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Rak-Su wrap it up at The X Factor Final!

Rak-Su are bringing their A-game to the Final, along with their banging original track Mamacita.

Fajitas at the ready - it’s time to wrap this up!

Grace Davies takes on epic Bond song at The X Factor Final

It’s time for Grace to step out into the Final spotlight!

Watch as she takes on absolute classic Live and Let Die in her bid for The X Factor crown.

A Whole Lotta Love for Kevin’s Led Zeppelin cover

It’s X Factor Final time, and time for our acts to pull out all the stops. And what more of a show stopping song to choose than a Led Zeppelin classic?!

That’s the tactic Kevin has gone for as he rocks out to Whole Lotta Love.


Grace Davies on Music and The X Factor | Above The Noise

A huge congratulations to Grace Davies for making it through to the Final and what a journey she has had so far! We caught up with her to talk all things music, The X Factor and how she rises Above The Noise

Meet PrettyMuch before they take to The X Factor Final stage!

Ahead of their first EVER live TV performance in the UK on The X Factor Final tonight, we get to know PrettyMuch before they take to the stage with their brand new single No More!

Grace Davies dazzles Blackburn on Homecoming Tour!

It’s time for our Finalists to head back to their roots on the Homecoming Tours. All aboard Grace’s Battle Bus to Blackburn...

Check out all the support from her family, friends and new fans up North. Watch as she gets back behind the bar she worked in and reunites for a cuddle with the world’s cutest cat!

Grace is then pumped for a big performance in her home town, and of course Mentor Sharon is cheering her on all the way!

Don't miss The X Factor Final LIVE tonight on ITV at 7.05pm!

Rak-Su head back home!

The Rak-Su boys to hopped on that Battle Bus and head home to Watford to meet their fans - the Rak-Pack!

Watch as they go back to school - safe to say the students are pretty excited to see them. Then the lads take to the pitch at Watford FC, and Mentor Simon is match-ready cheering them on!

The X Factor Final kicks off LIVE tonight on ITV at 7.05pm! You do not want to miss this!