View From Stormont

View From Stormont - Episode 30

Another week of talking begins at Stormont with a new Irish Foreign Minister. Is a deal edging closer? As the new Taoiseach meets Theresa May in Downing Street - Government talks continue behind the scenes with the DUP. And as the Brexit discussions begin, we hear from one local business man on what he hopes can be achieved.

View From Stormont - Episode 29

After a momentous election, we look at what the DUP potentially decisive position could mean for the UK government and the Stormont talks. Sarah Clarke explores how the DUP is perceived by the UK public. We get the view from London and Dublin, plus, Paul Clark chairs a discussion between the parties on the election result and prospects of reforming a devolved administration.

View From Stormont - Episode 28

With the election little over a day away, Sarah Clarke talks to voters in Belfast to find out how much of an appetite they have for yet another election. Kate Devlin discusses with Paul how the national picture appears as people go to the polls. We have analysis from political editor Ken Reid, Julia Paul and Sam McBride In the last of our series of one-to-one interviews, it's the turn of the DUP's Arlene Foster. Plus, Mark McFadden looks at the growing sophistication of election programming.

View From Stormont - Episode 27

Our Election Special comes from the South West College Omagh. campus Five senior politicians are grilled by our student panel. In the latest of our one-to-one interviews, it's the turn of Sinn Féin's Stormont leader Michelle O'Neill. Plus, there is analysis from political editor Ken Reid and Mark McFadden looks at what happens when Murphy's Law strikes during an election.

View From Stormont - Episode 26

As voters prepare to go to the polls for the fourth time in just 12 months, Sarah Clarke looks at the cost for parties of running in elections. We hear from representatives of the Greens, NI Conservatives, TUV and People Before Profit. In the latest of our one-to-one leaders' interviews, it's the turn of the SDLP's Colum Eastwood. Also, Mark McFadden takes a whimsical look at the humble election poster.

View From Stormont - Episode 23

As the Secretary of State sets a new deadline for agreement between the parties at Stormont, we look at what the lack of an Executive could mean for Northern Ireland. We also discuss Brexit, pacts and the upcoming election with senior party figures and get the views of commentators Brian Rowan, David Gordon and Julia Paul. Kate Devlin gives a Westminster perspective on how the election could change the complexion of UK politics. And almost one hundred days in Office. Just how is Donald Trump performing? We get a stateside view from The Hill's Niall Stanage.