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Coming up today... he's 71, she's 32 - we meet the couple turning to IVF in the hope that their 40-year age gap won't stand in the way of their baby dreams.

If you want to look super-stylish on a shoestring, Trinny's here with the best supermarket buys.

And as the X Factor kicks off, we hear from Nicole and Louis as they dish all the goss!

Join us from 10:30 for all this and more.

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Master Frances Quinn's strawberry shortcake bake

It's that time of year when everyone is inspired to get their bake on and former Bake Off champion Frances Quinn is here with her top baking gadgets to transform us all in to star bakers overnight.

She'll also be whipping up a super easy bake that any novice baker can create - strawberry shortcake cake, helping us all rise to the challenge and become master bakers in no time at all!

School uniforms put through their paces by the toughest testers - kids!

As the kids start to slowly trickle back to class, the battle of the school uniforms has kicked off in stores up and down the country. With supermarkets like Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons offering great school uniform deals, we want to see if the quality of their products live up to their quality prices.

To put the uniforms through their paces, we’ve recruited four of the toughest testers known to man... children! They’ll be helping us see which brands bobble and which trousers tear as they join us in the studio alongside Natalie Anderson.

'She had what I call, a lady shelf... and I've only got a little ledge'

With its innuendo-laden comedy and panto-type characters, Are You Being Served? was a juggernaut of 1970s television. And after 31 years off air, the department store comedy is coming back and is serving up a brand new cast. From Bafta-winning actors to soap favourites, the show’s brought together an impressive cast to recapture the magic of the nation’s favourite sitcom.

Stepping into the shoes of Mrs Slocombe is Benidorm star Sherrie Hewson - and stepping dangerously close to hot water is our very own Eamonn Holmes!