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Is this the most Christmassy house in the UK?

As Steve Wilson gets us in the Christmas spirit, we meet one family who have turned their house into a winter wonderland.

We go live to East Sussex to meet the Farnes family, whose display (which features more than 30,000 twinkling Christmas lights) is already attracting plenty of attention.

We reunite the stars of Grange Hill

It’s been forty years since ‘Grange Hill’ made its TV debut - throwing open its doors to a new class of students and several generations of fans.

The show, once loved by millions of children around the UK, was famed for it’s hard-hitting storylines and iconic characters.

Four decades on, we meet creator Phil Redmond, and reunite stars, Paula Ann Bland (Claire Scott), Lee MacDonald (Zammo McGuire) and Lisa York (Julie Marchant) .

The gadgets to help beat Seasonal Affective Disorder

With temperatures dropping, and the days getting shorter, we’re all in need of some summer sunshine. But could this miserable weather be making you depressed?

With one in 15 of us said to suffer from 'Seasonal Affective Disorder', Dr Chris is here to investigate. Plus, he’ll be showing us the latest gadgets that could help.

Should children be banned from pubs?

From a quiet pint, to a classic Sunday roast - for centuries, pubs have played an important role in British life. But is your local becoming less pub, and more playground?

With a rise in pubs becoming increasingly accommodating to youngsters - could it be time to ban children for good? Or, is it right that crayons, kids menus and toys come with the territory?

We’re joined by Presenter Andy West who longs for a child-free pint. He’s here alongside journalist Georgina Fuller, who thinks families have every right to enjoy their local.

Jungle Queen Toff on the launch of I'm A Celebrity!

Ten famous faces swapped their luxuries for life under the canvas last night, with Holly at the helm alongside long-term pal Dec.

Former Jungle Queen Toff is back with their thoughts on episode one, the bits you might have missed and the gossip from both camps so far.

Plus - ahead of the campmates first bush tucker trial, we’ll try some edible insects now available in your local supermarket.