“Boot Camp is a war and I have to fight to get through”

Meet Fleur East, the girl with so much attitude that Simon’s shirt button undid itself during her Arena Audition!

Weren’t you on the show before in a group called Addictive Ladies?

Yeah. We were best friends from when we were about 4 years old, and we started singing together at school, and then we went for The X Factor just to get some feedback and see if we were any good. We ended up going through to the Live shows which was nuts. We were in Simon’s group but we got booted off the first show.

“Ashley and I watched from behind our cushions”

Meet the half of Kitten And The Hip that made it through to Boot Camp – yes its Scarlett Quinn

When you watched back your Room Audition what did you think?

Well Ashley and I watched from behind our cushions, I think the most overwhelming thing was how funny it was, and thankfully we were in a place where we could laugh at how quickly I reacted. At the time though, it was really devastating that we didn’t go through as Kitten And The Hip, we really thought we were going through together.

"It felt like an out of body experience"

Meet 29-year-old van driver Ben Haenow who made it through the Arena Auditions to Boot Camp.

How has it been since the first Room Audition?

It’s sort of taken over my life really. You think after the first audition you can just forget about things, but the further you get in the competition the more it takes over.

Have you had any extra phone calls to your delivery service?

No not at all. Its all been the same clients but I’ve been getting treated a bit better when I turn up at reception with a box. There's been no singing requests at the moment – I’m not really that noticed when I’m delivering stuff to be honest.

This weekend was AWESOME!

Well that was one stonker of a weekend as we reached the end of the Arena Auditions (sob!). Like superstar Carrie Underwood, we were loving Kerrianne Covell's version of Carrie's song I Know You Won't, Ben Haenow's version of Wild Horses, and ok, we'll even admit we can't get Raign's performance out of our heads... just like host Dermot...

Sorry Dermot! But Sunday's show also gave us the gorge Charlie Martinez, the incredible Helen Fulthorpe and let's not forget our fave fishmonger, Lola Saunders .

But whilst we wave a sad goodbye to the Arena Auditions, we welcome with open arms (in a Dermot hug stylee) Boot Camp. Who will survive?

If you missed this weekend's shows, then make sure you catch up with The X Factor in all its glory on ITV Player