Sharp End

Sharp End May 22nd 2017

Adrian Masters and guests discuss our latest poll findings that put Labour ahead in Wales in a dramatic turnabout that sees the Conservative party seemingly going into reverse.
Plus the latest manifesto launches from the Conservatives, Labour and Plaid.
The panel also share ther thoughts about the legacy of former First Minister, the late Rhodri Morgan

Sharp End May 15th 2017

Adrian Masters discusses the latest developments in the General Election campaign with his guests. They debate why the parties seem to be pinching each other's policies, plus look at the contrasting styles of campaigning and how electioneering can't be kept out of the Senedd.

Sharp End May 2nd 2017

Presenter Adrian Masters discusses the latest twists and turns of the Election campaign with guests Carolyn Harris for Labour, Chris Davies for the Conservatives, Adam Price for Plaid Cymru joined by UKIP's David Rowlands and Jane Dodds for the Liberal Democrats.

Sharp End, April 10th, 2017

Adrian Masters is joined by three MPs. Liz Saville Roberts, Chris Bryant and Mark Williams discuss how to respond to the use of poison gas in Syria, the repercussions of the defection by Mark Reckless from UKIP to the Conservative Assembly Group and how the European Union is reacting to the start of the Brexit process.

Sharp End April 3rd 2017

Adrian Masters is joined this week by three MPs . Carolyn Harris for Labour, Jonathan Edwards for Plaid Cymru and Byron Davies for the Conservatives,
Topics include Brexit, Labour's plans to look at a federal framework of nations and regions and the battle to lead Unite the Union.

Sharp End March 27th 2017

Adrian Masters chats with guests Eluned Morgan for Labour, Simon Thomas for Plaid Cymru and Darren Millar for the Conservatives. This week we take stock of what devaluation has achieved, where Jeremy Corbyn is leading the Labour Party and how to respond to a terrorist attack on Democracy.