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The nursery where children play with power tools

It's the nursery in Norfolk that allows children to play with power tools and has been voted Britain’s best. Not only have they banned plastic toys, instead encouraging children to make their own using drills, sanders and saws (all under supervision), they conduct all activities outside for eight hours a day regardless of the weather!

Alice Beer investigates.

Brian Blessed: 'Female gorillas really seem to fancy me'

He’s delivered babies, punched polar bears and even become a cosmonaut - reinforce your eardrums, Brian Blessed is back in the studio!

The star of stage and screen for over 50 years is back to talk about his outlandish love affair with animals. From allowing a panther to run wild in his house to being propositioned by female gorillas, Brian has seen it all.

He joins us to discuss his new book The Panther In My Kitchen which pens his sometimes sad, yet often hysterical, memoirs of his lifelong affinity with animals.

BGT star returns to stage after life-changing surgery

Both surgeries went really well. The recovery is really hard, but I've been feeling so much better recently. I'm so grateful to Simon, he's changed my life

– Simon Cowell gave Julia a helping hand with her surgery

They grabbed the heart of the nation and even Alesha’s golden buzzer on the latest series of Britain’s Got Talent, but with Mersey Girls performance came the heartbreaking story that group member Julia Carlile would have to give up dancing if she didn’t have a back operation to help combat her scoliosis.

After a helping hand from Simon Cowell and flying to the states for surgery, Julia and her fellow co-stars are preparing for their ultimate comeback gig in front of 2,000 people. But, how are they feeling about retaking to the stage? The fivesome join us to talk about nerves, supporting each other, and their hopes for the future.

Phil Vickery's beating heart cake

He’s in search of a heart this morning, but with no Wizard of Oz to ask, Phil Vickery’s Tin Man is going to make one for himself - in cake form!

Holly and Phillip as you've never seen them before 🎃

We're going bigger and better than last year as we transform for a spooky Halloween special.

See our presenter's spectacular makeovers in the pictures below.

Introducing Holly as our Ice Unicorn!

Brace yourself - this is the stuff scary Halloween makeovers are made of!

Here's Phillip as the Night King from Game of Thrones.

Rylan and Alison have joined their wicked forces as Maleficent and Ursula.

Exclusive: The Brit jailed for touching a man's hip in Dubai

I think it's a great country but the laws are so vulnerable and now I know what it's like first-hand. Things can escalate so fast.

– Jamie says visitors to Dubai need to be wary

It's a story that will strike fear into the 1.5 million Brits who visit Dubai every year. What was meant to be a fun night out in the Emirate ended with Jamie Harron being arrested, losing his job and facing years in prison. His crime? The 27-year-old electrician was accused of public indecency after brushing past a businessman in a crowded bar, and was later sentenced to three months in prison. Jamie has now been freed after the Sheikh ruler stepped in and has since flown back to his family in Scotland.

In a TV exclusive, Jamie joins us to recount his terrifying ordeal.

It's Never Too Late... so what would you like to do?

When you were growing up, did you ever have big dreams and ambitions of what you want to achieve? And now, you're possibly retired and fear that it's too late? Well don't worry - Our Rylan is helping make those dreams come true.

So whether your nan's always had a burning desire to be a lorry driver or an astronaut, or you've always dreamt of running away to join the circus, we want to hear from you!

Email thismorning@itv.com with no more than 100 words to say why you deserve this opportunity. Don't forget to include a photograph and a contact number. Closing date is at noon on Friday 3 November 2017.

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Gino's pear, Dolcelatte and mascarpone tart with honey and thyme

He’s back in the kitchen with another Italian treat - and this time he’s not squeezing the bees!

Gino shows us how to utilise our ‘highly commended’ Willoughbee honey which came fourth at the National Honey Show last week.