Get ready for autumn with a transitional cover-up

With the weather taking a turn for the worse, Darren Kennedy is here with a look at the best transitional cover-ups to help you dress for the change in the temperature.

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'My cancer is the last taboo'

When Jill De Nardo found abnormal bleeding after going to the loo, she didn't think for one minute it could be anal cancer.

When she was eventually diagnosed nearly a year later she couldn't bring herself to say the word anal, and told people instead that she had bowel cancer.

After undergoing gruelling radiotherapy and chemotherapy she is now fully recovered and is here along with Dr Chris to talk about this taboo cancer, and what people can do to try and prevent it.

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Living with alcoholism

Over the weekend, shocking pictures emerged of former footballer Paul Gascoigne, who is believed to be continuing his battle with alcohol addiction.

He was admitted to hospital last week for an emergency four day detox and was due to be released yesterday.

Gillian McFarlane can both empathise and sympathise with Gazza's predicament. Her battle with alcohol was so severe that she sent her child 1200 miles away so she could binge drink without Sara holding her back.

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