'We buried dad in the garden'

According to latest figures, the average cost of a funeral has reached more than £3,700, with many families struggling to meet the cost of a even a very basic send-off for their loved one. But is there ever a way of cutting the money spent on laying a family member to rest?

We're live to a garden in Worcestershire to join Nick Bryan, and his partner Katie, who held a DIY funeral and buried Nick's father in the family's back yard. We'll also be speaking to Fran Hall, CEO of the Good Funeral Guide, to give us the rules surrounding DIY funerals and to share her handy tips to prevent funeral costs from spiralling out of control.

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Pero the dog's real-life Homeward Bound journey

Dogs are said to be man's best and most loyal friend - and in the case of Pero the sheepdog, the old saying is certainly true. The sheepdog made an incredible 240-mile journey back to his owners after he was handed over to work on another farm.

We're joined by Pero's owners Alan and Shan James, live from their home is Wales, along with their faithful canine companion, to talk about his miraculous journey home.

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Kitchen fireworks and Alison's knickers stuck in a door!

If Alison getting stuck on a holiday park caravan door doesn't make you chuckle, her laugh will, believe us!

And that's not the only Best Bit of today's show - lets just say John Torode was lucky to finish cooking with his eyebrows intact!

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Married for 44 years - Ian and Anne get Walliams' BGT Golden Buzzer

I met her on the Wednesday, and asked her to marry me on the Thursday

– It was love at first sight for Ian Marshall

Britain's Got Talent has struck gold for a third week in a row, winning audiences and showcasing another act worthy of a Golden Buzzer.

David Walliams chose to put Ian and Anne Marshall, married singers in their 60s, through to the semi-final. They certainly got the crowd on their feet with their rendition of Beyoncé's Crazy In Love!

David and Simon Cowell said Ian and Anne summed up the spirit of the show, and the couple join Rylan to share their amazing story.

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Which The Durrells' actor falls in love 'at the drop of a hat'?

Two and a half months in Corfu - it was just absolute bliss

– Daisy Waterstone

Big Sunday night dramas are a TV tradition and new series The Durrells is fast becoming the one to watch. The ITV series based on Gerald Durrell’s memoirs drew 6.4 million people on its opening night and has continued to charm viewers with its magical, wish-we-were-there take on life in Corfu for a British family who move there in the 30s.

With the fourth instalment fresh in our minds we are joined by two of the show’s younger characters Margo and Leslie Durrell, played by the talented Daisy Waterstone and Callum Woodhouse.

Callum revealed this was his very first role since leaving drama school, "I was pinching myself the whole time I was over there, I really was!"

Daisy told us the character of Margo reminded her of herself when she was younger, "I remember reading the script when I was auditioning, and I was like, 'this is literally me when I was 16 years old!'"

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