Know someone who needs a serious make-up bag overhaul?

Do you know someone who hasn't replaced the contents of their make up bag in years? Are they still using the same eyeshadow they bought in the 80s and scraping out the remnants of a crusty foundation?

Would they be embarrassed by what is lurking in its depths? If you want to name and shame someone for a make up bag makeover email by Sunday 4 January at midnight. Terms and Conditions at

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Jane Hawking: The Theory of Everything

Previously I hadn't wanted the story to fall into the hands of Hollywood as I knew it wouldn't be the film I wanted. But I felt this was right and I was amazed at how sensitive their approach was going to be.

– Jane Hawking

Already gaining an Oscar buzz, it's set to be one of the biggest films of the new year. The Theory Of Everything, featuring Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne, centres around the meeting of Stephen Hawking and his first wife Jane Hawking at Cambridge University in the 60s.

The film is inspired by Jane's book Travelling to Infinity, which documents her and Stephen's relationship. Jane, who was initially reluctant to let the film fall into the hands of Hollywood, joins us in the studio to talk about what changed her mind.

She said: "The first time a film was proposed to me was ten years ago so I attended a meeting with a suggestion and thought it was never going to happen.

"It then rumbled on over they years then two years ago I got a call saying Working Title wanted to meet me. When I spoke to Eric Felmer and his team I was amazed at how sensitive their approach was going to be. I thought this is right, we can go with this."