The scams you need to know about

Every day, thousands people throughout the UK are falling victim to scams of one kind or another.

One such person is 87-year-old widower Samuel Rae, whose information was handed to unscrupulous companies all over the world, after innocently filling in a survey. This resulted in him losing £35,000. His son Chris is demanding a crackdown and joins us live on the phone from Cornwall along with Consumer Expert Alice Beer in studio.

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Can you offer Maggie a home?

She loves her walks, but she is also very gentle... She is a very loving dog who would be very loyal towards an owner

– Carmen Hammond, dog handler

Maggie the whippet-cross has been living at Serendipity Kennels in Cellarhead, near Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire since 2003.

She was just one when she was left at the kennels after her owners decided they could no longer care for her as they had five children.

Carmen Hammond, a dog handler at the kennels, says she remembers her first meeting with Maggie, "The pup had clearly had an accident because there was a metal pin in her leg. I instantly took a liking to her, though."

Maggie is now 13 years old and Carmen says, "She is great company so would be perfect for anyone who is a little lonely... She loves her walks, but she is also very gentle... She is a very loving dog who would be very loyal towards an owner."

However fellow kennel staff member Nicky Hawkins says Maggie "doesn't sell herself. She barks at new people but that doesn't mean she isn't friendly... Her past has made her fearful, but inside she's a lovely laid-back animal."

Steve Woodward, who runs Serendipity Kennels, says, "In the early days Maggie was quite wild, but I've seen a different side to her as she's aged."

If you can help offer Maggie a home, get in touch with Sendipity Kennels now

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We'll be hearing from the first lady of Hollywood, Meryl Streep, as she reveals how she literally shed blood, sweat and tears for her latest role.

The holidays may be coming to an end, but Bryony shows us how to keep our gorgeous summer glow...

And there's heartbreak ahead for Fiz and Tyrone - Corrie's Jennie McAlpine has all the gossip from the cobbles.

All that and more from 10:30!

Puppy's first day in the studio

I’m really excited, I can’t believe it’s happening! Do you know how long I’ve been trying to get a dog on the show?!

– Holly Willoughby

It's been a busy day for the new TM puppy, who's in training to become a guide dog. Let's take a look at her morning in pictures - first up here's Phillip introducing our pup to Holly... who as we know, has ALWAYS wanted a This Morning dog!

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Practise those curtsies, there's royalty on the way

On Tuesday's show, Phillip and Holly announced a special royal visit explaining how HRH the Duchess of Cornwall will come to our new studio next Wednesday 9 September 2015, as part of ITV’s 60th anniversary celebrations.

To celebrate the news, the London Fire Brigade Thames boat fired their water cannons across the river - and it looked amazing!

Holly told us, "Her Royal Highness, Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall will be given a tour by us of this very studio to celebrate ITV’s 60th anniversary..." to which Phillip added, “We will be on our very, very best behaviour!”

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The X Factor's got the (4th) Power

We are here because we're chasing our dreams

– 4th Power

The X Factor returned to our screens this weekend with a bang, including a Judges shake-up, new hosts and new formats.

But one thing that hasn't changed is the drama and headlines that follow the weekend's shows. Just hours after its debut on Saturday night, there were fix claims surrounding one particular act, 4th Power, who join us today, along with Mr Showbiz himself, Rylan Clark.

Addressing the controversy, sisters Myleene, Irene, Almira and Celina agreed with Phillip that they were still looking for their break, "We are here because we're chasing our dreams whenever it's possible, because we want to reach our dream of having that prize and helping our family to have our own house."

The band told Holly and Phillip how it felt to get four yeses from the Judges, "It was crazy, it was insane, it was a dream come true. Literally, we were floating in the air."