Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger is back and after helping James Arthur and Matt Terry claim The X Factor crown, she'll be hoping for another Schermazing winner this year.

Berget Lewis proves she was Always getting a seat

Nicole only has one seat left and with Berget Lewis taking a risk by covering Bon Jovi’s Always for a place at Judges’ Houses, will she comfortably land herself a chair?

While it wasn’t what Simon had in mind, Scherzy puts her faith in Berget, with her name all over chair number six!

  • Nicole Scherzinger

Can Gary Barker hurry his way to a chair?

Gary Barker covers You Can’t Hurry Love for a place at Nicole’s Judges’ Houses, but when Simon declares he doesn’t feel a connection with Gary, can he still nab a chair?

Luckily for Gary, it's Scherzy in the hot seat as she takes a chance and gives him her fifth chair! Cue the fist pump celebrations...

  • Nicole Scherzinger

Is Nicole ready for Slavko Kalezic and his braid?

Slavko and his infamous braid take on the Six Chair Challenge, showing off his moves to David Guetta’s Little Bad Girl.

With Louis thinking Slavko has “got it all going on” and Nicole losing her jacket for him, will she listen to the fifth Judge and give him a chair? It seems we're ALL a sucker for Slavko...

  • Nicole Scherzinger

Will Bill Downs be Nicole’s Six Chair songbird?

29-year old Bill Downs swaps singing at weddings for Scherzy’s Six Chair Challenge, but can he land himself a seat with Eva Cassidy’s Songbird?

With Simon and Nicole not a fan of his song choice, will she listen to the crowd’s chants for a seat and take a chance on him? Watch above to find out…

  • Nicole Scherzinger

Talia Dean tries to bag a seat with Macy Gray cover

Talia Dean may be terrified of facing the Six Chair Challenge, but can she impress Nicole enough with her cover of Macy Gray’s I Try and bag herself a seat?

Simon believes she "one million per cent" deserves a chair and with Scherzy a fan of her heartfelt performance, it's a one way ticket to chair number two for Talia!

  • Nicole Scherzinger

Will Nicole be a sucker for Danny Lambo?

With Nicole in the hot seat for the Over 29s, Danny Lambo is first up to try and earn one of Scherzy’s seats! Baring a gift of some white roses, will Nicole be won over by his Mr And Mrs. Jones cover?

The crowd don't seem too impressed by Danny's efforts, and when Sharon compares him to a pantomime baddie, is Nicole a sucker for romance? What. Just. Happened.

  • Nicole Scherzinger

Preview: Can Danny Lambo woo Nicole for a seat?

Nicole’s in the driving seat as Danny Lambo takes to the stage in a bid to win one of her seats but, will she fall for his romantic gesture?

Find out when The X Factor hits ITV tomorrow, 14th October, at 8.15pm!

  • Nicole Scherzinger

Is lack of confidence holding Nicole Caldwell back?

It’s not easy to stand up on that stage and sing for our Judges. Can Nicole Caldwell find the confidence to impress with her cover of Alicia Keys’ If I Ain’t Got You?

And while Scherzy believes in her talent, will Sharon’s tough love be the thing that helps her pull it together?