Coastal Cottage cream tea

This week, Lisa Faulkner is giving us a taste of the great British seaside, as she tours around the Cornish coast. She's already cooked up a delicious and authentic Cornish pasty and in this episode, it's the turn of everybody's favourite - the cream tea!

My medical negligence nightmare

When Brenda Gorst, 73, was told that she needed a hip replacement, she was not overly concerned. Assuming that it would be a straightforward and routine operation, Brenda underwent the surgery in October 2007 and hoped to be back on her feet within a few weeks.

However, despite being told that the operation had been a success, Brenda quickly realised that she was not healing as she should be. In constant and debilitating pain, Brenda begged her surgeon to investigate further, but felt her pleas were falling on deaf ears.

When she finally did undergo a further two corrective surgeries, medics found that the botched hip operation had left her with a serious infection and her foot was now turning out at a right angle to her body.

Brenda sought legal advice and sucessfully sued the hospital trust. The surgeon was deemed to have been clinically negligent and Brenda was awarded £250,000. Brenda joins us now, together with personal injury lawyer, Alicia Alinia and Dr Dawn Harper, to share her experience.

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Concerned about your children's teeth?

With headlines suggesting that rotten teeth are putting 26,000 children in hospital, are you worried about your child's dental health? Do you struggle to brush your youngster's teeth, or get them to brush themselves? If you're concerned about your children's teeth, get in touch.

For your chance to have your question answered, email us, with photos of their teeth if possible, at, we need them by 1pm today and you must be 18 or over.

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Survival at sea

Imagine being 100 miles from land in the depths of the Antarctic sea, away from loved ones and thrown into the depths of panic as your boat begins to sink. For Matt Lewis, that was the reality.

As a 23-year-old marine biologist and the most inexperienced sailor on board the Sudur Havid - a fishing ship sailing from South Africa to South Georgia - Matt survived when the ship was taken over by huge waves during a winter storm.

Sixteen years later, he's put pen to paper detailing the experience in his first book Last Man Off.

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