Sharp End

Sharp End October 23rd

On this week's Sharp End, Adrian Masters was joined by Conservative Suzy Davies AM, Simon Thomas AM fresh from the Plaid Cymru conference and Labour's Huw Irranca-Davies AM. Topics for discussion included Catalan independence, Plaid's new direction and the Welsh Language Commissioner row.

Sharp End October 16th

Adrian Masters is joined by local government leader Debbie Wilcox, UKIP AM David Rowlands and independent Plaid Cymru AM Neil McEvoy. They discuss Theresa May's dash to Brussels for Brexit talks over dinner, signs of a breakthrough in the row between the Welsh and UK governments over the EU withdrawal bill, the latest round of cuts faced by local councils and a proposal to ask ordinary voters, chosen at random, to scrutinise Welsh legislation.

Sharp End October 9th

On this week's Sharp End, is Theresa May looking at a reshuffle as her party's problems continue and do the Welsh Government's spending plans add up? Adrian Masters was joined by Labour's Hannah Blythyn, Nick Ramsay from the Conservatives and Simon Thomas for Plaid Cymru.

Sharp End October 2nd

This week's Sharp End was a tale of two conferences, as both UKIP and the Conservatives held their autumn gatherings. Owain Phillips was joined in the studio by Darren Millar AM for the Conservatives, Labour MP Stephen Kinnock and UKIP's Caroline Jones to discuss the Catalonia referendum, the conferences and the Welsh Government's draft budget. Meanwhile Adrian Masters was in Manchester at the Conservative conference where he was joined by Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns MP.

Sharp End September 25th

It's conference season, so this week our Political Editor Adrian Masters was in Brighton with the Labour party, where Carwyn Jones and Jeremy Corbyn seemed to have cast aside any doubts they once had about each other.

Back in Cardiff, Owain Phillips was joined by Labour AM Vikki Howells, Conservative MP Chris Davies and Plaid Cymru AM Dr Dai Lloyd to discuss whether Theresa May's much-anticipated Florence speech has actually made a difference.

Sharp End September 18th

20 year is a long time, especially in the world of politics. To mark the 20th anniversary of the devolution referendum, which led to the creation of the National Assembly for Wales, Adrian was joined by four AMs who have been there since the start - Liberal Democrat Kirsty Williams, the current Deputy Presiding Officer Labour's Ann Jones, the former deputy Presiding Officer Conservative David Melding and the former Presiding Officer Dafydd Elis Thomas.

Sharp End September 11th

Sharp End returns for a new series. Special guest First Minister Carwyn Jones is interviewed by Adrian Masters about Brexit, his ambitions for further devolution, funding to tackle homelessness and his relations with Jeremy Corbyn.

Sharp End July 17th

On this last edition of Sharp End before the summer break, Adrian Masters is joined by Plaid Cymru MP Liz Saville Roberts and from the Assembly Janet Finch-Saunders for the Conservatives and Rhianon Passmore for Labour.
This week, we're talking BREXIT, how some of our politicians have experienced bullying in the run up to the General Election and the effect raising tuition fees will have on students here in Wales.