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Phillip and Holly get up close and personal with an orangutan

On today's show, Phillip and Holly were joined by some very wild guests... an orangutan, a sloth and even a crocodile!

These animatronic creatures were developed to get up close and personal with their real life counterparts for the new wildlife series 'Spy in the Wild'.

Producers Philip Dalton and Rob Pilley reveal the extraordinary ways these creatures were brought to life.

Best Bits: How to catch a mouse!

If you were watching yesterday you will have seen we had an unwanted guest in our studio... a mouse!

Well he was back this morning, but the good news is we managed to catch him and release him.

Holly and Phillip remain convinced that his buddies are still very much in residence though...

'I want to give my five year old cannabis'

A mother whose son suffers from severe epilepsy claims that by denying the five year old cannabis, the NHS are going against his human rights.

Hannah Deacon's son Alfie has clusters of seizures that are so severe he is constantly in and out of hospital.

Now Hannah and her partner Drew are contemplating moving her family to America to get their son the controversial treatment legally.

On the set of Midsomer Murders

The villages of Midsomer may be stunning, but you'd have to be mad - or morbid - to live there!

In fact the only thing that eclipses the amount of murders is the number of people who tune in to watch them - 6.4 million at the last count!

Tonight's episode sees things at a tranquil cricket match start to get very very dark.... so we went behind the scenes to see exactly what it's like to be a resident in the world's most terrifying location.

Lorraine shows us how to shimmy our way to a slimmer figure

Lorraine Kelly has been part of ITV's breakfast presenting line-up for more than 30 years, and she shows no signs of slowing down!

After her first workout DVD hit the number one spot in the fitness DVD charts, she's back and looking better than ever with her second fitness DVD, to show us how to shimmy our way to a slimmer figure and blitz our Christmas jelly bellies.

Find out lots more about the Brand New You campaign here.