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The danger of smart pills

It's officially exam season with thousands of young people preparing for the next step in their lives. But is there too much pressure on them to strive for straight As?

Modafinil, a drug intended for those with sleep disorders has been used by more than a quarter of undergraduate students - supposedly offering a boost in concentration and memory. There's even a small percentage of 16 and 17s admitting to using the medication. But is it safe to use? And are the side effects worth it?

We're joined by Jordan Lees who started taking the drug during his A-levels and says he became addicted. We also welcome Jack Wallington from The Student Room who conducted the survey results, and Dr Carol Cooper who can explain the dangers.

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Ed Miliband pays tribute to MP Jo Cox

Jo was somebody who loved life, who was passionate about her causes ... she was fearless but friendly

– Ed Miliband

On Thursday afternoon news broke that West Yorkshire MP Jo Cox had been shot and repeatedly stabbed as she arrived at her workplace in Birstall near Leeds.

The mother of two is the first serving MP to be murdered in 26 years and had only been in the job for a year - having previously worked as an anti-slavery and women's network campaigner.

Former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband shares his memories of Jo.

ITV NEWS: PM and Corbyn unite in tribute to murdered MP Jo Cox

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Wish Upon a Spa

This summer, we’re hoping to give four sets of best friends a chance to put their feet up and enjoy a pampering in paradise in our new series, Wish Upon A Spa.

We’re looking for people who have been through a tough time recently - whether your friend has battled an illness or you’re a hectic mum who hasn’t had a holiday in years, we want to give the two of you the dream break that you deserve.

All you need to do is convince us why you and your friend deserve to soak up the sun, sea, sand and spa experience.

Apparently Kit Harington 'knows nothing'!

He's fled The Wall and found his way onto our sofa! Kit Harington has battled white walkers, fallen in love with a wildling, and even come back from the dead as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones.

He's trading in his Valyrian sword however, as he prepares to make a pact with the Devil in the West End production of Doctor Faustus. Kit chats to us about his new role, what it was like guarding one of the biggest TV secrets in history, and whether or not Jon Snow can take down the evil Ramsay Bolton

Does he really "know nothing"? We're about to find out!

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