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The four shows that have made it onto the shortlist for the Olivier Awards This Morning Audience Award 2015 have now been announced.

If you voted for Billy Elliot The Musical, Matilda The Musical, Jersey Boys or Wicked, your work is done. If you voted for one of the shows that didn’t make it, or if you haven’t yet voted, now’s your chance to vote again!

Vote for the This Morning Audience Award

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The first lady of musical theatre

I'm just hanging up my touring shoes really, but I'm not retired

– Elaine Paige

She's the first lady of musical theatre: Elaine Paige OBE joins us ahead of the screening of her 50th anniversary farewell which will be shown across the world next month.

But is it really goodbye? She said "I just can't keep touring it's so exhausting", she added that she will still do the odd concert here and there and wouldn't be retiring but she just couldn't keep up with being on the road anymore!

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Are you worried about a hereditary disease?

Following the news that Angelina Jolie chose to have her ovaries removed, we're asking if you're worried about a hereditary disease in your family. Perhaps, like Angelina, your relatives have had cancer, or maybe there is another illness in your family that concerns you.

Whatever the family medical history Dr Dawn is here to take our viewers' questions and concerns.

Breast cancer and mastectomy helplines and ovarian cancer helplines

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Mr Selfridge never looked so edible!

We never imagined that when Mr Selfridge star Leon Ockenden agreed to bake for us that he would give us such a treat.

Take a look at his creation... Remind you of anyone?

Get the recipe for Leon's hot cross bun cake

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How to cancel calories - the clever way

Calories are everywhere - and as a nation, we are obsessed. But what is a calorie, how do we burn them, and how can we cut the guilt without cutting the foods we love?

Tomorrow night, Dr Chris van Tulleken reveals all in The Truth About Calories - and today, he's here to share his kitchen secrets about how to eat smarter, without taking the joy out of food.

What a year it's been for White Dee

For a lot of people it's not a choice, it's just where they are at that particular time

– Deirdre White on being on benefits

She was the stand-out star of Channel 4's Benefits Street and came fifth in last year's Celeb Big Brother - what a year it's been for Deidre White Dee Kelly. She joins us now to talk about her busy year, losing more than three stone and why she would consider a career in politics.

On talking about her new found confidence she said, "I have always been of low confidence I sort of come across as being out there and gobby," she added, "but I am really a very shy person." She said her kids find it "nice to see" her feeling better in herself and admitted that she feels she can give more to her children.

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