Jon Snow: 'I felt worse than I felt in Gaza'

There was nobody in my world, I felt in a very, very dark place

– Jon Snow on taking skunk for Drugs Live

Tonight viewers will get the chance to see legendary broadcaster Jon Snow as they have never seen him before; taking part in a groundbreaking experiment on the effects of cannabis.

Drugs Live: Cannabis on Trial sees volunteers and celebrities take part in a trial looking at the effects of two forms of the drug - skunk and hash. Jon joins us to discuss his experiences taking the drugs, and why he felt worse while taking skunk, than he did when reporting live from Gaza.

Drugs Live: Cannabis on Trial, Channel 4, Tonight, 10pm

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What a hero! Jumpmaster saves skydiver's life

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This shocking footage shows the moment skydiver Christopher Jones jumped from a plane only to have a full-blown seizure in freefall!

His life was saved by his jumpmaster, who somehow managed to pull his ripcord for him at 4000ft meaning Christopher floated to safety and is alive to tell the tale: “It was possibly the scariest moment of my life. Thankfully my jumpmaster manages to pull my ripcord at around 4,000 feet. I become conscious at 3,000 feet and land safely back to the ground.”

We want to hear your hero stories, and it doesn’t have to be about falling from a plane! Who is the hero in your life? Tell us who and a brief description of why and we will do our best to read them out on the show today!

Leave your comments on Facebook and Twitter or email your photos and comments to Terms at

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Best Bits celebrates the late, great Leonard Nimoy

On Friday, news spread that one of Science Fiction's most celebrated actors Leonard Nimoy had passed away aged 83.

Leonard was behind one of Star Trek's most beloved characters as Mr Spock the Starship Enterprise's science officer and first officer, who in part helped make the show a franchise and one of the most popular Sci-Fi creations in the genre's history.

Away from his role as Spock, Leonard was an accomplished musician, director, poet and photographer and as this clip from 2005 shows a very lovely man, who relished in celebrating the role that would forever hold him dear to many Trekkie's hearts.

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Natalie Anderson's Snap happy

She's one of Emmerdale's biggest and brightest stars so we couldn't wait to put Natalie Anderson in front of the camera to reveal three pictures from her mobile phone which make her happy.

From a cherished location to an adorable picture of her family we also caught a glimpse at Natalie's budding camera skills as she captures Paris at its majestic best.

Find out which pictures make Fearne Cotton happy

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Natalie Anderson on her shocking Emmerdale storyline

In a first for a pre-watershed soap, Emmerdale's latest dramatic storyline sees Natalie Anderson's adult character Alicia Metcalfe sexually assaulted by a minor, 14-year-old Lachlan White, played by Thomas Atkinson.

In her five years in the village, it's by far Natalie's biggest and most dramatic storyline to date, and she's here today to talk about the distressing time for Alicia, that will change her forever.

Rape and sexual abuse helplines

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The rise of the blue rinse biker

Joy Smith is a nan to four grandchildren who loves pottering around in her garden and dancing to rock'n'roll music with her husband. But Joy has another pastime, one that's seen sales of motorbikes soar among women over 60. Nicknamed the Blue Rinse Biker, Joy loves nothing more than jumping on her Harley Davidson or Kawasaki and hitting the open road on her two wheels.

Joy joins us today along with her bike to tell us what on earth possessed her to take up biking in her 60s!

Our canine audience just increased...

Today's show has been all about performing pets and it looks like your canine companions have been watching to brush up on their doggie skills!

Watch top dogs show off their skills

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