Living with alcoholism

Over the weekend, shocking pictures emerged of former footballer Paul Gascoigne, who is believed to be continuing his battle with alcohol addiction.

He was admitted to hospital last week for an emergency four day detox and was due to be released yesterday.

Gillian McFarlane can both empathise and sympathise with Gazza's predicament. Her battle with alcohol was so severe that she sent her child 1200 miles away so she could binge drink without Sara holding her back.

Get help and advice if you're battling alcoholism

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Let's get ready to Tumble... it's Louis Smith

He's a multi-medal winning athlete who scored gold at this year's Commonwealth Games, so who better to put a troop of celebrity would-be gymnasts through their paces on BBC1's Tumble than Louis Smith.

Not just that but Louis has been taking time out from his busy schedule to volunteer at his local gym to raise awareness for the Join-in Summer Relay event designed to encourage more people to get involved in their local sports clubs - here's here to tell us more.

Tumble is on Saturday at 6:30pm on BBC1

Find out how to get involved with the Join-in Summer Relay

What makes a mother kill?

Yesterday, Rosdeep Adekoya from Edinburgh was jailed for 11 years after being found guilty of killing her three-year-old son Mikaeel Kular in January this year.

What are the signs when it comes to violent parenting? And what should you do if you suspect a child is being mistreated?

We're joined by Forensic Psychologist Dr Keri Nixon and independent social worker and child protection consultant, Joanna Nicolas.

Take part in today's debate on child welfare

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Ice Bucket Challenge, done!

It’s safe to say I’ve looked better… I can feel my eyelash moving. I think what a great way to go out on our This Morning summer stint!

– Rochelle Humes

Marvin and Rochelle braved the cold on London's Southbank today and accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge from JLS bandmate and friend Aston Merrygold.

Before taking on the icy water, the couple nominated Rylan, Phillip and Harry Styles to take on the challenge next.

Luckily Rylan was on hand to pour the icy buckets of water over their heads - and he's got form, soaking Ruth earlier in the week!

Ruth gets wet for Ice Bucket Challenge - Eamonn stays dry

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Oh - and Marvin and Rochelle didn't have long to wait for one of their nominees to step up to the bucket. Harry Styles!

Thumbs up from Rylan... he's next!