Wales This Week

Wales This Week: Date Night

As online dating apps increasingly dominate our search for love, Wales This Week carries out a unique social experiment to see if it’s possible to predict the powers of attraction.

It explores the pros and cons of online dating and asks can a person's profile be a match for real life?

Wales This Week: Beating the Booze

Most of us like a drink to socialise or relax. It’s part of our culture. But for some people, alcohol becomes everything.

Tony Wright was a successful presenter and actor who seemingly had it all. But his battle with alcohol cost him his radio career and almost cost his life.

In this programme he speaks for the first time about how a few social drinks turned into serious addiction.

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Wales This Week: The Paedophile Police Chief

Gordon Anglesea was a once proud police superintendent. Now he faces jail - found guilty of indecently assaulting teenage boys. An extended edition of Wales This Week reveals the full story of the paedophile police chief in a special investigation.

The programme is presented by journalist David Williams who has been following the story for the past 25 years. Viewers are warned that the programme contains graphic descriptions of child abuse.

Wales This Week, Care in Crisis?

Wales This Week investigates claims that Mental Health Care in Wales is in crisis. We speak to the families of two young men who died within weeks of each other after being released from a controversial north Wales care unit. The programme also hears from a whistleblowers who says the service is at breaking point.

Wales This Week, Garin's Story

When he was just two years old Garin Morgan was told he would never walk, after being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Now, nine years on his life has been completely transformed. This is the incredible story of super Garin Morgan