Wales On TV: Episode 6

The story of Wales through the decades as seen on the small screen - along with the pop music of the day.

From 1971: Decimal coins - minted in Llantrisant replace the old pounds shillings and pence, Wales gets its first sex shop while Cardiff sees the arrival of our first pelican crossing

And from 1990: The Carmarthenshire horse Norton’s Coin wins the Cheltenham Gold Cup, a landslide on the Rhigos mountain road cuts off Valleys communities and gales lash large parts of Wales

Sharp End June 19th 2017

Adrian Masters is joined by Assembly members Jayne Bryant for Labour, Adam Price for Plaid Cymru and for the Conservatives Paul Davies. This week, the panel discuss terror attacks, the start of the Brexit process and the Queen's speech.

Rhodri Morgan - The Last Interview

Rhodri Morgan, former First Minister of Wales was called a “remarkable Welshman” and a “true patriot” after his death last month. Just weeks before he passed away, he gave his last major broadcast interview to ITV Wales Political Editor Adrian Masters. In it, Rhodri reflects on his early years, his life and times in politics and his retirement. It is being broadcast with the blessing of Rhodri Morgan’s family.

Fishlock's Choice: Episode 8

A cat on a potter’s roof tells a story of generations of dedication to a craft in the Vale of Glamorgan.

In Trevor Fishlock’s look at the people and stories of Wales he visits what is believed to be the oldest family pottery in Wales.

Caitlin Jenkins represents the eighth generation of her family to be a potter in Ewenny, near Bridgend.

As well as showing Trevor how to throw a pot, she tells him the story of her love for this ancient craft and reveals the mystery of the pussy cats which perch on gate-posts and fences in the village.

On his trip into the archive, Trevor wanders through the Vale from Penlline to Merthyr Mawr, learning why thatched roofs might be beautiful to look at but a challenge to maintain.

Sharp End June 12th 2017

Adrian Masters explores the consquences on the General Election with Labour's Eluned Morgan, the Conservative Darren Millar, Plaid Cymru's Eurfyl ap Gwilym and the political commentator Valerie Livingston. They're joined from Westminster by Owain Phillps and his guests, the newly elected Labour MPs Anna McMorrin and Tonia Antoniazzi and the polling expert Professor Roger Scully.

Wales This Week: Winner Takes It All

As MPs take up their new jobs we have the inside story of the election campaign in one constituency. ITV Wales cameras join the men and women fighting to become Member of Parliament for Wrexham. We chronicle the highs and lows of one of the most dramatic political battles of recent times and ask: why do they do it?

Sharp End June 5th 2017

With the final countdown to the election underway, Adrian Masters analyses with his guests the terrorist attack on London, the highlights of the Election campaign and how former First Minister , the late Rhodri Morgan influenced the lives of people in Wales.

Fishlock's Choice: Episode 7

Trevor Fishlock meets the people keeping alive the story of the greatest mass escape by German prisoners on British soil and hears about the Welshman who almost killed Adolf Hitler.

More than seventy German prisoners tunnelled out of Island Farm prison camp, near Bridgend, in March 1945, causing a huge manhunt which stretched as far as the Midlands and the south coast of England.

Trevor finds that a dedicated group of volunteers are telling the incredible story through their living history project at Hut 9 - from where the prisoners escaped.

Delving into the archive, Trevor then follows a route through the Ceiriog Valley in Denbighshire.

He meets the woman with a slate mine in her garden and discovers the story of the Welshman whose encounter with Hitler in Munich could well have changed the course of history.