Mel B

Original Girl Power champion Mel B was a guest Judge in 2012.

The Spice Girl lived up to her scary moniker back then with her straight talking approach. She can't wait to get started and find some amazing talent.

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The show’s newcomer: Scary by name but actually quite sweet (when she’s not being scary)

How would you describe yourself as a judge?

I would like to think that I’m just really honest. I call it how it is, and whatever I see and whatever I feel, I just express that.

How have you found the rooms compared to the arenas? What do you think the difference is for the acts?

I think in the audition room it’s very nerve-wracking for the contestants, because it’s us four and them. It’s almost like being in prison, with us four. Who would want to be in that situation? But then in the arenas they really get that feedback from the audience - they get to entertain us and the crowd, which is a whole different level.

What is your biggest audition turn off?

My biggest audition turn off is when the contestants go: ‘Come on everybody join in, clap your hands’. I’m like: ‘Uhhh no’.

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