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Emily Middlemas: 'It's absolutely crazy'

Emily watching The X Factor with her puppy Leo - awww

Emily Middlemas is the youngest girl left in the competition, so before she heads off to Judges' Houses, we caught up with her for a quick chat...

What was it like watching your Boot Camp performance?

It was crazy, I watched it with my dog Leo and my mum and dad. It felt so exciting to see it on the TV and remember what that day was like.

Has life changed for you yet?

Not too much, although I popped into town today and it was crazy, I got mobbed by people. I went to do a bit of shopping, and I bumped into one of my friends who was busking, so I jumped in and did a few songs. It was so good.

“I want to be a singer who touches people’s hearts”

Watching The X Factor, Pug Man style

Say hello to Andrea Faustini, the Pug Man able to make people cry just by his singing...

How was it watching Boot Camp on Saturday?

Well for the first time I actually watched the show on the TV rather than on my computer, and that was exciting because the TV didn’t stop half way through like it did when I used to watch it on the Internet.
But to watch the show with me on it was amazing.