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Lend an Ear

Talking and listening can ease stress and reduce anxiety. The best gift we can give to the people we care about this festive season is listening when they need it most.

After the last couple of years, we could all use an ear. Give yours this Christmas.

45% struggle to open up about their problems because they’re worried they’ll be judged

1 in 5 people think it’s hard to talk about how they’re really feeling at Christmas because they’re expected to be happy

1 in 4 people say their family talks more about food than emotions at Christmas

5 simple tips from the experts to take you from good listener to great

1. Pay Attention

keep distractions to a minimum, making sure you put your phone away so you can focus fully on what they're saying.

2. Show you're listening

Ensure they have enough time and space to talk, but show them you're interested by asking questons and offering advice when it's asked for.

3. Keep an open mind

Even if you have a strong opinion, try to avoid judgment or criticisms, and avoid interupting to disagree with them or persuade them of your point of view.

4. Empathise

Showing that you can relate to their problem can help people feel less alone.

5. Follow up

Text or call them a few times afterwoods - it'll show them you care and appreciated the importance of what you spoke about.

The better we talk, the better we feel

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Top Tips for a more meaningful conversation

Top tips from our charity experts and consultant clinical psychologist, Dr Lucy Maddox, on how to make your conversations more meaningful.

Britain Get Talking

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