Ryan Lawrie

Ryan Lawrie was a Wild Card act at Judges' Houses, and managed to impress Nicole Scherzinger enough that she has taken him through to Live Shows as one of her Boys!

Ryan became the sixth Contestant to leave the show on the 7th week of The X Factor 2016.

Ryan Lawrie: 'Nicole was an amazing Mentor'

Ryan Lawrie has spoken to us about his time on The X Factor - and revealed he couldn’t have been happier with support he received from Mentor Nicole Scherzinger.

Ryan was one of Nicole’s Scherzyboys along with Matt Terry and Freddy Parker, who left the show in week 2 of the the Live Shows. Ryan went home on last Sunday's show, making him the sixth Contestant to leave.

Behind the scenes with Nicole, Ryan and Matt!

Nicole Scherzinger gets in the mood for Movie Week!

Nicole and her Scherzy-boys - Ryan and Matt - have been busy rehearsing their performances for tonight's X Factor Live Show. It's Movie Week - and the boys are singing some of the biggest songs from some of the world's biggest movies!

To find out what the Contestants are singing tonight, click here - if you want the songs to be a surprise, keep reading - and check out the photos!