View From Stormont

View From Stormont - Episode 26

As voters prepare to go to the polls for the fourth time in just 12 months, Sarah Clarke looks at the cost for parties of running in elections. We hear from representatives of the Greens, NI Conservatives, TUV and People Before Profit. In the latest of our one-to-one leaders' interviews, it's the turn of the SDLP's Colum Eastwood. Also, Mark McFadden takes a whimsical look at the humble election poster.

View From Stormont - Episode 23

As the Secretary of State sets a new deadline for agreement between the parties at Stormont, we look at what the lack of an Executive could mean for Northern Ireland. We also discuss Brexit, pacts and the upcoming election with senior party figures and get the views of commentators Brian Rowan, David Gordon and Julia Paul. Kate Devlin gives a Westminster perspective on how the election could change the complexion of UK politics. And almost one hundred days in Office. Just how is Donald Trump performing? We get a stateside view from The Hill's Niall Stanage.

View From Stormont - Episode 22

Deal or no deal? As the talks enter their final phase, it seems unlikely there will be another Good Friday or Belfast Agreement. With no sign of a breakthrough, Sinn Féin call for another election. We discuss the current impasse with former DUP MLA Nelson McCausland and former Sinn Féin MLA Daithi McKay. And we talk to new Ulster Unionist leader Robin Swann following his appointment as successor to Mike Nesbitt.

View From Stormont - Episode 21

The talking begins again. Ten days to reach agreement - but can a deal be done? We hear from the TUV's Jim Allister, Clare Bailey of the Green Party, former Executive press officer David Gordon and Prof Kieran McEvoy from Queen's University School of Law. Also, as Brexit reality begins to bite, our reporter Paul Reilly was in Dungannon, a town heavily reliant on migrant workers, to hear about their concerns. Kate Devlin, Westminster correspondent for The Herald and The Irish Times' Stephen Collins also talk to us about what Brexit might look like.

View From Stormont - Episode 20

With no agreement reached on restoring power-sharing, how can progress be made? We speak to senior representatives of the five largest parties. With the Brexit button about to be pushed, we went to Newry and Dundalk to hear the views and concerns of people there. And almost a week after his death, we reflect on the life of Martin McGuinness.

View From Stormont - Episode 19

As Downing Street announces that 29 March will see Article 50 triggered and Nicola Sturgeon calls for another referendum on Scottish independence, Paul Reilly is in Edinburgh to gauge the mood there. Then representatives of the five main parties join Paul Clark to discuss what this will mean for Northern Ireland.

And as demands continue for a border poll, Marc Mallet asks people in Dublin if they want a United Ireland and if so - are they prepared to pay for it?