Girls with autism

There are around 700,000 people in the UK with autism and it touches the lives of 2.8 million people every day.

Each year, an increasing number of girls are being diagnosed with autism and with extreme variations in how every girl presents their condition, there is one school changing the lives of autistic girls and their families for the better - Limpsfield Grange in Surrey.

Katie, 16, one of the students at the school, struggles with an obsession with boys that has landed her in trouble both at school and on Facebook. She is here today with mum, Julie, to talk about how the disorder affects her life and how the dedicated team are helping her cope with her obsessions.

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Autism helplines

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We need your brows!

Want perfect brows like a celeb? This Morning could help...

Do you have unruly eyebrows in need of a reshape? Or are your eyebrows too thin and you want to make them look fuller? We have the ultimate eyebrow masterclass this Friday 17th July and we need your brows!

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Meet Britain's thriftiest millionaire

Meet Mrs Poundland - the woman dubbed Britain’s thriftiest millionaire! Tracy Smith still buys clothes from Sainsbury's, gives her husband £20 spending money a day and snaffles free hotel shampoo - despite her husband selling his stake in the high street store for more than £50 million back in 2002.

But the couple say they can’t forget their days of sleeping in a van outside their first shop and are happy with their low-cost lifestyle.

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Gwyneth teaches us how to yawn!

The late-night gossip girls are back with a round-up of the hottest celebrity news.

Kourtney Kardashian has been busy watering her plants following a split from Scott Disick, while Brad and Angie took the kids to Subway as a birthday treat for the twins.

And if you've ever wondered how to yawn, luckily Gwyneth Paltrow has shared her guide with us - it's not as easy as we thought it was!

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The invasion of Britain's deadliest plant

Giant hogweed is found in parks up and down the country and has left several children with horrific third degree burns in the last fortnight - so where has it come from? And how should we treat our children if they come into contact with Britain’s most dangerous plant?

Dr Dawn is here with the country’s leading expert in giant hogweed, Mike Duddy, and we speak to Lauren Fuller and her mum Charlotte, after Lauren unknowingly sheltered from the rain under giant hogweed.

Lauren said, “I was out with my dad fishing, and it was raining and I was underneath a big bush… it didn’t burn straight away. I woke up Monday morning and my hands were just pure red.”

On her daughter's’ future, Charlotte said, “They have said she should make a full recovery and shouldn’t have any scarring... but obviously it’ll take a long time to heal. She’ll need constant sunblock.”

Dr Dawn Harper offered her advice, “It’s a very toxic sap and it seems to react with sunlight, so if you think that you’ve been exposed the first thing you should do it wash thoroughly with soap and water, and stay out of the sun light as that’s what seems to activate the sap and make these awful burns… it’s really toxic stuff. If it’s still getting worse and red then A&E.”

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