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Backstage with TalkTalk: Boot Camp Exclusive!

Roman Kemp is keeping busy!

Our roving Digital Presenter went backstage at Boot Camp to catch up with the contestants who are on their way to the Six Chair Challenge!
Sara Vidoo has a make-up malfunction, while Faye Horne reveals how her mum reacted when she told her the good news…he also speaks to The Brooks, Freddy Parker and more!

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Backstage with Talk Talk: Freddy, Irina and Matt dream big!

Roman Kemp is once again backstage at the Room Auditions, getting the 411 on some of your favourite contestants!

Freddy Parker revealed how he once stole the limelight at his brother’s 7th birthday party, Simon's favourite Russian singer, Irina Dedyuk, 28, spoke of her desire to perform not just for thousands - but for billions(!) - of people, while Matt Terry spoke about those comparisons to Louis Tomlinson!