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Just what the doctor ordered: Martin Clunes plus Dodger and Paddy

After seven series of berating the residents of fictional Cornish village Portwenn, Martin Clunes is back as the nation’s favourite grumpy GP, Doc Martin. The last series ended with the grouchy doctor finally getting things back on track with wife Louisa - but will it be plain sailing from here? We doubt it!

It's not just Martin joining us on the sofa; he’s got two four-legged co-stars with him too - dogs Dodger and Paddy, who are set to be the real stars of series 8. We wonder if they'll be accompanying ambassador Martin to Macmillan Cancer Support's World's Biggest Coffee Morning? ☕️

How to create the ultimate smart home

Turn up the heat, dim the lights and get Alexa to switch on your kettle, all from the comfort of your sofa...or even miles away from home. With smart home technology officially one of the fastest-growing tech sectors, Steve Wilson’s here with his pick of gadgets to simplify your life.

From the latest home surveillance camera you can control via an app, to a device that lets you treat your pet pooch away from home we’ve got it all covered to create the ultimate smart home.

Inside the old folks' nursery

It’s a care home, but not as you know it - because Apples & Honey Nightingale looks after both pensioners...and pre-schoolers. The intergenerational facility is the first of its kind and the benefits are clear to see, with residents no longer feeling socially isolated and experiencing heightened stimulation.

With childcare and eldercare both under pressure, is this the answer? Anneka Rice went to find out.

Download our Be Kind teachers' pack NOW!

I’m 100% behind this campaign. I hope we can save young lives and show the bullies how catastrophic one tweet, one snapchat or one text can be.

– Phillip Schofield

> Download our Be Kind teachers' resource pack pdf

Our Be Kind campaign was inspired by two mums whose children took their own lives as a result of the bullying they experienced.

Teachers and parents, we would like you to spread the word about the campaign in your school, which is where this pack comes in.

Together with the charity The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign we have created a variety of resources for primary and secondary schools. These include posters, activity ideas and advice sheets to raise your students’ awareness about the Be Kind Campaign.

How much better would the world be if everyone was just that bit kinder to each other?”

– Holly Willoughby

Watch the inspiration behind our campaign

Videos to show your class

Why I shared footage of bullies assaulting my daughter

The attack happened on Friday. I didn’t post it until the Sunday, because I found out the girl who had attacked her was going around laughing about it, showing people the video. I thought if you want everyone to see it... I didn’t want to do it originally as it’s not a very nice film.

– Mum Claire Walton

It’s the latest video to go viral - a heartbroken mum deciding to post a shocking video of her daughter being beaten up in an attempt to shame those responsible.

Claire Walton found footage showing her 13-year-old daughter Hollie being grabbed by her hair and thrown around as she walked home from school on Friday afternoon. Claire has decided to remove her daughter from the school and police say they're investigating, but why are schoolchildren still being subjected to such behaviour?

We're joined by Claire and Hollie on the sofa today, alongside Lucy Alexander who first launched our Be Kind campaign.

Download our Be Kind teachers' pack NOW!

Is it time we banned French Bulldogs in Britain?

Over the past 10 years, there has been a surge in popularity for owning the fashionable French Bulldog as a pet. But many vets have warned potential owners to steer clear of the breed because of the health issues associated with it.

Joining us from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is head vet Shaun Opperman who says owners need to do more research before investing in this breed. Vet Emma Milne thinks French Bulldogs should be banned and owning one is tantamount to animal cruelty.

A French Bulldog

But breeder Sue Worrell believes it is ludicrous to suggest the banning of her beloved Frenchies and thinks they are no worse than any other breed.