Preventative surgery: 'He said, 'I'm behind you 100%''

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have given an emotional interview on the Today show in America. Speaking out about Angelina's brave decision to undergo both a preventative double mastectomy in 2013, and surgery to remove her ovaries earlier this year, Brad praised his wife's courage and mature approach.

But what must it be like to watch the person you love go through such an ordeal? Today we meet the couple who took on the battle of preventative surgery together and say it has made them stronger than ever.

Christmas Choir: Calling all primary schools!

Did you know there's just under two months till Christmas? At TM we're getting in to the Christmas spirit already and we're looking for primary school choirs to sing their socks off!

If your choir can jingle all the way in to our studios and showcase your favourite Christmas carol in the run up to the festive season, then we'd love to hear from you.

You need to be in the first five years of primary school to qualify - so in England and Wales that's Reception to Year 4, in Scotland and Northern Ireland years One to Five. We need to hear from you by November 18 at midday.

Send us a 20-second or less clip of your choir singing via the form below.

Martin Lewis answers Christmas money questions

With just weeks to go till 25 December, Martin Lewis is here to answer your Christmas questions.

Whether it's debt, cutting your energy bills, where and how to put cash away for your children, Sentinel letters, TalkTalk problems or even if you just want to get away and and want to know the cheapest way to get your travel money, Martin has got something to say about it!

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Former wild child Drew on motherhood and more

I have to raise great women, I get it!

– Drew Barrymore on bringing up two girls

Hollywood star Drew Barrymore, known for The Wedding Singer, ET: Extra Terrestrial, Charlie's Angels and many more of our favourite films, talks family, household chores and growing up in Hollywood as she releases her memoirs Wildflower.

Drew admitted that when she first lived alone, she didn't have a clue how to do laundry, "I was so bad at it, and I didn't understand any of it!", so she taught herself, and now she defies anyone to beat her at washing clothes, "I'm a master at laundry, heck yes!"

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PM promises new adoption process measures

We’ll find many more children that loving home

– David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron joins us today to announce plans to speed up the chronically slow adoption system.

On average, children are forced to endure 17 months before moving in with a new adoptive family. The PM will promise new measures to double the number placed with their family sooner - and halve the amount of time they spend in care waiting to move.

The PM also talks to us about George Osborne's embarrassing U-turn on tax credits and the Russian plane crash that killed all 224 on board.

Cameron said, “I spoke to President Putin yesterday to give our nation’s condolences to all the many Russian families that lost loved ones. There’s a meeting happening right now to try and find out everything that we know and if it’s not safe and certain routes aren’t safe, if certain things aren’t safe, of course we’ll act, you have to act on the basis of evidence.”

On his latest drive on the adoption process, David explained, “It’s such an important thing… we’ve made some progress, adoption numbers are up 72%, but there are still thousands of children waiting to go to a loving home. All different councils are going to come together for a regional organisation to get more adoptive parents available, and at the moment you can have foster parents who look after children or you can have adoptive parents who adopt the children forever, but what we’re introducing is that you foster and you’re trying to adopt at the same time and this concurrency means that you can shorten the process massively and see many more children adopted.”

When quizzed on poverty and tax credit cuts, Cameron said, “As Prime Minister I’ve got to try to make sure we are living within our means as a country, the worst thing for families is a budget deficit getting out of control and having to make cuts in other areas which we are trying to protect - like the health service, where more money is going in - but these are always difficult decisions and I accept that.”

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