Russell Tovey's been Banished

He played part man/part wolf in Being Human, and my, my; what big arms you've got Russell Tovey! The actor has recently bulked up for his role in glossy gay series Looking, and is now putting those pecs to the test in his latest project - the period drama Banished, which follows the lives of the first British convicts who were sent to Australia.

Russell talks to us about tonight's first episode, and why poisonous spiders had their own page on the location call sheet...

Meet Roxy the fox

Like most pet dogs, 14-year-old Roxy loves playing with toys, chasing balls, and even the odd tummy tickle. But Roxy isn't a canine, Roxy is actually a fox!

Her best friend is four-year-old Isla Rowe, who enjoys taking her slightly unusual pet for walks around her home town of Nuneaton.

But it wasn't always like this for Roxy... she was found by Isla's grandfather, having been tied up and abandoned with no food or water at just three months old.

Now, life for the furry friend has been completely turned around thanks to Isla and her family and it seems ROXY is fast making a name for herself. Isla and her grand-dad Geoff are here to talk about how they've given Roxy a dog's life.

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Prepare your outside spaces for spring

The daffs are out, and with them the first signs of spring are cropping up all across the UK.

David Domoney's here to show us how to prep our outside spaces for the season, and talk us through how ready our lawns, deep clean our patios and prep our garden furniture.

He's got tips on what bedding plants we should be planting, and what garden fashion we should be wearing in the great outdoors!

What your waterworks say about you

We're moving down the body to the waterworks this week - or in other words - the urinary system!

Dr Chris teaches us everything we need to know about the most common conditions that affect our waterworks, including cystitis, kidney stones and incontinence. Plus he'll explain how our urine, and its colour, can give you important clues to the state of your health.

Cystitis and pain management helplines

Urinary incontinence helplines

Kidney disease helplines

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