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Children aged FIVE are walking to school alone!

Is it dangerous to let our children walk to school alone? A survey of Netmums users in conjunction with This Morning has revealed that one in five let their children walk to school unaccompanied and 15% of those who do are under six years old. So is that too young? Or are we, as a nation becoming too overprotective?

Mum of three Michelle Horne regularly lets her three sons - aged 10 and under - walk to school on their own, and she joins us now to tell us why.

Obesity crisis Britain - too fat to operate

Should overweight patients be denied surgery? That's the proposal made by the NHS in Yorkshire who have been accused of delaying non-life-threatening procedures to those with an increased body mass. They say obese patients are more likely to suffer complications than those of an average weight and a reduction in obesity would save the organisation as well as taxpayers' money. But what's the solution to those overweight who require life-saving operations?

Stephen Beer weighs 35 stone, and has been denied surgery - which he says is critical to saving his life. He joins us alongside his wife Michelle, who has become his carer, and our resident doc on the block Dr Zoe Williams.

Luna, This Morning's puppy with a purpose

Following in the pawsteps of her half-sister Clover, our new puppy Luna is the latest Superstar in Training to join the This Morning family. Like Clover, Luna is a puppy with a purpose who is training to become a Guide Dog to help someone living with sight loss.

The adorable Labradoodle joins the show as part of her early socialisation training – in her first year Luna will be introduced to all the sights and sounds of the world and will learn basic obedience that will be the foundations of her Guide Dog training.

Our new puppy is full of confidence and curiosity. She loves to play with other dogs and isn’t fazed by anything – even at her young age. Luna also loves the camera and is already a selfie pro!