Run For Your Life... week three

Nell McAndrew and our three volunteers are still running for their lives - but how have they been getting on? It's time to find out.

Take part

We want YOU to join in by pledging your commitment to train with the ladies, and run 5K in five weeks.

Please consult a medical professional before starting any new exercise activity.

Running planner (PDF)

Five weeks to 5K programme (PDF)

Thanks to Ladywell Arena for the loan of their track

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Does shopping with your partner cause arguments?

It's been suggested recently that a trip to IKEA is a recipe for divorce! Does that sound familiar to you?

Do you and your partner constantly argue when out shopping? Do you often row in the middle of the supermarket or give each other the silent treatment after a trip to the department store? If you'd like help to be able to shop peacefully with your other half and you're available this Bank Holiday weekend then get in touch by Thursday 30 at 6pm.

Email with your name, contact number and bit about you and your partner.

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It's just your average week in Soapland...

Corrie's Nick is in for a nasty surprise, Laurel's back on the booze in Emmerdale, Enders' Phil and Max are at loggerheads and Sienna is up to her usual scheming in Hollyoaks.

Just another week in Soapland then! Our Shazza is here with all of the latest sizzling soap sensations! We've also got the nominations for this year's Soap Awards!

Vote for all your favourite soaps at this year's Soap Awards

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Could you spend 24 Hours In The Past?

Just when you thought TV producers had run out of ways to make celebrities do horrible things for the entertainment of the masses, along comes a show that does just that and teaches us about history too!

24 Hours In The Past is a four-part series that sees six celebs whisked back in time to 1837 where they find themselves at the bottom of the social heap and must brave the cruel and unforgiving world of Victorian Britain in order to survive. Ann Widdecombe and Tyger Drew-Honey make up two of the six and they join us today to tell us all about it.

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Apricot flapjacks: food for new mums

The Duchess of Cambridge will be a new mum any day now and as well as concentrating on feeding a hungry newborn she'll also have to think about what foods she should be eating to maximise her energy and to replenish lost nutrients.

Dale Pinnock is here with the foods that every new mum should be eating. He'll also be giving the over 60s and those suffering with stress some incredibly useful advice when it comes to doing the weekly food shop.