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Fatherhood? 'It's been a bit of a shock - it's the real world!'

My life from the pictures seems a lot more glamorous than it is!

– Patrick Kielty

After spending some time away in Los Angeles, comedian and presenter Patrick Kielty is back in the UK and back on our TV screens hosting Debatable, a new daily quiz show for BBC2.

So how’s Patrick juggling life as a new dad to baby Milo with wife Cat Deely, and is he back in the UK for good? It’s a long overdue catch up with this funnyman.

Should 'time of the month' warrant time off work?

Last week, Dr Chris alerted us to the fact that women in the UK take around six million days off a year because of their periods and so today we're discussing if employers should take this more seriously and show more sympathy to women with bad menstrual cycles by introducing menstrual leave.

Claire Barker joins us alongside Dr Sara to break the taboo of what can be an embarrassing subject to talk about.

Bessie the dog sniffed out our daughter's life-threatening disease

Man's best friend can be loyal, obedient, loving - but is your dog a life saver? Border Collie Bessie certainly is - she alerted toddler Philippa Wood’s family to their daughter’s life-threatening disease, when she began acting strangely around the two year old. She refused to leave the youngster’s side for a second, prompting the family to seek medical help.

Phillipa was found to have acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and is about to embark on her second round of aggressive chemo. Philippa, her parents Phil and Paula and their hero Border Collie Bessie join us alongside the CEO of Medical Detection Dogs, Dr Claire Guest.

Why did nobody stop to help our 83-year-old mum?

Dozens of shoppers walked past Joan Veysey, 83, as she lay in agony on the street pleading 'please help me' after tripping on an uneven pavement.

Joan suffered a broken nose and two black eyes after falling head first onto the stone slabs, but was ignored by passers-by for more than 10 minutes, forcing her to practically crawl to a neighbour's home for help.

Her daughters were left feeling hurt, angry and disgusted and they say 'if it had been a dog lying there on the floor someone would have done something.'

Dena and Joanne Martindale join us on the sofa.