Cheers to wine and chocolate

With Easter celebrations just two days away, the time to over-indulge in chocolate is nearly here. But if you're a grown-up wanting to enjoy the occasion, what's the best tipple to drink with your Easter treat?

Most people would argue that wine and chocolate definitely do not go well together. However drinks aficionado Olly Smith begs to differ - and is here with some surprising, but delicious pairings.

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Victims of Harold Shipman speak out

It's been 10 years since the suicide of one of the world's most prolific serial killers - Harold Shipman. During a 23-year murder spree, over 215 patients are thought to have perished at Shipman's hands as he administered fatal overdoses of painkillers.

Ten years after his suicide in Wakefield Prison in West Yorkshire at the age of 57, Shipman's crimes are the subject of a powerful new two-part TV show, starting tomorrow night. Two relatives of Shipman's victims, Jack Shelmerdine, 83, and Deborah Bartlett, 53, join us with their memories of the twisted killer.

Harold Shipman: Driven to Kill is on April 17 at 9pm Channel 5

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Not to be Mist! Kathleen Turner in new play

From baring all in Body Heat and swinging through the jungle in Romancing the Stone to voicing cartoon sex siren Jessica Rabbit, actress Kathleen Turner is a Hollywood legend.

She is now in London preparing to take on West End audiences in new play Bakersfield Mist and joins us to talk about playing an out-of-work ex-trucker, turning 60 in June and why she just loves red roses in her dressing room.

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Ruth and Eamonn pose with Kathleen

And Hub presenter Jenni gets a quick snap with Hollywood legend Kathleen Turner