Eamonn's Ice Bucket challenge in super slow-mo

This has been a long time coming Eamonn! A year ago in August, Ruth stepped up to the plate and took the Ice Bucket Challenge - and Eamonn seemed to love every minute of it!

So now the tables are turned, how will Ruth react? Well she has recruited supervillan Magneto, that's actor Ian McKellan, to help her.

And the best part? We get to watch it in super slo-mo. Enjoy!

Relive Ruth's Ice Bucket Challenge in super slow-mo

Motor neurone disease helplines

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Want to try pink hair?

It's the latest craze to hit the red carpet, with everyone from Caroline Flack to Dame Helen Mirren rocking the look. Pink hair is definitely on trend, but could it work for you?

Are you a dedicated follower of fashion who thinks they will look pretty in pink? Young or old, blonde or brunette, our team is on hand to give you an amazing makeover, with a light tint of pink to finish off that cool new look.

Keen to try it? Please contact This Morning at thismorning@itv.com by 12:30pm on Monday 5 October, and you could feature on the show. You must be 18 or over.

Participation terms

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Muscle mum who consumes 4,000 calories a day

Bulking, gains and guns, not words you'd normally hear women discussing in their diet-plans, but for 40-year-old bodybuilder Lorna Hamilton, it's all she's striving for.

Still pumping iron while pregnant, Lorna reached the British Female Bodybuilding finals just ten months after giving birth. Now, a size 18 and consuming 4,000 calories a day, this muscle-bound mum of four and full-time firefighter has no plans to stop anytime soon!

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