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4 reasons why you need to snap a BGT selfie


Always wanted to be a part of Britain’s Got Talent but haven’t had the time to Audition? Don’t worry, with our venue filter you can live out your dreams by posing on the BGT stage.

Will it be four yesses? Or will your pout get buzzed off by our Judges?

5 incredibly silly ways to use your BGT Buzzer

The brand new BGT App is packed full of live polls, quizzes, galleries, clips of auditions and all the behind the scenes gossip from the show.

But did you know there are currently 7 Buzzers to play with on there, with more being added every week?! So good.

To celebrate this fact, we’ve created a little list of the 5 incredibly smart things you could do with your BGT Buzzer, from the everyday to the show itself!

1. Annoy your parents

Are your mum and dad always on at you to get off your phone? It’s sooo annoying, isn’t it? We’re guessing you’ve exhausted all the usual reactions – pretending you didn’t hear them, giving them evils, storming out of the room – so why not try silencing them with a BGT Buzzer!?

“Would you get off that…[BUZZ!]”

“How many times do I have to…[BUZZ!]”

“That’s it, go to your…[BUZZ!]”

You can thank us later.


2. Express your true feelings

Do you have a crush on someone but don’t know how to show it?

Don’t worry, we’re experts in solving social awkwardness.

Use your Golden Buzzer on your future bae, and they’ll be your sweetheart in no time. What’s more romantic than having someone show their affections with a delightful sparkly buzzer?

ANSWER: there isn’t one.

5 reasons to download the brand new BGT app!

Download the app for Apple device here and Android here.

Britain’s Got Talent is back! And so is our trusted companion, the BGT app.

We’ve helpfully compiled five key reasons why hitting download will be the second best decision you’ve made all week (the first being deciding to watch BGT on Saturday night, of course).

1. The buzzer is back!

Ever watched the Judges in action and thought ‘I could do that...’? Well, now you can. Become an honorary Judge in your living room by buzzing along with the show. From the dreaded Red to the glorious Golden Buzzer… we’re even throwing a few surprise ones in there each week to make sure you’re buzzing all evening.And if you wish to take BGT into real life, you can even use the buzzer to express your feelings towards things like slow walkers or people who push in front of you in queues.

2. Access all areas - from your fingertips!

Time to become a VIP at BGT. Not only can you easily relive your favourite death-defying, tear-jerking and life-changing auditions, you’ll also have access to app-exclusive previews each week, ensuring you’re always one step ahead of the rest.

3. Take to the stage with BGT selfies.

We’ve seen you on your phone. We know you love a selfie. We know you love a snazzy filter too. With the BGT app, you’ll be able to snap a selfie with our custom BGT filters with a tap of the camera icon. Don’t forget to share your faves on social media with the #BGT hashtag.

4. It’s great to rate!

While some acts might make you cry happy tears, others might leave you reaching for the Red Buzzer as soon as they begin. Don’t hold back! Let us know your thoughts by taking part in our live polls and raters during the show.

5. And finally, the power will (soon) be in your hands…

With the BGT app comes great power. During Live week, we’ll be giving you the power to vote for your favourite act to keep them performing another day. Use your votes wisely.

Make sure you download the app for Apple device here and Android here.

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