Relive soul singer Berget Lewis’ perfect Purple Rain cover

Berget Lewis may already be a star in her own right back in Amsterdam, but can she make a name for herself here on The X Factor UK with her cover of Prince’s Purple Rain?

Simon thinks the self-confessed Chaka Khan addict is "incredible", while Louis would buy one of her records! He'll have to get in the queue as Berget is off to Boot Camp...

Nicole and Louis join Just Us but can they get 4 yeses?

Carol and Anna-Maria are living proof that whatever age you are, you can still make your dreams come true and when Simon suggests that Nicole and Louis join their group, can they make it through to Boot Camp?

And, with Simon seeing the Eurovision Song Contest in their future, check out their cover of Abba's Hasta Mañana above...

Simon Gross wants to entertain you!

Simon Gross and his glitzy gold coat face the Judges with his version of Robbie Williams’ Let Me Entertain You in a bid to land a place at Boot Camp.

But, when Sharon asks if he usually does panto - is he right for the show?

Will Danny Lambo be racing through to Boot Camp?

Danny Lambo arrives in one of his three Lamborghinis to Audition for the Judges, but will they be able to keep up with his original track, Play Boyz?

But, when Louis doesn’t seem to like his song about cars, it might not be time to pop open the champagne just yet...

Reuel Elijah, that’s how you do it!

21-year old Reuel Elijah takes on Montell Jordan’s This Is How We Do It and unexpectedly, lands a collaboration with guest Judge Alesha, who can’t help singing along!

With Alesha clearly a fan of his energy and Louis loving his "understated, soulful" sound - it's 4 big yeses for Reuel.

Can Susan Shepherd be as big as Amy Winehouse?

Susan Shepherd wants to be as big as the late Amy Winehouse, but when Simon rejects her song choice of Valerie, can she impress after a brief costume change with Joan Jett’s I Love Rock ’n Roll?

With Simon left not knowing where to look, not even a new outfit can change the Judges minds as they send her home with 4 nos. Ah, but it’s still an A for effort Susan…