How did Only The Young watch The X Factor last night?

Parisa watching Only The Young at home with her friends and family

Funky foursome Only The Young might be live up to their youthful name, but they still managed to wow the Judges in the Room Auditions. We caught up with Parisa to find out more...

How’s it been since you got four 'Yeses' on the show?

Well our Twitter has just gone crazy. We were trending worldwide after the performance which is incredible.

Charlie watching the show with his dad... bless him!

Reece Bibby: Our very own A star!

He's the 15-year-old guitar-playing wonder that didn't make Simon Cowell want to smash up his instrument! It's Reece Bibby...

Well done on making it through to the Arena Auditions...

Thanks, I still can’t believe it to be honest. It was brilliant watching it on the TV on Saturday night, we had a party at my house with about 40 people round. It’s unbelievable that a little while ago I was sitting in my bedroom playing my guitar and watching YouTube videos, and then I was watching myself singing to Simon, Cheryl, Mel B and Louis – it’s absolutely mad.

Wow! What a start to the show

Now that's what we call a start to the show! The Judges were on form for the return of your favourite show and the Room Auditions, and so were some of their comments.
On Saturday's show we had Blonde Electric screaming for England (and Germany and whichever other countries' language they can speak in!), Reece Bibby wowing the judges with his performance, Charlie Jones making us blush with his version of One Direction's Little Things and Chloe O'Gorman and Lauren Platt proving the girls are off to a good start!