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10 unbelievable reasons why Stephen Mulhern's Got More Talent

Seeing as it's been eleven years (yep, ELEVEN years) since Stephen Mulhern began entertaining that one viewer as the host of Britain's Got More Talent, we thought it was finally time to get to know the man himself a little better.

So, without further ado, here's ten totally unbelievable facts we found out about the star of stage and screen*...

1) Stephen previously auditioned for BGT in 2009 with the help of a cunning disguise and a ventriloquist dummy called Hubert but was buzzed out by the Judges.

2) As we all know, his favourite word is 'unbelievable', which he uses on average, around 347 times a day.

3) Stephen almost joined forces with Ant & Dec to form a trio, called Stephantdec, but things didn't work out due to the height difference.

4) Stephen was part of 2016 dance troupe Boogie Storm but went totally undetected thanks to those Stormtrooper outfits.

5) When he's not fronting Britain's Got More Talent, Stephen works as Simon Cowell's gardener.

6) A keen magician, Stephen once made Amanda Holden disappear for fifteen whole minutes, almost sending the show into meltdown.

7) He has recorded a duet with Alesha Dixon, which Simon believes could be a hit record.

8) Stephen is such a big David Walliams' fan, he once auditioned to play his younger brother in a forthcoming comedy show.

9) He taught Susan Boyle how to sing but takes no credit, whatsoever, for her worldwide success.

10) Stephen is a fully trained fire breather, but had to give it a rest after singeing his eyebrows at the 2014 BGT wrap party.

*These facts are more than unbelievable, they are totally made up.**

Britain's Got More Talent returns to ITV2 on Saturday, 15th April, at 9.25pm!

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