Sarah-Jane Crawford

The Presenter Games - the finale!

All through the series, Sarah-Jane Crawford and Dermot O'Leary have been neck and neck in The Presenter Games.

But on the Final of The X Factor it's time to sort the wheat from the chaff. Yes it's Sarah-Jane Vs Dermot!

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It's the Final Xtra Factor Judges' Interview

It's the final Judges' interview of the series on The Xtra Factor. See if Simon is super smug about having the Final Two in the the actual Final!

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It's going to be the closest final ever

It's nearly the end of the series - with one more show to go, see what the Judges think will happen in the final tomorrow. Can you predict who is going to win?

See what the Judges said to Sarah-Jane Crawford on The Xtra Factor

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Lauren's goodbye in an Xtra Factor style

It wouldn't be a proper goodbye without an Xtra Factor goodbye, so here are Lauren Platt's best bits.

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The Judges hit the Xtra Factor studios

The Xtra Factor is normally the place where all hell breaks loose with the Judges after the Live Shows, so will this Semi Final chat be where they behave themselves?
Don't be silly!

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Sarah-Jane made it into Cheryl's dressing room

How has Cheryl's return back to The X Factor been? If there had been a Girls Aloud week what song would she have liked Lauren to sing? And who has been her fave Judge to work with this series? All the answer to these questions and more are in this video!!

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