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'I've finally had sex using my bionic penis'

Mo Abad last spoke to us in 2015 when he had a £70,000 bionic eight-inch penis fitted, after losing his own during a childhood accident. Now he’s lost his virginity at the age of 44 to Charlotte Rose, a sex worker and campaigner who has raved about her sexual experience with Mo - referring to his designer manhood as ‘a work of art’.

The two join us on the sofa as they reflect on their “slow, sensual and erotic” time together.

Get your garden prepped for winter

Winter is coming, and while we’re buying our warm wooly coats and cranking up the central heating, our plants need some protection from the upcoming cold blast too.

Kelly Brook is here with her guide to prepping them for the season ahead - plus, she’ll explain why this is the perfect time to plant spring bulbs.

Rochelle Humes: Embracing my natural curls

Rochelle Humes is on a personal mission - to encourage people with curly hair to embrace their natural look.

Revealing why her daughter encouraged her to part with her straighteners, Rochelle meets influential bosses within the beauty industry and explains why she’s proud to wear her natural hair with pride.

The mum of four who kills lions and rhinos

It’s a shocking picture causing outrage online: a female hunter proudly showing off her ‘record kill’ a large male leopard she supposedly shot and killed ‘in its prime’.

Today we can speak to Big Game Hunter, and mum of four, Olivia Opre in Wyoming who has hunted 100 species all over the world - including endangered lions and rhinos. She says hunting benefits the wildlife community as it stops poachers.

Meanwhile wildlife conservationist Giles Clark says trophy hunting is disgusting and something must be done to stop these kinds of pursuits.

The only man with the answers: Bodyguard creator Jed Mercurio

We’re all sitting back and enjoying the speculation. It’s great that people have their own theories. Actually, I do look at some of the bigger theories and it’s interesting that occasionally there’s a grain of truth.

– Jed Mercurio

Millions of us are tuning in every Sunday night - but who’s to blame for Home Secretary Julia Montague’s death in Bodyguard? What exactly is on that tablet? And what will happen to PPO David Budd?

There’s only one man to ask - the show’s creator Jed Mercurio who says he killed off his main female character to ‘alter the dynamic’. He joins us from Belfast where he’s filming the next series of ‘Line of Duty’ to reveal what to expect from this weekend’s finale, whether we’ll see a ‘Bodyguard’ series 2 and we’ll put our conspiracy theories to him too.

Steal Holly's Wednesday style

Holly Willoughby with make-up artist extraordinaire Patsy O'Neill

Holly and Phillip's stylist shares details of our presenters' studio looks with us.

Holly wears Cefinn Studio dress with Gianvitorossi shoes

Phillip wears Massimo Dutti shirt and Noak jeans with Paul Smith boots

Patsy wears dress by Heinui

Steal Holly's Tuesday style