Mel B reveals how she feels about Cheryl

The show’s newcomer - Scary by name but actually quite sweet (when she’s not being scary!!)

How would you describe yourself as a judge?

As a judge I would like to think that I’m just really honest. I just call it how it is and whatever I see and whatever I feel, I just express that.

How have you found the rooms compared to the arenas? What do you think the difference is for the acts?

I think in the audition room it’s very nerve wracking for the contestants because it’s us four and them. It’s almost like being in prison, with us four. Who would want to be in that situation? But then in the arenas they really get that feedback from the audience, they get to entertain us and the crowd. So that’s a whole different level.

What is your biggest audition turn off?

My biggest audition turn off is when the contestants go: ‘Come on everybody join in, clap your hands’. I’m like: ‘Uhhh no’.

What's Louis' biggest turn off?

Louis Walsh back for his 11th series...

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Having Simon Cowell back. I think he’s going to be different, I think he’s going to be fun, I think there’s going to be sparks between Simon, Cheryl and Mel B. That’s the best thing about the show – Simon being back. There’s good chemistry between all of us. Simon and Cheryl are very funny always annoying each other. Mel is just honest. This is the perfect X Factor panel, it really is.

In all of your years on the show, which of the show’s alumni have made the biggest impression on you in their first auditions?

To be honest, I always remember JLS in their first audition. When they walked in they were the perfect group. Not just vocally, but mentally and the way they worked together. I loved working with a lot of other people – Shane Ward, Jedward for different reasons. But the most perfect act for me was JLS.

Cheryl's playing the long game

She's topped the charts this year and has her eyes on the crown as this year’s winning judge... It’s Cheryl!

What made you decide to come back to the show this year?

Well aside from a lot of begging and grovelling on Mr Cowell’s part, it just felt like the right time to come back. I’d had enough time away to appreciate it and get really excited to find new talent again.

We’ve heard that Simon has been winding you up during filming for the auditions?

Simon has his very own way of being very annoying. He knows which buttons to push and he’ll push them, and push them, and push them. But I play the long game. I’m waiting. Don’t worry about me, I’ll get my own back.

Simon's back and he means business...

We caught up with The X Factor boss Simon Cowell and quizzed him on what we can expect from this year's series.

How does it feel to be back for this series?

It actually feels really good to be back in the UK.I think in a weird way it’s good I’ve had a break from the show, I’ve watched the show from a distance and now I feel like I’m back in control again. I like it.

What’s going to be different about this year?

I think you’re going to hear a different kind of singer this year. The show is going to look different in terms of the line up. And on the show this year there are a lot of hurdles to overcome. You’ve got to go from the small room to the arena to the six chair challenge, which I think is a great addition. Then you’ve got to do the judges’ houses visit, then you make it on the live shows. So anyone who gets to the live shows, they’ve earned their spot.

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That's right the boss is back. Our new Xtra Factor host Sarah-Jane Crawford walks you through some of Simon's most memorable moments from his classic put downs, his favourite auditions and the formation of the world's biggest boy band.

The show includes exclusive footage of the man himself remembering his highlights of The X Factor.

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Exclusive: Meet our new online presenter Luke Franks

Luke Franks

The X Factor's got a brand new online presenter: Luke Franks is joining the team bringing us backstage exclusives from the auditions and live shows.

Luke's an award-winning radio and TV presenter with his own show on The Hits Radio. He's also one of the line up on CITV's Scrambled. He's also interviewed hundreds of pop stars including the Vamps, Union J, Katy Perry and Rixton. He even went on tour with District 3.

Luke could hardly contain his excitement when we caught up with him:

The buzz is massive already. Obviously Simon being back is huge on it's own, let alone with Cheryl there and their history. Then with Louis to stir it up and a Spice Girl to top it off, it's gonna be epic.

– Luke Franks

He's right, this year's going to EPIC.

Meet our new Xtra Factor presenter Sarah-Jane Crawford