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The Election Debates

April 2010

On ITV1 and ITV1 HD

What is this?

What is The Worm?

ITV News will assemble 20 undecided voters from the key marginals of Bolton NE and Bolton W. The voters will watch each debate from a location in Bolton, and will participate in a worm poll as they watch.

They each have a handset on which they will register approval/d isapproval or neutral feelings constantly throughout the debate. The output of each handset creates a live "worm" graph throughout the debate, showing a total positive or negative rating for the audience appreciation.

That signal will then create a composite image of the worm superimposed over the live debate. Both signals will be sync-ed up to make sure the worm reaction delivers live feedback from our audience.

The worm poll gives qualitative feedback, measuring how the voting panel feels at a particular moment in time about what is being said. It does not and cannot give quantitative feedback, and there does not deliver a score for each politician.

Please note "the Worm" is provided by ComRes in association with IML. For more information see and ITV does not control or endorse and is not responsible for the information, content and/or material d isplayed by "the Worm". You agree that ITV won't be liable to you for any loss and/or damage which you may suffer by using and/or any reliance placed upon the Worm and you will not involve ITV in any d ispute you may have with ComRes and/or IML.

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