Holly Tandy

Name: Holly Tandy

Category: The Girls

Judge: Sharon Osbourne

Holly Tandy hopes to wow with George Michael classic

Holly is going for One More Try at winning your votes!

Watch as she dazzles with her heartfelt performance of the George Michael classic, and puts her own stamp on the song.

Will the Judges think she sparkles as brightly as the chandeliers behind her tonight?

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Holly Tandy sings Despacito for your votes

Holly Tandy performs Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber’s Despacito in a bid to remain in the competition, but will the Judges and those voting at home love her rendition?

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  • Holly Tandy

Can Holly Tandy impress with Tori Kelly hit?

It’s Holly Tandy’s turn in the spotlight, with the 16-year old hoping her version of Tori Kelly’s Hollow will impress the Judges and those voting at home.

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  • Holly Tandy

Sharon’s reveal: Has Holly Tandy done enough?

It’s the moment of truth for Holly Tandy, and with the 16-year old left with a lot to prove, has she impressed Sharon enough for a place in her top three?

With Mrs O putting her faith in Holly, she takes Sharon’s second spot at the Live Shows! But, who will grab that all important final space?

Holly Tandy takes on Rihanna hit for a place at Live Shows

It’s time for Sharon to get down to business in San Francisco with Holly Tandy up first to face Mrs O and her Guest Judges, Kelly and Jack Osbourne, with her version of Rihanna’s Russian Roulette.

With both Kelly and Jack full of praise for Holly, Sharon is also impressed with her confidence and determination. But, has Holly done enough?

Holly Tandy’s on the Edge Of Glory

Singing to make her granddad proud, Holly Tandy tackles Lady Gaga’s Edge Of Glory in a bid to impress Sharon for a seat. Will the Judges think her performance is glorious?

When Mrs O tells her she’s ‘a very special girl’, you know Holly’s getting a Chair. Take a seat, Holly!

Holly Tandy wows the crowd with her Harry Styles cover

Holly Tandy spends her sixteenth birthday performing Harry Styles’ Sign Of The Times for the Judges… but will they make it her best birthday ever by putting her through to the Six Chair Challenge?

With Nicole left really impressed and Louis feeling she has potential, it's the best birthday ever as Holly makes the Six Chair Challenge AND gets a birthday song from our Scherzy.

It’s Holly Tandy’s time to shine

She might be this year’s youngest Contestant, but Holly Tandy isn’t letting that hold her back. And when she performs Elle King’s Ex’s & Oh’s with Chloe Rose Moyle, Karen Mullan, and girl group FAE, the Judges are blown away.

When even Simon Cowell is left saying “wow”, you know it’s been a great Audition.