Simon Cowell

Mr Cowell returns to The X Factor panel this year, meaning there was nowhere to hide for our new bunch of singing hopefuls! Can he score another winner like Leona? Watch his space!

Simon’s reveal: Rak-Su and Lemonade go for Simon’s final place

Both Rak-Su and Lemonade are hoping Simon will take a chance on them for Live Shows, but with the competition fiercer than ever, who will grab that final spot?

For Simon, it's a "no brainer" as Rak-Su sail through to the Live Shows, with Lemonade's dreams of making it to the next round left a little flat...

  • Simon Cowell

Simon’s reveal: Jack & Joel and Sean & Conor Price are up next

With The Cutkelvins taking Simon’s first place at the Live Shows, who will be next to join them out of Jack & Joel and Sean & Conor Price?

And, with Simon not a fan of Jack & Joel’s song choices, it’s brother duo Sean & Conor Price who take that coveted second spot! Bring on the bro hug...

  • Simon Cowell

Simon’s reveal: Have The Cutkelvins got what it takes?

It would mean everything to The Cutkelvins to make the Live Shows, with Simon the only one who can make or break their dreams.

But, when he asks them if they like pressure, there’s only one way The Cutkelvins are heading and that’s through to the next round!

  • Simon Cowell

Simon's reveal: Will we be seeing the New Girl Band at Live Shows?

Simon can only take three Groups through to the Live Shows but, will the New Girl Band be one of them?

With Simon stating he feels there are "a lot of issues" with the group, he delivers the blow that they will not be going through to the next round. See how they took the news above...

  • Simon Cowell

Sean & Conor Price take on Pink’s What About Us

Cheryl is looking forward to seeing what Sean & Conor Price can do but, will their rendition of Pink’s What About Us see them through to the Live Shows?

With Simon saying their performance was “so good” and Cheryl praising their confidence, the brothers are hoping they've done enough for one of those final three places!

  • Simon Cowell

Rak-Su bring the heat with original song Palm Tree

Myles may only have eyes for Cheryl, but it’s Simon who Rak-Su will need to impress for a place at Live Shows. Will he be a fan of their original track, Palm Tree?

Cheryl believes they've got global appeal and with Simon agreeing that their timing couldn’t be better, it seems they are both feelin' Rak-Su!

  • Simon Cowell

Can Jack & Joel get the party started for Simon and Cheryl?

Dynamic duo Jack & Joel deliver a medley of Pink’s Get The Party Started and Missy Elliott’s Get Ur Freak On, complete with original rap – but, can they wow Simon and Cheryl?

With Simon left wanting to listen to them for hours, Cheryl agrees they are interesting but does’t think they “pop like the others”. And, with Chezza stating Simon is “screwed” when it comes to his decision, which way will he go?

  • Simon Cowell

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the New Girl Band’s turn to impress

The New Girl Band take centre stage with Labrinth’s Misbehaving as they give it their all for a spot in Simon’s top three.

While Simon believes there’s a lot of work to do, he also thinks they are “really talented”. And, with Cheryl declaring it’s the “most exciting” Judges’ Houses she’s ever done, it seems Simon has some VERY tough choices to make!

  • Simon Cowell