Want to get fit? Here's how to tone at home

After over indulging in festivities and stuffing our faces with Christmas pudding, it’s time to get back into shape.

Steve Wilson and This Morning runner Anthony takes us through all the latest fitness crazes, gadgets and gizmos that are sure to get you back into shape from the comfort of your own home - and Holly and Phillip can't resist having a go on the surfboard simulator, with varying results!

Schofe uncovers Mr Selfridge wardrobe surprise

Mr Selfridge is back for its fourth and final series. We return to the show in 1928, almost a decade after the events in the third season. Harry Gordon Selfridge, The Earl of Oxford St, is at the top of his game, but how long will it last?

When big fan Phillip paid a visit to the set to interview Katherine Kelly and Jeremy Piven, he got the chance to try on some of the show's period clothes - and discovered one of Katherine's wardrobe secrets!

Take a First Look at the new series of Mr Selfridge now

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Give a Dog a Home with Lesley Nicol

This is such a worthy cause, and one I’m very passionate about. It breaks my heart to see any animal suffering and it’s fantastic that This Morning are helping to find homes for them too.

– Lesley Nicol

Last year 47,000 dogs, around 128 per day, were abandoned and unclaimed by their owners in the UK.

Despite best efforts, the lack of suitable homes meant one dog was reluctantly put down every two hours.

In the first of two specially commissioned films, Downton Abbey star Lesley Nicol has been out to meet some of the volunteers working tirelessly to rehome abandoned animals. Lesley is here to chat about her experience and offer our viewers the chance to adopt an abandoned four-legged friend.

Do good-looking people get further in life?

Every restaurant has a 'golden table' where the staff will sit the best-looking people to attract more customers. That was the harsh reality revealed in Channel 4's Tricks of the Restaurant Trade on Tuesday night.

But beyond the so-called 'golden table' do good-looking people get further in their careers, good-looking patients get better care, and handsome criminals receive lighter sentences than less attractive convicts? And is it right that good-looking people seem to get further in life?

We're joined on the sofa by Adam Pearson, who co-hosted the programme and who has a severe facial deformity. Adam's joined by journalist Samantha Brick whose 2012 article on the downside of looking good has been read by millions online. She maintains looks will always matter and good-looking people are discriminated against too!

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Are you sleepless in Britain?

With a third of us struggling to get enough good sleep, the problem is reportedly so serious it's been described as a major public health concern.

Exclusive statistics revealed on the Tonight programme show that out of 250,000 bad sleepers surveyed, 67% said a bad night’s sleep affected not only their mood, but also their relationships, levels of concentration and productivity.

For Rhianwen Gilmore, who appears on the show, the constant battle of dealing with night terrors has left her terrified to go to bed at night. She joins us as we see dramatic footage which captures her terrors on camera.

We're also joined by sleep expert Dr Guy Meadows to discuss sleeping trouble and how we can help ourselves get a better night's sleep.

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"The singing bush"

The set of Benidorm according to Johnny Vegas is unlike no other he's encountered before.

Regular holidaymakers mill around the hotel complex in the midst of the cast and crew filming, giving the show an incredibly unique and authentic feel.

The only problem being sometimes they can get a bit overzealous with their enthusiasm as Johnny explains in today's Best Bits.

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