Wow! What a start to the show

Now that's what we call a start to the show! The Judges were on form for the return of your favourite show and the Room Auditions, and so were some of their comments.
On Saturday's show we had Blonde Electric screaming for England (and Germany and whichever other countries' language they can speak in!), Reece Bibby wowing the judges with his performance, Charlie Jones making us blush with his version of One Direction's Little Things and Chloe O'Gorman and Lauren Platt proving the girls are off to a good start!

Oceane's Apart

19-year-old French au pair Oceane Guyot, travelled all the way from Paris to appear at the room auditions after watching The X Factor UK and seeing an Englishman win The X Factor in France. So she thought she'd try her luck with Mariah Carey's Emotions. See the Judge's emotions after the audition