Born Naughty phone-in with Dr Ravi

Dealing with naughty children is the topic for today's phone-in. Are you having trouble getting your child to behave? Or perhaps you're worried their temper will get them in trouble with the police if things continue. Maybe things have got to the point where you're actually scared of your own child?

Paediatrician Dr Ravi Jayaram is here to answer your calls.

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Bonnie Langford joins EastEnders

My daughter finally thinks I'm cool!

– Bonnie Langford

From Doctor Who to Cats, Chicago to Dancing on Ice, veteran of stage and screen Bonnie Langford has been entertaining the nation for over forty years, and is set to make her debut in Albert Square next week.

Bonnie joins the EastEnders cast as Carmel Kazemi, the pushy mother of Kush. She arrives in the square to meet her son's girlfriend Shabnam Masood, just days after her explosive baby secret is exposed. Bonnie's here to tell us what we can expect from her latest role.

Bonnie smiles for a snap with Phillip and Amanda

Are children Born Naughty?

Channel 4's latest hit show Born Naughty aims to solve the age-old question of whether nature or nurture is the cause of children's naughty behaviour.

Each week Dr Ravi Jayaram and This Morning's Dr Dawn Harper to look at the children's lives in detail to work out just what is causing the problems.

Today's guest Maxine Denby, mother of Charlie, features in next week's episode, and has seen such aggressive behaviour from her nine-year-old son that she has had to call the Police twice.

TV: Born Naughty is on Channel 4 on Thursday nights at 8pm

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I forgave my daughter's best friend

When Sharon Parr's daughter Emma committed suicide last year she was obviously devastated. That devastation turned to anger though when Emma's friend Milly was charged with assisting her suicide.

Over the course of the trial, Sharon came to understand her daughter's friend and following her acquittal last Thursday, her mother has spoken of how she has forgiven Milly and wants to help others in the same situation.

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