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Pimp my Shed: Dad of four girls Simon gets his shed pimped, Mini-style!

It's finally the BIG day, when the nation finds out which lucky father got to have his shed pimped!

We asked you - you soppy lot - to send in videos telling us why your dad is the best in the world. We were inundated, and we laughed (and cried loads) while watching them; but unfortunately on this occasion we could only chose one.

We chose Simon who was nominated by his lovely daughters Caroline, Lauren, Rachel and Ellie (with a little help from mum Karen and Poppy the dog). Simon is a member of that much overlooked institution, the Great British Dad; a dad who uses his car like an unofficial taxi; a dad who dances badly and embarrasses his children in public; a dad who loves and is loved by his family alike.

So to treat this very special dad, celebrity gardener David Domoney had some very special 'pimping' up his sleeve. We discovered that Simon is a huge fan of classic Mini Coopers, and had several until daughters came along and larger family vehicles were required. So how could we do better than to turn his shed into that most iconic of cars! Oh, we should also mention that Simon occasionally like a pint, so they asked if it could be a Mini-themed bar!

So the theme was Mini, but David's ideas for the project were EPIC.

With a little help from mum and family we sent Simon away for a romantic weekend, completely unaware that our team of ten pimpers was going to descend on his garden and transform his rather sad looking shed into something special.

Non-binary gender: I consider myself a third sex

I think non-binary is a wonderful term

– Jamie Shupe

Man or woman, male or female, boy or girl - traditionally there are only two sexes available to us, but today's guest has made history after becoming the first American to legally be considered neither sex.

After feeling trapped and gender confused through life, Jamie Shupe came to the conclusion that they identified as neither male nor female - but rather considered themselves a third sex and successfully petitioned for a non-binary gender classification.

We’ll be speaking to Jamie from Portland, Oregon alongside spouse Sandy about the historical breakthrough and the relief of finally feeling free.

Gender dysphoria helplines

Coming out helplines

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'I don't feel lost, I'm just a bit wild'

No, I don't think so, but I didn't know that at the time

– Does a hall pass ever work, Marco Pierre White Jr?

His name has been splashed across the tabloids during his Big Brother stint - most notably for cavorting naked with fellow housemate Laura, after allegedly receiving a so-called hall pass from his fiancée on the outside.

Marco Pierre White Jr was evicted from the famous house on Friday - when he was hit with a few home truths surrounding his behaviour. So how is he feeling about things now and does he have any regrets?

It doesn't sound like it! Marco told Holly and Phillip, "You’ve got to make the most out of it and have as much fun as you can because the house gets really boring. I don’t regret anything I did.”