are on hand to give their tips and techniques for coping with exam stress and anxiety during this time.

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