What a smash! Bear crashes through studio window

In Bear Grylls: Mission Survive the celebrity expedition team are pushed to their physical and emotional limits. Issued daily mission briefings by Bear, they will navigate treacherous obstacles in one of the world's most hostile environments.

Today Bear crashes into the studio - LITERALLY - to tell us more!

Watch Bear's smashingly good entrance in super slow mo!

We were just wondering where our first guest Bear had got to...

...when this happened! #TheresBear

That's a smashing way to enter the studio, Bear!

Ooops - those flowers DID look pretty

Ruth and Eamonn don't look too cross with the adventurer though!

Will Judy Jump to the top of the book charts?

After spending years on the This Morning sofa, Judy Finnigan turned to starting up her own book club - and now she's made the bold move to start writing her own fiction.

With a bestselling novel Eloise already under her belt, Judy's hoping to top the book charts for the second time with a tense story about a mother who refuses to accept her son is dead.

BOOK: I Do Not Sleep by Judy Finnigan is out today

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Atomic Kitten's Greatest Hits

They've been dancing and singing together for 15 years - and after all the trials and tribulations of the last decade, they're whole again - well, almost!

Celebrating their years together and about to embark on their Greatest Hits tour are Natasha, Liz and Kerry - Atomic Kitten, and we're joined by two of them today.

TOUR: The Greatest Hits tour begins on 3 June at The Institute in Birmingham

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Kit out your kitchen with the GHI

For 90 years the Good Housekeeping Institute has been testing every product or recipe designed for the home - then testing it again.

From TV's and toasters to hair straighteners and strawberry jam, GHI experts test out on average 1000 products each year to help consumers make savvy buying decisions and now - we're going to share that knowledge!

Today we're starting in the hub of every home - the kitchen. According to a recent survey for Lloyds Bank, home-owners spend £413 on kitchen gadgets each year so consumer expert Alice Beer is here to tell us which kettles, toasters and juicers are the best bang for your money.

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The 17st teen desperate for a gastric band

In a new report published today, scientists argue that the best solution to obesity might be surgery - because it is a chronic disease that cannot be cured with diet and exercise alone.

And that may be good news for 15-year-old Brooke Walker, who at 15 years old, weighs 17st 10lbs and after trying to lose weight, thinks the only way to truly slim down is to have a gastric band on the NHS.

Brooke joins us today, toegether with her gran Pat Mills.

Take a look at our weight issue helplines

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