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John Legend gives The Contestants a Masterclass!

Honey G and John Legend!

It’s been a great week for The X Factor Contestants!

As they prepare to take to the stage for Divas Week, the Contestants got a surprise visit from John Legend - and were even lucky enough to receive an exclusive masterclass from the Grammy-award winning singer!

The Girls, Groups, Overs and The Boys each gave John a sneak preview of what they will be performing tomorrow night and - he even joined in for a sing-a-long as Nathan from 5 After Midnight jumped on the piano to play Ordinary People.

It's Divas Week on The X Factor!

The X Factor Jukebox has spoken - and it's Divas Week!

When you hear the word 'Diva' - who do you think of? Adele? Mariah? Michael Jackson?

Well, this week, it's Divas Week on The X Factor, and we can guarantee you're in for a treat when the Contestants take to the stage to perform on Saturday night!

The Girls, Groups, Overs and Boys have been busy rehearsing some BIG songs they hope will impress the Judges, the live studio audience - and the viewers at home, who will be voting to keep to them in the competition.