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John Torode's steak masterclass

John Torode is here with a dish perfect for the weekend. When it comes to steak, not only does John know his T-bone from his rib-eye - he's written an entire book dedicated to beef! In the kitchen today, he's running a masterclass on steak: showing us how to choose a good quality cut, the differences between different steaks, how to prepare and cook to a taste that suits you, and what to serve it with.

Toff mucks in... with pig walking!

So far we've sent her skiing, in search of Churchill, and she’s even rubbed shoulders with the Royals. So Toff was certainly up for another challenge when we picked up the phone to her. Today Toff's discovering the secret passion of top haute couture designer Antonia Pugh-Thomas.... Sounds just the kind of thing she'd enjoy - but not everything is quite as it seems. Time to muck in Toff… we’re going walkies!

The horror of female genital mutilation

I was told, ‘This is what we do. I went through it, your cousins, your aunts’. They wouldn’t tell me what it entailed. If I had known, I would definitely have said ‘no’.

– Jay Kamara-Frederick

The horror of female genital mutilation is a global issue affecting millions of women and girls across the around the world - and many in the UK.

We speak to one survivor of this brutal practice, Londoner Jay Kamara-Frederick, who’s now campaigning for an end to FGM, arguing that it’s everyone’s responsibility to educate and protect at-risk girls. She’ll be telling us about her experience and why she rejects the term ‘mutilation’.

Alongside Jay, the founder of the Orchid Project Julia Lalla-Maharajh OBE tells us why they’re fighting to make sure no girl ever has to go through the same pain and distress.

Female Genital Mutilation helplines