View From Stormont

View From Stormont - Episode 36

Thousands of houses were without power as Storm Ophelia hit. Meanwhile, Stormont remains without an Executive. How long can the talking continue and when will we see progress? Also, as Brexit negotiations stall, we hear from ITN's Europe correspondent James Mates and business journalist Jamie Delargy on prospects for a deal between the EU and UK government. Plus, Paul Clark talks to Lord Robin Eames, former head of the Church of Ireland on being a leader during the Troubles.

View From Stormont - Episode 35

This week's View From Stormont examines how the political crisis could become a policing emergency. The Policing Board, which holds the PSNI to account can no longer perform that role because of the absence of its political members. We have an in-depth interview with the Chief Constable George Hamilton on the impact of the impasse on policing and also hear from the DUP and Sinn Féin. With no agreement in sight, we talk to the Newsletter's Political Editor Sam McBride and the journalist Amanda Ferguson.

View From Stormont Episode 34

This week we're at the Conservative Party conference, where the Brexit Minister David Davis told us that significant progress has been made over the Irish border in negotiations with the EU. As talks continue at Stormont, one of Sinn Féin's key negotiators Conor Murphy gives us his take on the state of play between the parties. And relatives who lost loved ones during the Troubles have called for politicians and the government to listen more to victims. It follows a meeting in Belfast where families came together to challenge those in power.

View From Stormont - Episode 33

As political stalemate continues, we ask DUP leader Arlene Foster what she and her party are doing to ensure the restoration of the Executive. Also, eight months on since the institutions collapsed reporter Brian Rowan takes the political temperature of Republicanism and Nationalism. Sara Moore looks at the visit of top Brexit negotiator Guy Verhoftstad and one of the country's pre-eminent journalists Martin Dillon talks about his new book, a memoir, Crossing The Line.

View From Stormont - Episode 32

With Stormont still in limbo, agreement seems as far away as ever. The first programme since the summer hears from four of the five main parties on what progress, if any is being made during the continuing talks on the hill. With no sitting Assembly, we ask two MLAs what they are doing to justify their salaries? And former Ulster Unionist MLA Danny Kennedy opens up about the challenges he's faced in having to find a new job since losing his seat.

View From Stormont - Episode 31

The deal has finally been agreed. The DUP extracted £1bn from Theresa May to prop up her minority government, but not everyone is happy. Is it a good deal for Northern Ireland? We have analysis from our political editor Ken Reid and commentators Alex Kane and Malachi O'Doherty. Plus we get a response from the main parties and hear what it could mean for the restoration of a Stormont Executive. Daily Mail journalist Quentin Letts and Kevin Maguire of the Daily Mirror give us a national perspective on the DUP, Conservative deal andthe head of the CBI in the UK outlines her vision of what Brexit here should look like.

View From Stormont - Episode 30

Another week of talking begins at Stormont with a new Irish Foreign Minister. Is a deal edging closer? As the new Taoiseach meets Theresa May in Downing Street - Government talks continue behind the scenes with the DUP. And as the Brexit discussions begin, we hear from one local business man on what he hopes can be achieved.

View From Stormont - Episode 29

After a momentous election, we look at what the DUP potentially decisive position could mean for the UK government and the Stormont talks. Sarah Clarke explores how the DUP is perceived by the UK public. We get the view from London and Dublin, plus, Paul Clark chairs a discussion between the parties on the election result and prospects of reforming a devolved administration.