Wales On TV: Episode 22

The story of Wales through the decades - as seen on the small screen - along with the pop music of the day.

Tonight, Hollywood stars Sophia Loren and Gregory Peck film in Crumlin in 1965, there are protests at the opening of the controversial Treweryn reservoir and Llandudno sees the opening of a new ‘theme park’.

1996 sees a Lancaster bomber visiting St Athan, German tanks pulling out of Pembrokeshire, parts of Gwynedd vote in favour of Sunday pub opening and hidden treasure uncovered at a Welsh mansion

Sharp End October 16th

Adrian Masters is joined by local government leader Debbie Wilcox, UKIP AM David Rowlands and independent Plaid Cymru AM Neil McEvoy. They discuss Theresa May's dash to Brussels for Brexit talks over dinner, signs of a breakthrough in the row between the Welsh and UK governments over the EU withdrawal bill, the latest round of cuts faced by local councils and a proposal to ask ordinary voters, chosen at random, to scrutinise Welsh legislation.

Wales This Week: Fighting my Obsessions

OCD - or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - is a mental health illness which can destroy lives. But how much help is there in Wales for those who are suffering?

Wales this Week hears from one woman who says she had to pay for private treatment to fight her obsession, and we speak to a father whose daughter had to go to England to be treated.

Further support and advice on OCD can be found at any of the following websites:
OCD Action
Health Unlocked OCD forum

Coast & Country, Series 5, Episode 19

Mountain Highs. Andrew Price tackles Crib Goch - the most dangerous and challenging route up Mount Snowdon. Ruth Wignall finds out about first aid for dogs in the mountains and visits picturesque waterfalls near Betws-y-Coed. Meanwhile, Rob Shelley takes an autumn ride on the Snowdon Mountain Railway.

Newsweek Wales 15th October 2017

This week on Newsweek Wales, Carl Edwards is joined by Cardiff born Bryan Bale who is the star of the documentary Batchelor 38, an autobiographical journey exploring life as a gay man in the sixties. Plus meet a women from north Wales who has knitted her way into a nomination for the Women of the Year Award.

Wales On TV: Episode 21

The story of Wales through the decades - as seen on the small screen - along with the pop music of the day.

Tonight, 1970 sees Wales discuss the growing interest in trouser suits for women and long hair for men, a damaged dam threatens a valleys community and there’s a debate about the health risks of wrapping chips in newspaper.

Fast forward to 2005 and a ban on foxhunting is launched, Cardiff hosts a concert for victims of a tsunami and Wales wins the Grand Slam

Sharp End October 9th

On this week's Sharp End, is Theresa May looking at a reshuffle as her party's problems continue and do the Welsh Government's spending plans add up? Adrian Masters was joined by Labour's Hannah Blythyn, Nick Ramsay from the Conservatives and Simon Thomas for Plaid Cymru.

Wales This Week: Beating The Odds

For millions of people, gambling is a harmless pastime. But for some it can lead to a life of debt, broken relationships and even prison.

Wales This Week meets three people who have tried to escape their addiction and reclaim their lives