Holly gets the giggles over Osmonds gaffe

If you peel back our humour, both of us are 10 years old!

– Phillip Schofield

Ooops Holly! Slight slip of the tongue on air today, but a mistake easily forgiven. While introducing The Osmonds (that's right, The Osmonds), Holly accidentally called our star guests The Osbournes! Quickly realising her mistake, she corrected herself but those uncontrollable giggles had already set in.

Watch Holly's reaction to her blooper in today's Best Bits.

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'We're road dogs! We get so bored in one place'

Since the sixties, the Andy Williams Christmas Show has been an American tradition, and so we're excited to bring it here for Christmas!

– Merrill Osmond

Back in their heyday, posters of the Osmond brothers adorned the bedroom walls of a young girls all around the world and they sold millions of records.

It wasn't all smooth sailing for the band as squabbles, jealousies and debt nearly tore them apart, but remarkably, after more than 50 years of performing, members of the family are still going strong.

Donny and Marie still perform in Las Vegas and joining us live in the studio are Jay, Merrill and Jimmy who are about to embark on a UK and US tour.

The Osmonds told Holly and Phillip that as 'road dogs', they still enjoy touring after 50 years, 'It's been a wonderful ride, no regrets - we're still intact!'

TOUR: The Andy Williams Christmas show tours from 8 Dec- 22 Dec

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I sold everything to find love

I knew as soon as I stepped out of the campervan that we had a connection

– Nicci Taylor

From campervan to Lady of the Manor! Earlier this year, Nicci Taylor decided to sell all of her possessions, pack up and drive around Britain in search of Mr Right - only to bag herself a dashing Scottish laird with a vast country estate.

Nicci joins us on the sofa with her new partner James Pollard to tell us how their love blossomed so quickly and why she's finally got her happily ever after.