Tumble dryer danger: Know your rights

After travelling all the way to the US to track down the Hotpoint chiefs, Alice Beer is back to advise you on your consumer rights if you have an affected machine. We'll also be hearing from some of the many viewers who have contacted us about their potentially dangerous driers.


Model checker on two bespoke websites - safety.hotpoint.eu and safety.indesit.eu - and then register for a free modification if your model is affected.

Freephone helpline: 0800 151 0905

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Brotherly Best Bits makes Thursday's show special

During a chat about ambulance response times, Phillip was joined at the last minute on the phone by his brother Tim to explain how the emergency services helped to save Tim’s life last year.

Tim said, “They were absolutely amazing… absolutely fantastic, I cannot fault them. The support I have had has been unbelievable. Even the paramedics visited me when I was in hospital to say ‘this is what we did', and asked how I was doing. They have been absolutely phenomenal.”

How can that NOT be Thursday's Best Bits?

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Frank Lampard and his Magic Football

Christine looked amazing… it went as well as we could’ve imagined

– Frank Lampard talks about his wedding

He’s the all-time leading goal scorer for Chelsea FC and is regarded by many as the best midfielder of his generation. However, despite continuing to dominate the pitch over the pond with New York City FC, Frank Lampard has found the time to swap his boots for the writing desk and pen a collection of popular children’s novels.

Frank joins us today to discuss his upcoming 15th book in the Frankie’s Magic Football collection, why he thinks it’s so important to get children into reading, and how he’s enjoying newly married life.

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Make your own cloud bread

It’s the latest wonder food to take the internet - and 2016 - by storm! Cloud bread is the low-carb, grain-free alternative that’s taken bread off the banned list and put it back on the menu for dieters and gluten-free fanatics everywhere.

We're joined by Lisa Faulkner, who’ll be showing us how to make this new version of a classic kitchen-cupboard staple.