Listen to the Britain Get Talking Podcast where host Kylie Pentelow speaks to stars including Daytime host Lorraine Kelly and actor Jason Watkins about their mental wellbeing.

Scarlett Moffatt

Scarlett Moffatt rose to fame when she appeared on Gogglebox back in 2014. Then two years later she won ITV's I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.
On the outside it appeared that her life was perfect - but behind the scenes the abuse on social media she was receiving was severely affecting her mental health.
She talks to Kylie about how she struggled to leave the house and hid how she was feeling from her family. Then, finally, she called Samaritans to get help. That one call changed the course of her life forever.
She's now an ambassador for the charity and wants to spread the word about the amazing work they do.

Nicholas Pinnock

Actor Nicholas Pinnock is a star of stage and screen. He's best known for his roles in Marcella, Top Boy and more recently For Life. Nicholas is a very private person - he rarely does interviews - choosing to separate his public profile from his personal life. But in this podcast he opens up to Kylie Pentelow about having a breakdown - and how it changed his life forever.

Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell is best known for his role as Tony Blair’s chief spokesman and strategist. He has written several bestselling books - including his most recent about his depression. In this podcast he talks to host Kylie Pentelow about his mental health. He explains the scale he uses every day to rate how he's feeling, the impact his depression has had on his family, and how he exercises every day to cope.

Simon Thomas

Back in 2017 Simon Thomas was taking a break from his presenting role on Sky Sports, suffering anxiety and depression. It was during that time that his wife Gemma suddenly became unwell and died. He talks to Kylie about what happened and how he broke the tragic news to his young son.
He also speaks about his father's death this year during lockdown, why families need the chance to say goodbye to loved ones, and how he is now able to look positively into the future.

Andrea McLean

Andrea McLean is one of the hosts of ITV's Loose Women – always in control on the show, with a huge smile. But last year Andrea had a breakdown. She talks about how she felt so stressed and anxious that it felt like she was drowning on dry land. Andrea talks to Kylie about her most difficult moments, and the turning point that made her reveal to her loved ones what was happening.

Alice Liveing

She's one of the UK's top health and fitness influencers and a best selling author - but when Alice Liveing was just 16 she found herself in an abusive relationship - afraid to tell anyone, she says it stole a year of her life. She talks to Kylie about how that experience led to anxiety and panic attacks.

For help and advice: https://www.womensaid.org.uk

Matt Johnson

TV presenter Matt Johnson hasn’t always felt he could talk about his mental health. At his very lowest moment he tried to take his own life. Matt talks to Kylie about what happened, how it took him years to seek professional help, and why he now works with the mental health charity Mind to try to help others.

A warning that Kylie and Matt talk openly in this podcast - if you think it may affect how you are feeling, there's help and support right now: Support

Elizabeth Day

Elizabeth Day has made a success out of failure. She's a journalist and author but also has a hugely successful podcast - How to Fail by Elizabeth Day. The podcast began when Elizabeth felt like a failure in parts of her own life. Here, Elizabeth talks to Kylie about the difficult process of IVF, coping with grief and loss, and how to see failure in a whole new light.

Dan Howell

Daniel Howell is a YouTube star who has racked up more than a billion views with his comedy videos. But he's also used his platform to talk about his depression. In this chat with Kylie, Dan talks openly about what it's like to live with depression, and also why he decided to tell the world he was gay on YouTube.

Dan is an ambassador for mental health charity Young Minds and discusses why it's so important that those charities are there for people when they most need help.

...the story so far

As Series 1 draws to a close, Kylie looks back at the interviews, and reflects on how the podcast has had an impact on her own mental well-being.

Raphael Rowe

Imagine being sent to prison for a crime you didn't commit - that's what happened to presenter and reporter Raphael Rowe who spent 12 years behind bars for murder and robbery. He speaks to Kylie Pentelow about what it was like to be in prison, the moment he was freed, and the impact being in a cell had on his mental well-being. He also tells Kylie why he now goes back into some of the most dangerous prisons in the world to make documentaries.

Ben Haenow

In 2014 he was at the height of his fame when he won The X Factor, now singer Ben Haenow reveals what his life has been like since appearing on the show. He tells Kylie how, for months, he struggled to leave his house. Ben also opens up about experiencing depression when he was a child - and how he began drinking up to a bottle of vodka a day.

Denise Welch

Actress and ITV Loose Women panellist Denise Welch has lived with depression for decades. More recently she's shared her experiences on social media and has now written a book to try to help others. She tells Kylie Pentelow how it started more than thirty years ago after the birth of her son and how it's changed her life ever since.

Emma Kenny

As a TV psychologist, Emma Kenny is used to helping others. But the last year has been hugely traumatic for Emma - her beloved dad took his own life. In this episode she shares with Kylie how she feels about losing him, how his death has changed her forever, and how we all need to be more open about grief.

A warning that this episode contains open discussion about suicide.

Malin Andersson

Malin Andersson appeared on Love Island in 2016 - but since starring on the show her life has been filled with tragedy - her mum died from cancer, her friend took her own life and her baby daughter died. After reaching the very lowest point, she tells Kylie how she managed to cope and how she wants to help others by speaking out about mental health.

Melinda Messenger

Former model Melinda Messenger shot to fame with her pictures splashed across national newspapers - then she moved into TV presenting. Now, wanting to help others, Melinda has become a psychotherapist. She speaks to Kylie about her unusual path into modelling, what it was like to be in the public eye, and how she has found happiness in helping others.

Jason Watkins

Jason Watkins is an award-winning actor who has more recently starred in The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies and The Crown. He speaks to Kylie about the death of his two year old daughter from Sepsis - and how talking about loss can really help.

Jake Quickenden

Singer and performer Jake Quickenden talks to Kylie Pentelow about how he has suffered anxiety for over ten years after the death of his father and younger brother. He also describes how he had a panic attack live on stage, and why he chooses to share how he feels on social media, despite regular criticism.

Mark Pougatch

ITV's chief sport presenter talks to Kylie Pentelow about broadcasting under pressure, his departure from the BBC and how he coped with the death of both his mother and father

Alex Beresford

ITV weather presenter Alex Beresford talks to Kylie Pentelow about suffering racism throughout his life and what we all need to do to make a change. He also reveals how he’s been through the toughest year of his life so far.

Lorraine Kelly

ITV's Lorraine Kelly has been on our screens for more than 35 years. The host of her own show, Lorraine tells Kylie Pentelow about the impact of the menopause on her mental health, and why we should all talk to others about how we're feeling.

Dr Ranj

Starting in children's television, Dr Ranj is now well known on our screens. In this episode he reveals to Kylie what it was like telling his Sikh family that he is gay, separating from his ex-wife, and how it's vital we all talk about our mental well-being.

Tom Bradby

ITV's News at Ten presenter Tom Bradby tells Kylie Pentelow about his 'meltdown' that led to him having to take three months off work. Also, how Prince William and Prince Harry speaking out about their own mental health helped Tom to talk openly too.

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