The X Factor's got the (4th) Power

We are here because we're chasing our dreams

– 4th Power

The X Factor returned to our screens this weekend with a bang, including a Judges shake-up, new hosts and new formats.

But one thing that hasn't changed is the drama and headlines that follow the weekend's shows. Just hours after its debut on Saturday night, there were fix claims surrounding one particular act, 4th Power, who join us today, along with Mr Showbiz himself, Rylan Clark.

Addressing the controversy, sisters Myleene, Irene, Almira and Celina agreed with Phillip that they were still looking for their break, "We are here because we're chasing our dreams whenever it's possible, because we want to reach our dream of having that prize and helping our family to have our own house."

The band told Holly and Phillip how it felt to get four yeses from the Judges, "It was crazy, it was insane, it was a dream come true. Literally, we were floating in the air."

There's #NowhereLeftToRun in Corrie

Sharon, our queen of soaps, will be looking ahead to all the action this autumn. Coronation Street has a live episode coming up to celebrate ITV's 60th birthday, and Sharon's bagged us an exclusive preview of the promo!

The Future's Conditional for Rob Brydon

I can't wait to see what an audience makes of it... because I love it!

– Rob Brydon on Future Conditional

Actor, comedian and impressionist Rob Brydon has appeared in sitcoms, films and stand-up, as well as wowing us with his impressions - he can do a mean Michael Caine and Anthony Hopkins!

Today he's here to chat to us about his new play Future Conditional, which could prove to be his most challenging role yet.

PLAY: Future Conditional previews tonight and runs until October 3 at the Old Vic Theatre in London

Rob Brydon's the first showbiz guest on our new set - a great way to christen it!

Jeff Brazier brings spray tan sunshine to Aberdeen

After a washout summer we’ve sent Jeff Brazier up north to spread some cheer and fake tan! We’ll be tanning the people of Aberdeen, known as the grey city, during the show.

Producer Martin succumbs to a tan - even if Jeff didn't!

With huge thanks to all the Aberdeen residents who came down to visit us, we loved meeting you!

And another huge thanks to Fake Bake for providing the 1000 spray tans!

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Dr Chris saved my life

As our resident medical expert, he's been giving our viewers medical advice for the last 27 years - which, in some cases, has saved their lives.

Today we celebrate Dr Chris' return with the news that this year we'll be filming a series of specials bringing him face to face with the people who owe him their life.

What Dr Chris doesn't know, is that this starts today with a surprise guest as we meet Kim Doyle who, after watching Dr Chris do a clinic on cervical cancer, realised she had all the symptoms. She went straight to her GP and three days later was diagnosed with cancer.

Cervical cancer and HPV helplines

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We've all got puppy love for our little friend

Are you joking? Is she staying? Oh my God! She is absolutely beautiful...

– Holly Willoughby's happy about the new pup!

Watch the moment Holly gets introduced to our new family member, a little pup with a big personality who quickly makes herself at home in the TM studio.

And she's a puppy with a special mission too, as she's just started her training to become a guide dog.

Explaining our puppy's role, Jayne George, director of fundraising and marketing at the Guid Dogs charity said, “The great thing about being in the studio is it's something she hasn’t experienced, it’s the only way she’ll experience it and it’ll teach her to cope with the unexpected which is what guide dogs have to do once they are fully trained.”

Our puppy needs a name

More about our gorgeous This Morning puppy

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