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The Commonwealth Cocktail

Yes that cocktail really does have potatoes in it...

I'm getting drunk!

– Eamonn gives the Commonwealth Cocktail a try

Today at the Commonwealth Games the events are all about athletics. To show our support - and enjoy a tipple or two - we're welcoming Glaswegian bartender Mal Spence.

He has come up with the 'Commonwealth Cocktail' which features 71 ingredients to represent all the countries taking part in the Games.

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Confession time

It's confession time on Wednesday's This Morning, as Denise Robertson offers advice on the things you're keeping quiet. Have you got a secret you need to get off your chest? Is someone YOU know playing away and you don't know what to do - or maybe you're covering up a mistake you've made at work?

Perhaps it's not as serious as all that. Maybe you've ruined a dress your friend leant you, or you're feeling guilty about a prank you've played on someone. Whatever it is, email with your phone number by 11am on Wednesday 30th July for a chance to speak to Denise live on air. You must be 18 or over. Full terms and conditions at