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Beautiful Walnut's final walk

For the last 18 years, Mark Woods and his beloved dog Walnut have been the best of friends. The duo have created many a cherished memory on their walks along the rugged coastlines of North Cornwall. But now, Walnut’s health has deteriorated due to his old age and the time has come to say goodbye.

In a heartbreaking appeal on Facebook, Mark asked for people to join him and Walnut for one final walk together before he is euthanised on Saturday afternoon. We talk to Mark and Walnut now live from Cornwall ahead of the memorable walk on Saturday morning.

My loving relationship with Sir Brucie

He is wonderful, doing really well ...and I’m sure with a bit of luck, he’ll be back

– Wilnelia on her husband Bruce

She’s the former Miss World who met and married Sir Bruce Forsyth over 30 years ago, and despite their 29-year age gap, their love is just as strong for one another. Lady Wilnelia Forsyth tells us about swapping Puerto Rico for suburban Surrey and what life is like with national treasure Brucie - who is currently recovering from recent surgery.

Get well soon Bruce!

Mary Berry goes ON the rails 🚂

The good news is we're going to see even more of Mary Berry next year - she's taking to the rails to offer tea, treats and baking advice!

Sam Mann predicts that tickets will go like hot cakes and even end up on the black market, so how much do we have to start saving now, Sam?

How clean is your car? 🚙

Did you know that our motors are 50 times dirtier than our computer keyboards or mobile phones - with steering wheels nine times dirtier than public toilet seats? And what about if you eat in your car? Or ferry your pets around?

The very brave Steve Wilson, a dad of two, has volunteered to let us test out his car - to see how filthy it really is.