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Fishlock's Choice: Episode 6

Trevor Fishlock hears amazing stories of tragedy and heroism at sea.

Porthcawl local historian Gary Victor describes the storm which destroyed the ship Samtampa off Sker Point 70 years ago.

Every member of the crew died, and so sadly did each man on board the Mumbles lifeboat which went to the rescue. The horrific death toll numbered 47 in all.

Trevor also delves into the archive for a visit to Holy Island. He hears the story of Holyhead and meets diver Norman Warden Owen who had to cut off his own fingers when he became trapped under the sea.

Wales On TV: Episode 3

The story of Wales through the decades as seen on the small screen - along with the pop music of the day.

Tonight, from the Seventies, thousands of families turn out out to celebrate the Queen’s silver jubilee tour of Wales.

Plus, from the end of the Eighties, Welsh soldiers in Berlin witness the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Fishlock's Choice: Episode 5

War veteran Ron Jones found himself being used as forced labour by the Nazis during World War II. The factory in which he worked was part of a network of camps at Auschwitz and Ron became an eyewitness to the Holocaust.One Jewish prisoner named Josef gave Ron a homemade ring in gratitude to the Welshman for sharing food with him.Josef was murdered soon after by the Nazis. Ron tells Trevor Fishlock that he still wears the ring in remembrance of Josef.

Also, in the programme, Trevor revisits one of his walks from nine years ago, when he explored the archaeology of Monmouth and followed the trail of the Trothy river.

Wales On TV: Episode 2

The story of Wales through the decades as seen on the small screen - along with the pop music of the day.

Tonight, from the Sixties, rail closures in Gwynedd, preparations for a nuclear attack in Carmarthenshire and snow chaos for all.

Plus, from the 1970s, the winter of discontent, the arrival of Margaret Thatcher and the return home to the Afan Valley of the film star Richard Burton.

Fishlock's Choice: Episode 4

Trevor Fishlock takes a green route through north Cardiff, discovering some of the more unusual creatures who have made their home in Roath Park lake.

After hearing the stories of Cardiff’s Old Jewish Cemetery, he heads to Cathays to find out about some of the more unusual burials in the large graveyard there. In one plot lies only a leg - the rest of the body is buried elsewhere.

Trevor talks to John Farnhill about the Friends of Cathays Cemetery, a group of local historians who are dedicated to researching the stories behind the names on the gravestones.

The cemetery is also the final resting place of a remarkable woman, Frances Batty Shand. The daughter of a slave, her dedication and compassion would see her change the lives of countless people across the city.

Adrian's Welsh Bites: Episode 5

Adrian Masters dines with some of the most famous faces in Wales, getting to know the people behind the headlines.

Tonight Army veteran and motivational speaker Simon Weston as we have never seen him before - cooking a quiche!

Newsweek Wales - Sunday April 30th

This week Carl Edwards was joined by Kathryn Robson from Adult Learning Wales to talk about the new organisation showing adults it is never too late to learn. Plus a look back at some of the other stories making the headlines in Wales, including the ambassador team hitting the streets of Cardiff to give visitors a helping hand.

Fishlock's Choice: Episode 3

The lighthouses of Wales are the sentinels of the sea - flashing their warnings to passing seafarers and keeping ships safe.

But their histories tell many stories, not only of shipwrecks and sailors rescued, but of a lost way of life.

In Fishlock’s Choice, Trevor Fishlock investigates the lonely but rewarding lives of the keepers who once manned the lighthouses and he discovers how these coastal towers made the Victorian owners vast fortunes.

In Mumbles he hears about a shipwreck which made two local women heroes throughout the country.