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We found love in our seventies - just like Tom and Priscilla

After Tom Jones and Priscilla Presley set tongues wagging when they were spotted out on a string of dates together, today we meet the couple who agree that you really can find love at any age.

They play bowls, table tennis and have just come back off safari together - Babs and Vic Howlett, tell us the heartwarming story of how they met later in life, why they feel younger than ever before - and say there’s no stopping them now.

'I was groomed' The true story behind Corrie's shocking storyline

Today the government is announcing a package of measures to tackle child abuse - it follows news last week from the Office for National Statistics that sex crimes in Britain have soared by 20 per cent. Now, Coronation Street is tackling child grooming with a shocking storyline about a manipulative paedophile who lures 16-year-old Bethany Platt into his bed.

The soap worked closely with the NSPCC and a former victim, 'Lucie'. Groomed online when she was just ten years old, and abused until she was 16, Lucie joins us today to tell her story. She reveals how she hopes that meeting with the Corrie cast will raise awareness, and how she hopes it will be a warning to both parents and young people alike. We’re also joined on the sofa by Emily Cherry from the NSPCC.

Which is the best dog for you?

Every dog has his day! A new study by the Kennel Club estimates that the lovable French Bulldog will soon become the UK's number one canine companion, overtaking the lovable Labrador.

But while a Frenchie is undoubtedly cute, could you handle its stubborn tendencies and high level of maintenance?

As potential pet owners are warned not to put fashion ahead of their family needs, we're joined by pet expert Louise Glazebrook and a host of four-legged friends to talk about which breed could be best for you.