Arrested for leaving my child in the car

It is a dilemma faced by every parent, but Tim Haines' decision to leave his toddler in the car while he popped into a shop almost cost him his family.

Tim, a family law advocate, could never have imagined the nightmare that was to follow as he dashed into a store without his daughter, Iset, two, to buy some medication when she was ill.

Five minutes later he was arrested and subsequently charged with 'wilful exposure to a child at risk of harm'.

With family life at risk, Tim appealed and was eventually cleared the following year. But was leaving his sick child alone so not to disturb her really neglectful or was he just doing what every other parent would have done?

Tim and his wife Julie join to tell us their story.

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I'm A Celebrity... the gossip!

The celebs have 'enjoyed' their first week in the jungle and Croc Creek is really becoming home.

But with the loss of two Campmates - and the arrival of two newbies - what has the weekend been like for our I'm A Celebrity... jungle gang?

Kian is here to remind us, plus we'll be taking a look back at jungle history and former jungle prince Joey Essex joins us via Skype from Australia.

And it's Amanda and Phillip's turn to guess which ex-contestant is in Tarzan's tomb...

Can they get it right?

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Check out the best advent calendars

Nothing is more exciting to children than counting down the days until Christmas, and nothing is more exciting to adults than eating chocolate and drinking booze.

Today we have our pick of the most wonderful advent calendars around. From painting your nails, assembling Lego, or drinking a daily dram of whisky there really is something for everyone (even the dog!)

Steve Wilson is here with more Christmas calendars than there are advent days!

My husband didn't live up to my fantasy man

Ever since Fifty Shades of Grey stirred the loins of bored women up and down the country, there's been a surge in the amount of so-called mummy porn on the nation's bookshelves and iReaders. Behind the renaissance in erotica are an army of liberal-thinking women including author Jodi Ellen Malpas.

Jodi has sold over 500,000 copies of her sexy novels but it seems her own love life doesn't compare to her fantasies. The erotica writer's marriage ended after she published her fantasy trilogy This Man, and she's here to tell us why every woman needs a fantasy lover to spice up the reality of real life.

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