Seann Miley Moore and Kiera Weathers are out

Seann Miley Moore has so much more to give, but that's life ... the show must go on!

– Seann Miley Moore

It was another double X Factor elimination this weekend, and we said goodbye to Kiera Weathers and Seann Miley Moore.

So how are the pair feeling the morning after waving farewell to their X Factor dream? Let's find out...

What's Holly wearing on Monday?

Monday 9 November: Holly wears M&S top with Topshop skirt and Kurt Geiger heels; Phillip's shirt is from Massimo Dutti

Holly's make-up

Eyeshadow : Sisley Phyto 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Quartet in #1 Dream
Black liner : Estée Lauder Double Wear
Mascara : Charlotte Tilbury
Lips : Charlotte Tilbury in Bitch Perfect

Jackie Magazine - the musical!

It was the go-to girls’ guide for teenagers in the 1970s, and now Jackie magazine is set for a revival - inspiring its own musical.

Based on the archive of the magazine, the story will revolve around being a teenager before the invention of internet and mobile phones.

Here to discuss the exciting news is former Jackie Editor, Nina Myskow who has been helping with the project.

Does the Dark Web have your details?

It's claimed you can find almost anything for sale on the Dark Web, from heroin to hit men. Now, in the wake of the TalkTalk cyber attack, it has been reported that stolen data, which includes date of births, addresses, and bank details, is on offer for as little as £1.62.

Investigator Mark Williams Thomas joins us to discuss the Dark Web and what can be done if you have had your data stolen.

Internet safety helplines

Nick Jonas on his 'bizarre year'

He found worldwide fame as one third of the band Jonas Brothers, but now the youngest sibling is all grown-up and Nick Jonas has gone solo. He joins us to chat about his new album, the last 'bizarre year', and those raunchy photo shoots.

Nick explained, “Travelling can be lonely, having to get adjusted to being on my own was a big change… but I’m loving what I’m doing. I’ve had quite a bizarre year in many ways… branching out on my own, and I went through a break-up this year.”

On being more ‘raunchy’ with his solo career, Nick laughed, “It’s not too raunchy, natural growth as a man and into my adulthood - I think that’s only natural!”

When asked about the recent Los Angeles UFO sighting and whether he thinks it's real, Nick said, “Absolutely. Yes, of course. I’m obsessed with UFO stuff in general so I’m all over this.”

When Holly asked if he’d ever seen anything like this himself, Nick replied, “I have…”

“It was probably about eight years ago in my backyard in LA, and I looked up at the sky and there was three flying saucers. And I looked at my friend and said ‘are you seeing this or am I losing my mind?’... and he was seeing the same thing!”

Paul Kohler: Why I want to face my attackers

I really want to find out why they did it

– Paul Kohler

It's the one place where we should all feel safe, our home. But one night Paul Kohler's life changed forever when he was violently attacked by four intruders on the hunt for money.

The attackers left Paul with a fractured eye socket, a fracture to his left jawbone, a broken nose and bruising that made him 'utterly unrecognisable'.

Paul joins us on the sofa to explain why he feels no anger towards the attackers and why he wants to meet them face to face in prison.

Paul told Holly and Phillip that he and his family all had different reasons for wanting to meet the attackers, "I really want to find out why they did it".

Paul Kohler, after being attacked in 2014

He acknowledged that there was a risk that the attackers might live up to their terrifying image, but said, "The fact that they've agreed to see us is hugely important."

Paul revealed that the family are still happy living in the home where the attack happened, although one of his daughters has recently moved out, perhaps sooner that she would have done, "It's a wonderful home, we love it and we won't be frightened out of our own home."

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