Wales This Week

Wales This Week: After Mum's Gone

Mother of two Dawn Wilson has been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

She is determined to use the time she has left to raise awareness of the symptoms of her condition.

Her hope: to make a positive difference to the lives of others - after she has gone.

Wales This Week: Fighting my Obsessions

OCD - or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - is a mental health illness which can destroy lives. But how much help is there in Wales for those who are suffering?

Wales this Week hears from one woman who says she had to pay for private treatment to fight her obsession, and we speak to a father whose daughter had to go to England to be treated.

Further support and advice on OCD can be found at any of the following websites:
OCD Action
Health Unlocked OCD forum

Wales This Week: Beating The Odds

For millions of people, gambling is a harmless pastime. But for some it can lead to a life of debt, broken relationships and even prison.

Wales This Week meets three people who have tried to escape their addiction and reclaim their lives

Wales This Week: Bad Blood

It's been called a tragedy comparable to Hillsborough and a "cover up on an industrial scale".

Yet over thirty years since it hit the headlines victims of the so called ‘Tainted Blood Scandal’ are still waiting for answers as to how thousands of haemophiliacs were infected with diseases such as Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS.

With a public inquiry planned, Wales This Week speaks to the families living with the consequences of the scandal and asks why Welsh doctors and politicians kept the truth from the victims