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The cast of the Bill are back on our screens - take a look at them now!

It was one of the country’s most popular crime dramas of the eighties and nineties. The Bill followed the men and women of Sun Hill Police Station in east London, and broke new ground with its storylines, becoming a staple of our television viewing.

But don’t worry if you missed it the first time round - you’ll only need to clear out the next 2,412 weekdays from your diary!

Recognise a few familiar faces here?

That's right, seven years since the show was axed, it's been announced that it’s back with every single episode of the show being re-run on UK TV.

We're joined by five of the most memorable faces from the show, to celebrate its impending return to our screens.

Chloe Khan: My recent nose job disfigured my face and left me fearing for my life

Former Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Khan is no stranger to plastic surgery, having gone under the knife for the very first time at the age of 19.

Chloe Khan

But despite spending a whopping £100,000 on numerous procedures including boob jobs, butt lifts and Botox, Chloe Khan's latest operation proves that money can't always get you what you want. Instead of the smaller nose she desired, Chloe’s recent rhinoplasty has left her disfigured with the inability to smell.

She joins us now to discuss her ordeal alongside doctor Sara, who'll be sharing her medical opinion on this type of surgery.

Beverley Callard: This is the happiest I've been in a long time

She’s one of the nation's beloved soap stars, but behind the scenes Beverley Callard has faced an enduring battle against depression. Beverley, who plays Liz McDonald in Coronation Street, ‘crashed’ with severe clinical depression in 2009 while on set, and at her lowest point even considered taking her own life.

Beveley Callard

Eight years later and Beverley is now firmly on the road to recovery after overcoming her demons to lead a ‘happy and healthy’ life. Now, she’d like to encourage others to get help if they’re suffering from mental illness.

Who killed Diana?

On 31st August 1997, tragic news that Princess Diana had died shocked the world. Her death sparked a wave of conspiracy theories, and nearly 20 years later some people still believe that the road accident in Paris which claimed the life of the People’s Princess was no accident.

Ken Wharfe, Diana’s former personal protection officer

Investigative journalist Mark Williams-Thomas reports from outside Buckingham Palace and Diana’s former personal protection officer Ken Wharfe joins us in the studio to discuss these controversial alternative theories surrounding the Princess’ passing.

Which This Morning star is foxtrotting onto Strictly's dance floor?

We’re very excited to be announcing the third celebrity to be competing on Strictly Come Dancing for 2017 AND it’s one of our This Morning family!

So has dashing Dr Chris got a prescription for the perfect Paso Doble? Or could Deidre Sanders cha-cha-cha her way to victory? And he’s no stranger to salsa - is it Gino who has his sights set on that gleaming Glitterball Trophy?

All is revealed in the video above!

Challenge Anneka revisits accessible angling lake built in three and a half days

30 years after the first episode of iconic show Challenge Anneka, Anneka Rice is back on the road with soundman Dave in tow! They’re returning to some of Anneka’s favourite challenges to see how they’re doing decades later.

Anneka Rice gets a very warm welcome

Today we’re heading back to Wolverhampton where Anneka was challenged to create an accessible angling facility, which included taking delivery of 200 fresh fish and 200,000 gallons of water in time for an angling competition!