Ultimate glazed chocolate cake

It's National Chocolate Week and to celebrate Phil Vickery is in the kitchen whipping up a decadent and delicious chocolate cake - perfect for weekend indulgence. Plus drinks expert Olly Smith has the perfect tipple to go with such a decadent dessert!

Hats created by Andrew Blas, Executive Pastry Chef at Hotel Café Royal in London’s Piccadilly

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Back from the brink of death

After Ryan Smith was involved in a near-fatal collision last year, his father Mark feared the worst. Ryan had a head-on collision with a van, and after refusing to wear a helmet because it would mess up his hair, suffered a devastating head injury that left him in a coma.

Over a year after Mark appeared on This Morning to warn people about the dangers of cycling without a helmet, Ryan is on the long road to recovery. Waking up from a coma after four months, Ryan has defied doctors expectations and managed to stand unaided earlier this year.

As he slowly recovers, Ryan and his father join Eamonn and Ruth to talk about their difficult struggle - and the need for people to wear helmets.

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The future's looking Rosie for Jaime Winstone

I'm still very much starting my career and getting on with it.

– Ja​i​me Winstone

After growing up in Ray Winstone's limelight, Jaime Winstone was unsure if she was ever going to follow her father into the world of acting.

But since making her break in 2004, Jaime has gone on to establish herself as a top actress in her own right, with roles in hits such as Kidulthood, Made in Dagenham and Dead Set.

Jaime Winstone joins Ruth and Eamonn

She joins Eamonn and Ruth to talk about her latest role in the new romantic comedy Love, Rosie alongside rising British Stars Lily Collins and Sam Clafin.

FILM: Love, Rosie is released in cinemas on Friday 17 October

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Best Bits loves a fact!

On Thursday we caught up with one of the most exciting acting talents the UK has produced.

Daniel Mays stopped by for a chat about his role in ITV's latest four-part drama The Great Fire, based on the ignition and the aftermath of the Great Fire of London in 1666.

So enthused were Phillip and Amanda to chat to Daniel, they ran out of airtime before Phillip could reveal some facts about the blockbuster drama. It's a good job then that Best Bits is here to save the day!

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