Bryony shows us that less make-up is more

With summer just around the corner and the weather heating up, heavy eye make-up and exaggerated lips are OUT and a toned-down, natural look is IN.

Jennifer Lawrence, Beyoncé and Keira Knightley have all been spotted recently looking remarkably bare-faced - so Bryony is here to prove that less really is more.

Using creamy concealers, BB creams and neutral shades, Bryony shows us how to look flawless without looking like we're wearing much make-up at all.

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Assisted suicide phone-in: Denise offers advice

Assisted suicide is the subject of today's phone-in. Are you someone who is considering assisted suicide? Do you know someone who has done it? Perhaps a loved-one wants to do it and you are desperate to stop them? Maybe you are in good health now but will not think twice about assisted suicide if you get very ill?

Whatever your stance, our agony aunt Denise Robertson is here to talk your calls.

Euthanasia and assisted suicide helplines

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Does the lunch-hour bum lift work?

The owner of one of the world's most famous bums, Miss Kylie Minogue, celebrates her 47th birthday on Thursday, so we've asked Dr Anita Sturnham to show us how the Exilis Elite treatment could help you get a popstar derrière in under an hour - without going under the knife.

Putting the treatment to the test is 31-year-old mum-of-three Carlie, who'll test the procedure during the show.

Jason spends £36k a year chasing autographs

Everyone loves spotting a celeb, but Jason Thanos has made a career out of it. The autograph hunter spends £36,000 a year chasing stars such as Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise just to get their name scribbled on a piece of paper!

The father of one from Manchester spends days outside premieres waiting for the stars, but it's worth it as some autographs fetch up to thousands of pounds and he now earns a living from selling his prized autographs.

My pre-wedding nerves were actually MS

I still remember that first morning thinking, this is so strange, what's going on here?

– Carla Callaghan

In the run up to her wedding in July 2013, Carla Callaghan had been feeling off-balance and dizzy. Her GP assured her it was just wedding stress. But when Carla mentioned her symptoms to the owner of a wedding dress shop, she was encouraged to seek private treatment.

Tragically, just six weeks before her big day, Carla was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. But she wasn't about to let the bad news ruin her plans for the wedding she always dreamed, of or stop her from walking down the aisle, and she's here to tell us about the big day.

Carla said, 'In the early days I was so tired but we were planning a wedding and buying a house.'

Carla was worried that she wouldn't be able to wear heels on her wedding day as her balance was off but some customised sparkly converse enabled her to walk down the aisle, like she'd always wished.

Carla said, 'You know your own body, you know when something's not right. MS is very volatile. I don't know where I'll be in five years... a little positivity goes a long way.'

'At the end of the programme, I had a breakdown'

I can't look at myself. Looking back at those pictures, I can't look.

– Chris Maloney

Former X Factor finalist Chris Maloney had £60,000 of cosmetic surgery after internet trolls destroyed his confidence and mental wellbeing.

The singer suffered ruthless bullying during the 2012 series, as Twitter trolls ridiculed him with constant abuse calling him Mr Potato Head and ugly, he was also targeted with death threats.

Chris was left feeling depressed, paranoid about his looks and with hair loss. In the past two years he has spent more than 40 hours having three hair-transplants, two nose jobs, an eyelid lift and teeth veneers.

He's here to tell us why he now feels amazing, and says it has given him 'a new lease of life'.

Chris said online bullies drove him to surgery. He said, 'I never thought about surgery beforehand. They got me at the lowest point of my life.'

When asked if he'd have more surgery, Chris said, 'I'm happy where I am now, I'm in a really great place.'

Should assisted suicide be made legal in the UK?

It was a surreal experience. It was good in one way because we knew mum was going to die on a certain date so we could make the most of the time

– Peter Squires travelled to Dignitas with his mother in 2012

The right to live or die debate was reignited after it came to light that dad-of-three Jeffrey Spector killed himself at a Swiss assisted suicide clinic.

He claimed he would still be alive today if UK laws were changed, but he chose to die at Dignitas on May 22 because he feared becoming a burden on his family.

Today, as we ask whether assisted suicide should finally be made legal in the UK, we are joined by Peter Squires, whose mother travelled to Dignitas in 2012, and Dr Colin Harte, who opposes a change in the law, arguing it will put many vulnerable people at risk.