Her name is... Meghan Trainor (and we just love her!)

Her debut single All About That Bass was No 1 for four weeks and since then, she’s racked up another two top ten hit singles.

Now the American songstress Meghan Trainor is back with a brand new album Thank You and can count Julia Roberts as a celebrity fan.

She tells us about her fan selfies, falling over in public and why she’s saying No to any photoshopping in her music videos.

Eamonn and Ruth say THANK YOU to Meghan Trainor, and this is why!

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Meet Britain's most tattooed couple

From Cheryl’s rosy toosh to Beckham’s intricate sleeves, the country’s love of tattoos continues with one in five adults in the UK inked, and 26% of This Morning viewers in an online poll admitting to having eight or more.

As we approach the Great British Tattoo Show at Alexandra Palace in London this weekend, we meet the country’s most inked couple Jacqui and Curly Moore, who have spent over 500 hours in the tattooist’s chair - covering 95% of their bodies.

They tell us why they’re proud of their artwork and why they wouldn’t rule out more.

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Wear sunscreen, and reapply regularly (even if it's an all-day one)

As a Which? investigation claims once-a-day sunscreens aren’t providing the protection they promise, we’ll be speaking to dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting what she makes of the findings and how exactly we should be applying it in the first place.

Sun awareness helplines

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Can EastEnders go home with Best Soap again?

It's Soap Week here on This Morning, and today we're turning our attention to the Bafta-winning EastEnders! From emotional exits to explosive returns, it's been quite a year for the residents of the Square.

Today we are joined by Jacqueline Jossa (Lauren Branning) who makes her return this week, Bonnie Langford (Carmel Kazemi) who’s nominated for Best Newcomer and Jamie Borthwick (Jay Mitchell).

Our Queen of Soaps, Sharon Marshall, also joins us to share her highlights from the Square.