Eat, Shop, Save

A team of experts help families save money, get healthier and cut household stress.

Eat, Shop, Save is back and we want to hear from parents suffering from modern life burnout.

In today’s busy and complicated world, many parents are struggling to fit their ‘to do’ lists into the day, jumping between home, work and the kids and are chasing their tails in a race they don’t remember entering.

ITV would like to offer families a unique opportunity to get advice from a crack team of experts on how to cut household stress, improve diet and relationships, get more quality time together and save a bit of cash.

We'd like to hear from families who would like advice from a top chef to help them improve diet, tackle faddy or difficult eating habits, improve family mealtimes and make their shopping budget go further.

Another source of stress in family life is how household labour is divided: one of the big areas of conflict is household chores so we'd like to provide practical advice on domestic shortcuts designed to save valuable time and money.

If you’d like to find out more, email for an application form

Email Address For Applications: eatshopsave@itv.comLast Date for Applications: 31st March 2020 (This date may be extended without notice at the Producer's discretion)Audition/Casting Period: OngoingAge Restrictions: Looking for familiesTerms and Conditions: Full participation Terms and Conditions apply. See application form for programme specific Terms and Conditions.Privacy Policy: Your personal data will be collected and processed in accordance with our Privacy Notice, which can be found at: A written copy of this notice can be provided to you on request. The Programme may also involve the collection and processing of Special Category Data on the terms set out in the special category data notice that we shall supply to you.