Tom Talks: Morocco

It's the last Tom Talks… And, yes, it's getting emotional!

He's lived to tell the tale of Morocco - despite snacking on brains and tongue. Not to mention eyeballs…

Get your last dose of Tom Talks here as he fills us in on the final leg of his epic trip.

We're going to miss you Tom!

Tom Talks: Europe

Ready to watch that epic bungee jump again? Relive it all with Tom exclusively here as he watches back the Europe episode.

See you next week for the LAST episode of Tom Talks. This could get emotional.

Tom Talks: Australia

Want to know what was actually running through Tom's mind before his big Top Gun moment? (Warning: it's not pretty).

Watch the latest episode of Tom Talks here and find out...

Check back next week for more exclusive reactions from Tom as he travels around Europe.

Behind the scenes in sunny Oz

Tom's survived the sharks to bring you this week's episode of Tom Cam.

Get a behind the scenes glimpse of Great Barrier Reef frolics and some serious pre-flight nerves...

We'll see you next week for the Europe instalment!

Tom Talks: New Zealand

Want to know what Tom thought of the latest episode? Listen to his exclusive reaction to the show right here!

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