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Fishlock's Choice: Episode 3

It is more than a century since two brothers, armed only with candles, ropes, and a revolver, traced a five-mile underground stretch of the river Llynfell and discovered the caves of Dan-yr-Ogof.

Now, this natural network of wonders forms the largest showcaves in the whole of the UK.

Trevor Fishlock explores underground, and in the hills and valleys around Hirwaun he discovers the story of the iron king who immortalised his workers in a series of specially-commissioned portraits.

Fishlock's Choice: Episode 2

Determined to keep alive the memory of aircrew from two world wars, volunteers have renovated the control tower of an airfield.

Trevor Fishlock visited Carew Cheriton, near Pembroke, 15 years ago when the project was in its infancy - and now he returns to see the remarkable result.

One of the project leaders, Deric Brock, says the museum is a tribute to the community’s togetherness - and has become a key educational tool for schools.

Heading into the archive, Trevor walks the River Cleddau to hear the story of Pembrokeshire’s worst mining disaster and the tale of the female aristocrat whose saucy memoir made gentlemen blush.

Fishlock's Choice: Episode 1

Trevor Fishlock heads to the Gwili Railway in Carmarthen where for the past 40 years volunteers have been renovating part of a west Wales railway line.

Local historian Jeremy John tells Trevor the story of the Victorian railway and how it revolutionised life in rural Wales.

And he reveals Gwili’s latest project - the renovation of the last steam train ever made in Wales.

Trevor also delves into the archive on a walk through the heart of Snowdonia, where he hears stories of the slate industry and samples a marvellous marmalade pudding.

Newsweek Wales July 1st

On this week's programme, Megan Boot spoke to Nigel Downes from the Royal College of Nursing about the 70th anniversary of the NHS and what made him decide to become a nurse. Plus a look back at the week's news including the increase in young men using steroids and the Ceredigion company enjoying the Meghan Markle effect.

Wales On TV : Episode 6

From 1970: Cardiff drivers complain of gridlocked city streets while topless dancers are coming to the Rhondda.

And giant platform boots and a beer drinking owl spark headlines in 1996.

Wales On TV : Episode 5

Plans are revealed to demolish Cardiff Castle and foreign holidays are taking off in the sixties.

Fast forward to the mid nineties and Welsh dogs are being exported to guard the Kremlin while Wales gets excited about a space rocket launch.

Wales On TV: Episode 4

1969 + 1994 The story of Wales - as seen on the small screen - along with the music of the day.

In the sixties, X-rated films and gambling machines are hitting the headlines.

In the nineties, we’re hunting the mysterious big cat of mid Wales and meeting the furry animal stars of stage and screen.

Wales On TV: Episode 3

1974 + 1989. The story of Wales - as seen on the small screen - along with the music of the day.

In the seventies, Wales falls in love with local radio, goes skiing in the Beacons and learns to fly frisbees.

In 1989, scratch DJs, graffiti and a school dating agency make headlines.