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Stories From The Street: Episode 1

We take a look back at some hidden treasures from the ITV Wales Archive, and celebrate some our favourite stories from the sea.

Tonight we look back to the sunny days of the paddle steamer and take a trip on board the Waverley - the last seagoing steamer in the world.

Crime Files: Episode 7

Video guidance This video contains scenes which some viewers may find upsetting

Connor Marshall died after a ferocious attack in Porthcawl in 2015. But how did police catch his killer?

Detectives in South Wales reveal the forensic evidence and their interviews with the killer.

Andrea Byrne meets Nadine Marshall, the mother who is campaigning in memory of her son.

Newsweek Wales - Sunday 25th November

On this week's Newsweek Wales Alexandra Hartley is joined by Rhiannon Hedge from Mind Cymru to talk about a new scheme that trains barbers to spot the warning signs of poor mental health in their customers. Also, we take a look back at this week's news, including the firefighters crowned world champions in the Rescue Organisation Challenge.

Wales On TV: Episode 16

The story of Wales - as seen on the small screen - along with the music of the day.

Tonight's 'best bits' show spans the years to see Richard Burton visit home, a circus strongman come to town and the chimps of Colwyn Bay learn to paint.