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The Beauty Desk: June edition

Good Housekeeping's Beauty Director Eve Cameron is back with the hottest news from the beauty world. This month it's all about probiotic beauty - we know that probiotics are good for the gut but the new trend is to include them in our skincare too!

Eve also reveals the latest wrinkle product from Down Under, plus she gives her top five buys hot on the shelves for June.

What is clean eating - and should we be doing it?

The clean eating movement has dominated our social media feeds, with over 22 million Instagram posts hashtagged #EleanEating alone! But what exactly does it mean and how good is it for us?

Today James Duigan, author of Clean and Lean for Life, and Dave Smart our expert baker from Bolton are both in the kitchen discussing the pros and cons. Dave will also be on hand to make his very own version of 'clean' food - his Lancashire classic, meat and potato pie.

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Alice Beer investigates... insurance premiums

The major crime we commit against our personal finances is failing to shop around for the best insurance premiums by simply accepting our insurer's renewal quote, which is likely to be much higher. But there are some secret tips and tricks out there that could help us save some cash.

Alice Beer joins us in studio to give us her lowdown on how to lower our insurance premiums.

I fell for a lonely hearts conman

How did a highly intelligent lawyer fall for Britain's most despicable lonely hearts predator? Conman Kris Lyndsay seduced his victims, including Annemarie Fletcher, a single mother of two from Somerset, by claiming to be a successful businessman on his Tinder profile.

Earlier this month he was jailed for four years after admitting fraud charges. Annemarie joins us today to talk about this incredible story of deception.

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Is sharing a bed with your children a good idea, or a bad one?

Pop star Adele revealed last week that she shares her bed with her three-year-old son Angelo, but would you invite your children to snuggle up with you every night?

That's what Kim Constable did with her four children, aged 4-10, and thinks they're much better off for it.

Psychologist Anjula Mutanda completely disagrees, and claims it will lead to poor sleeping patterns and future anxiety issues for the child.

Kim and Anjula join us in the studio to debate the issue.

Parenting helplines

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