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Supervet comes to Hector's rescue

He's the patron saint of pets, thanks to his pioneering methods, and now Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick is coming to the rescue of our four-legged friends once again, in a brand new series.

Among the animals he's worked wonders on is dog Hector, who had a spinal problem that made it difficult for him to walk and, without treatment, would have left him paralysed. But thanks to an ingenious invention and surgery by Noel, the German Pointer has made a full recovery and is able to tear around the park with his family once more.

Real-life superhero Noel joins us alongside Hector and his owner Becky Holland.

The teen refugee who escaped Syria in a wheelchair

Born with cerebral palsy and confined to a wheelchair, teenager Nujeen Mustafa had spent most of her life stuck in her family's fifth floor apartment in Aleppo, Syria. That was until, like millions of other Syrians, she was forced to flee the war-torn city and make the dangerous 3,500 mile journey to Germany in search of refuge.

A challenge even for an able-bodied person, it seemed like a complete impossibility considering Nujeen was doing it in her rickety old wheelchair. But against the odds, she overcame bombings, smugglers, an overcrowded dinghy and even a Slovenian jail cell to finally make it to Cologne in 2015.

After settling into normal life, Nujeen joins us to describe the treacherous journey that refugees face every day.