Wales This Week

Drugs: The Next Epidemic

A year since so called legal highs were banned, Wales This Week witnesses the war on a new type of drug.

It's cheaper than heroin and potentially more dangerous; experts now warn of an emerging crisis on our streets.

Wales This Week: Fast and Fatal

Wales This Week investigates why more motorcyclists are being killed and injured on our streets despite big improvements in general road safety.

We speak to the families of bikers who never made it home and we go out on patrol with the police, as they attempt to cut the death toll and reduce the tales of grief.

Wales This Week: Winner Takes It All

As MPs take up their new jobs we have the inside story of the election campaign in one constituency. ITV Wales cameras join the men and women fighting to become Member of Parliament for Wrexham. We chronicle the highs and lows of one of the most dramatic political battles of recent times and ask: why do they do it?

Wales This Week: Date Night

As online dating apps increasingly dominate our search for love, Wales This Week carries out a unique social experiment to see if it’s possible to predict the powers of attraction.

It explores the pros and cons of online dating and asks can a person's profile be a match for real life?