X Factor boyband get the Concept

If you were watching at home and you thought it looked a bit intense, then times that by a hundred, that’s what you got inside there I’m not joking!

– Sarah-Jane Crawford

It was a triathlon of X Factor fun this weekend with shows on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday condensing all of this year's Bootcamp (plus the infamous six-chair challenge) into three sizeable helpings.

I’ve had a few words of advice from him… but no, he hasn’t tweeted us yet - come on cous!

– Ben Selley on cousin Harry Styles

There were highs, lows, smiles and tears as a swathe of hopefuls were given their marching orders whilst a precious handful of this year's elite made it through to next week's Judges' Houses - including boyband Concept who join us today.

And as if that wasn't enough, we are also joined by Xtra Factor presenter Sarah-Jane Crawford who, alongside our Rylan will be giving us all the backstage banter.

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Cheating, the 21st century way

Married father of five and MP Brooks Newark resigned this weekend after he was caught sending an explicit image of himself to an undercover reporter. Meanwhile a four-page spread in The Sun states Kelly Brook split with her fiancé after she allegedly found out he’d been swapping messages with his ex-girlfriend.

So when does texting become cheating? Is sexting the same as cheating? Sally Windsor doesn’t believe that sexting counts as cheating at all, saying it's all part of our digital world.

I don’t think so-called digital cheating counts as adultery at all. Not only have I been culpable of it relationships, I’ve also been with partners who have done it too and it wasn’t the end of a relationship...

– Sally Windsor

Whereas Denise Robertson believes that technology is responsible for breaking up couples and that sexting is a crime against a relationship.

Relationship helplines

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Gino and Amanda get to grips with a food processor

While Mr Gino D'Acampo cooks up a fish feast for us, we're talking cheating in the digital age, competitive eating and the man who orgasms up to 100 times a day... and we want to hear from you about all of this and more.

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