Are you ready for a spring clean?

Our viewer poll found that 89% of you plan to spring clean your home in the next few months. So today, consumer expert Alice Beer is here to tell us which irons, steam cleaners, and vacuum cleaners the legendary Good Housekeeping Institute would recommend.

For 90 years the GHI has been testing every product or recipe designed for the home - then testing it again. From TVs and toasters to hair straighteners and strawberry jam, their experts test out on average 1000 products each year to help consumers make savvy buying decisions. And now, we're going to share that knowledge!

Give a Pet a Home - Coleen did!

Give a Pet A Home follows six celebrities as they leave the glitz and glamour behind to devote their time to finding new homes for the mistreated animals who arrive at Newbrook Farm Animal Centre in Birmingham.

From poorly parrots to critical kittens, this new ITV sees celebrities mucking in, mucking out, and not just getting their hands dirty, but their heart strings plucked as well.

Coleen Nolan will be joining us along with her three-legged dog Mica, who she has adopted from the series.

TV: Give a Pet a Home is on ITV at 8pm tonight

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Coleen's canine companion, Mica

Debra Stephenson talks Newzoids

Imagine a world where David Cameron and Nick Clegg battle it out on Jeremy Kyle, where Ed Miliband joins Ant & Dec on I'm A Catastrophe… Get Me Out Of Here, and where Professor Brian Cox finds an extraordinary new planet - Kim Kardashian's rear.

Newzoids starts on ITV tonight and here to talk to us about impersonating everyone from Amanda Holden to Princess Catherine, is Debra Stephenson.

TV: Newzoids starts on ITV on Wednesday April 15 at 9pm

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Having my baby at 57

This week, everyone has been talking about the 65-year-old German mum of 13 who is expecting quadruplets.

In 2008, Essex mum Susan Tollefsen sparked outrage when she gave birth at 57 through IVF. She had daughter Freya using sperm from her partner Nick, 11 years her junior, and a donor egg. Now aged 64 and separated, she believes there should be an age limit for IVF treatment for women in the UK.

Parenting helplines

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