Chicken and tarragon-stuffed peppers

It's National Heart Month, so Dale Pinnock's here to put us back in the driving seat when it comes to our health with this heart-friendly dish. This super-tasty and unusual recipe is set to become a favourite. It can work as lighter dish with a side salad, or as a heartier dinner with sweet potato mash and greens.

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Trapped in my own body

Life is wonderful now

– Martin Pistorius

Imagine you come round from a coma, only to slowly realise you can't talk, move or communicate in any way. That was what happened to Martin Pistorius, who spent eight years effectively trapped inside his own body before making a miraculous recovery. He's here with his wife Joanne to tell us his remarkable story.

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Emmerdale wedding... has anyone seen the groom?

Sharon Marshall goes behind the scenes of Emmerdale on the day of Robert Sugden and Chrissie White's wedding.

But the groom is missing, and no one knows where he might be! It'd take something pretty big to make a groom late to his own wedding - so will he even make it at all?

Sharon Marshall interviews the cast and crew working to make this explosive special.

TV: Emmerdale is on at 7pm and 8pm tonight, and Friday at 7pm, all on ITV

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Celebrity Big Brother's Kav

This year's CBB has been one of the most controversial series in its 14-year history, with clashes between the UK's Most Hated Woman Katie Hopkins and US gossip star Perez Hilton - not to mention alleged racism, sexism and an inappropriate de-robing of one of the female housemates.

As the show draws to a close this Friday, we meet the latest celebrity to be evicted ahead of the anticipated final, Kavana!

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It's Time to Talk

Today is Time to Talk Day, a day designed to break the silence and end the stigma surrounding mental health - which one in four of us in the UK may experience.

We meet Joe Nickel who had a mental breakdown in 2008 and even considered suicide, and who is passionate about helping others understand mental illnesses. Dr Dawn Harper and Joe's wife are also on the sofa.

Mental health helplines

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Warwick Davis' Big Night

Warwick Davis is one of the country's most recognisable actors, but it hasn't always been easy for him to pursue his dream.

Warwick has now set up his very own theatre company especially for little people, risking his own money by touring the country last year in the farce comedy See How They Run.

He's made a special documentary of their journey, from auditions to the first show, which airs tomorrow night.

Warwick joins us today alongside two of his cast members, Jon Key and Francesca Papagno.

TV: Warwick Davis' Big Night is on tomorrow at 9pm on BBC2

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Who is your child talking to online?

Are you concerned about who your child is talking to online? Or maybe your child seems to be secretive about what they are doing on the internet? Perhaps you want to warn your child about the dangers of online paedophiles, but don't know the right age to bring it up, or what language to use? Or maybe you are concerned about the amount of information and photos your teen shares with the world?

Online safety expert Mark Williams-Thomas and counsellor Anna Williamson are here to take your calls.

Internet safety helplines

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