Wow! What a start to the show

Now that's what we call a start to the show! The Judges were on form for the return of your favourite show and the Room Auditions, and so were some of their comments.
On Saturday's show we had Blonde Electric screaming for England (and Germany and whichever other countries' language they can speak in!), Reece Bibby wowing the judges with his performance, Charlie Jones making us blush with his version of One Direction's Little Things and Chloe O'Gorman and Lauren Platt proving the girls are off to a good start!

Official press launch of The X Factor

Tonight saw the official launch to the press of The X Factor 2014. Amidst a fan frenzy outside, the judges (all except Mel B who was in America) made their way inside London's Ham Yard Hotel for a special screening of the show.

Dermot is ready for action

With the 11th series ready to go, we caught up with the man who keeps the contestants and the judges in check.

What do you think each of the panel bring to the show?

It’s a good panel, it really is. Mel for me is almost like a mini Sharon Osbourne. It doesn’t matter what anyone says to her, she knows her own mind. You need someone who will make their decision instinctively and shoots from the hip. Cheryl is incredibly insightful, emotionally engaging and really intelligent. Simon brings brutal honesty and you need that, because this is an audition process. Louis for me brings encyclopaedic music knowledge, and say what you want about him but he knows how to put a band together. Also, he’s not afraid of making decisions that won’t make him popular with the people.

Simon is back on the show and Mel B is known for her feisty opinions – how are you going to keep the judges in check?

I can’t wait for the live shows, because I like it when the panel has disagreements and when it kicks off, because that’s what I’m there for. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like it when they go below the belt, or they start saying nasty things to each other, or they have disagreements in the press, I’m not a big fan of any of that. But I like it in studio when all’s fair in love and war, and then when it finishes, we have a drink together.

Watch the stunning new X Factor teaser

The quest for the best is coming back! Simon and Cheryl are returning to the Judging panel and this time they mean business.

They’ll be joined by X Factor stalwart Louis Walsh and new Judge Mel B for a brand spanking new 2014 series and an EPIC face-off in the pursuit of quality. It’s getting closer, and its arrival is hailed by this glorious new teaser.

It’s coming soon to your TV screens. As if we weren’t all excited enough already!