Louis Walsh

The veteran Judge is back this year and after leading Shayne Ward to victory in 2005, it'll be his goal to produce another chart-topper this time around!

Louis' Reveal: Tom and Laura and Bratavio

Louis can only take one more Group through to the Live Shows, and it’s between girlfriend-boyfriend duo Tom and Laura and Bratavio, who have once again come dressed for the occasion!

Louis’ Reveal: Brooks Way hope history doesn't repeat itself

Brooks Way first made it to Judges’ Houses in 2014, and now Kyle and Josh are hoping history doesn’t repeat itself as Louis delivers his verdict on whether or not he’s prepared to take a risk on the boys and bring them to the Live Shows!

Louis' Reveal: 5 After Midnight, Four Of Diamonds and Yes Lad

Some tough choices are about to be made!

Louis can only take three Groups through to the Live Shows, so inevitably someone will have to leave disappointed. Here, 5 After Midnight, Four Of Diamonds and Yes Lad find out whether their dreams are about to come true.

Louis' Gap Year: Down Under with Sinitta

It's Louis Walsh and his human backpack, Sinitta!

This week, the pair are getting wet Down Under at the Great Barrier Reef...aloha!!

  • Louis Walsh

Louis' Gap Year: Shakin' with Sinitta

Louis Walsh and Sinitta have been busy shakin' their moneymakers in...Brazil!

Louis has learned he needs to flaunt it, while Sinitta bagged herself a Brazilian.

  • Louis Walsh

Louis' Gap Year: Arctic Rolling With Sinitta!

Louis Walsh enjoyed the snow with Sinitta during his gap year in the Arctic... and he learned few life lessons along the way!

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Roman Kemp puts Louis Walsh to the test on his specialist subject

To celebrate The X Factor returning to Ireland for the first time in six years, Roman Kemp puts our favourite Irish Judge Louis Walsh to the test to find out just how much he knows about his country.

Find out how he gets on above!