A Group sing off at Boot Camp?

Only The Young rocked the boat at Boot Camp tonight by grabbing the chair from Overload.
But Overload didn't want to go with a fight and Louis ordered a sing-off. Yes, that's right a sing-off!!

Watch Overload, Pow Pow Girls and the new X Factor girl group fight it out for the last chair to Judges' Houses.

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It’s all about the boys

Meet The X Factor’s new boy band!

As yet, they remain un-named, but this eight-piece group are made up of some of the Boys that didn’t make it through Boot Camp as solo performers.

Band members are Barclay Beales, 19, Casey Johnson, 19, Charlie Jones, 14, Chris Leonard, 19, Jake Sims, 19, James Graham, 17, Reece Bibby, 16 and Tom Mann, 20.

The lads are doing their first performance as a group only 24 hours after being put together.

Have they got what it takes to make it through to Judges’ Houses?

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