The X Factor App is BACK!

Download for iOS HERE. Download for Android HERE.

Free to download, our new app has a host of shiny new features that will keep you entertained all week long!

Over the weekend, you can take your place as the Fifth Judge and react to all the auditions, make your predictions on who’s heading home, test your knowledge with our all new quizzes and swipe 'til your heart's content with our new interactive polls.

Throughout the week, viewers can catch the latest news and gossip, the best of social media and watch all the performances from the weekend, as well as some cheeky extras.

Download for iOS HERE. Download for Android HERE.

App FAQs

App FAQs 2017

Is Fifth Judge back this year?
The Fifth Judge element of The X Factor app is back and it has some brand new features. During each show we’ll be asking you how you really feel and letting you react to big moments via the following methods:

The X Factor App is back for 2016

Download for iOS HERE. Download for Android HERE.

Your essential companion for this year's show returns as the Official X Factor App is now available for iOS, Android smartphones and tablets.

It's no good just screaming at the TV! Now you can make your voice heard, free of charge, by voting for your favourite X Factor Contestant via The Official X Factor App.

Fallen in love with a song you've heard being performed during the show? Then you can instantly stream the tracks via The X Factor App.

Download now to play-along live with the world's biggest talent show and get all The X Factor updates with an exciting new highlights area bursting with extras you won't want to miss.

Take your place as The Fifth Judge to make predictions, test your X Factor knowledge and rate the performances in real-time during each show.

The fun continues all week long with exclusive extras, breaking news and the best performances from all of your favourite acts.

And, for the first time, you can now access our Instagram feed 24/7 in the new social section, meaning you'll never be too far away from all the X Factor action.

App FAQs

App FAQs 2016

Is Fifth Judge back this year?

The Fifth Judge element of The X Factor app is back. During each show you can have your say on each act and react to big moments via the following methods:

Quick poll – Multiple choice polls during each episode.

Trivia – Test your X Factor knowledge against the clock. Points are awarded for a correct answer within the time limit.

Predictor – Decide if you think an act will or won’t make it through to the next round. Points are awarded for correct predictions.

Rater – Hold your finger on the rate button until the light reaches your chosen emotion or statement.

Decision time - Have your say on whether or not you would put a particular act through.

You will be rewarded for your efforts and appear on our app leaderboard - you can view your position against your friends or against all of the Fifth Judges'.

How do I log into the app?

You can log into the app via Facebook or Twitter. The social media site you most recently logged in with will be used to display your avatar.

Where will my Facebook profile picture or Twitter avatar appear in the app?

By logging into the app via Facebook or Twitter, you agree for your image and name to appear in the app to your Facebook friends or to the people you follow on Twitter who are also logged into the app.

What are the silhouettes I can see in the Fifth Judge area?

Anyone who is logged into the app but are not your Facebook friends or followed by you on Twitter will appear as a silhouette in the Fifth Judge area.

How do I earn points?

You can earn points by predicting correctly whether or not a performer or band will get through to the next stage of the contest. You can also gain points by correctly answering trivia questions.

The app doesn’t work?

Please check which operating system your device is running.


The X Factor app runs on iOS 9.0 and later versions. Please upgrade your operating software if you are using iOS 8.0 or below.


The X Factor app runs on versions 4.1 and later. Please update your operating software if you using an earlier version.

If you have any questions or require any further assistance, please visit