Honey G

She's the realest chick in the game right now, and is representing North Weezy! Honey G is through to the Live Shows and is one of Sharon's Overs!

Honey got sent home in week eight of The X Factor Live Shows. Sharon wanted to keep her, but Simon, Louis and Nicole decided it was time for her to head back to North Weezy.

Relive Honey G's untouchable performance!

Honey G gave it all she has!

The one and only Honey G gave two Scher-mazing performances last night... we loved them so much, we're going to relive them in pictures!

The realest chick in the game right now sang two mash-ups! Can't Touch This / Super Freak (MC Hammer / Rick James) for Louis Loves, and her own choice of songs - Push It / Black Beatles (Salt-N-Pepa / Rae Sremmurd).

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